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  1. Danaerys I GOT does say she was born nine months after leaving KL so yes, she was conceived close to their flight to Dragonstone. I thought Jaime’s conversation with Darry about not protecting Rhaella from Aerys Is the rape in which Dany is conceived but I could be misremembering. I believe the next time Jaime sees Rhaella is her departure to Dragonstone.
  2. I really enjoy your take in the OP regarding both Barristan being present at the stillbirth and Ashara killing herself as a reaction to leading Ned to the ToJ. Well written first post! two things raise additional questions for me: 1. Barristan thinks Ashara threw herself of the tower ‘soon after’ the stillbirth and implies (IMO) a believed causal relationship. If there was a year of rebellion between both, wouldnt he think she did it for other reasons, such as Arthur’s death. 2. I don’t think your point under 7 above is 100% accurate, as I interpret the fever dream as Ned arriving close to the birth of Jon and Lyana dying from the complications. This means she couldn’t be motivated by the born heir, as sending a raven to Storms End (and knowing where to send one) and then Ned travelling to the ToJ takes some time. Of course she could know that Lyanna was pregnant and, being Dornish, not care as much whether the heir is male/female and send for Ned in help anyway.
  3. It sounds very plausible to me and I love a central greenseer BBEG. However, isn’t the Pacy between the Children and the FM generally accepted to be around 10.000 while the earliest reports of the LN report it at 8000 years ago? That’s a pretty big gap to explain with ‘old oral sources are unreliable’ as we see someone like Old Nan still having pretty decent knowledge about the LN
  4. I would have Jaqen’s behaviour line up more with the explanation Arya gets of what the FM are. I’m convinced the FM were involved in the Doom and founding of Bravos but their inconsistencies prevent me from forming a solid theory. There are some inconsistencies in the first book that could also go
  5. I disagree with your interpretation of Margaery. I read her conversations with Sansa as faked nativity and as a conscious effort to appeal to Sansa’s younger, more ‘fairy tailed’ worldview, especially when she says Loras will protect her. We know this would have been effective before and her thinking she’d marry Loras showed some of this fairy tail thinking remained within Sansa even around this time. Sansa was doubtful but bought it. @Vaith gave some other indications of her being smart in the ways of Court life. And you wouldn’t dismiss Cersei as a player for her actions during the Walk of Shame. Marge is in prison long enough to realise she isn’t getting out easy so she begs and pleads, perhaps despite realising who is responsible. She is at her lowest there. But she is still smart enough to play on the one humanising ‘weakness’ Cersei has, her children, by stressing her cousins are just children (too). I think she could be aware of the plot to kill Joff.
  6. Very interesting idea. Personally I subscribe to the concept of three being part of Dany’s identity, most obviously of which the three Targ conquerors and her three dragons. However I’m now thinking about what else might have been said to Drogon. Three fires could be Mereen, Vaes Dothrak, KL before he can start being Lightbringer/AA/ fight the Others. However the meanings of the fires are hard to align and the fire for life links up strongly with the pyre hatching. And “three mounts” is difficult to match to Drogon. my mind also went to another significant triple, the forging of Lightbringer. Maybe the HoD say she is Nissa Nissa to (Jon’s) AA and he forges Lightbringer by killing her. Just thinking out loud
  7. I mean I completely disagree with Rhaego being alive but you have to give Megorova some credit. There is no proof in the text that Rhaego’s body was burned or buried. That however, is also no proof at all he survived. We witness dany feel him die IIRC.
  8. I doubt it. He must have realised what kind of power or at least wealth was within his grasp.
  9. To be fair he loves inflicting pain and suffering too. Real depth to the guy. had the painful death coming
  10. I agree completely with this sentiment. Personally I just feel I don’t have deep/creative enough analysis of the books to come up with any original “content” but I have been reading along with you all for a long time now. So I kinda feel like there’s nothing I can do about it. A lot of old schoolers and big contributors are responding to this thread. Maybe an idea is for them to revive their old OPs they loved from a while ago and see if new discussions arise. As stated before people forget and the participants change. Could be a good idea to get some of the post you talk about back on the front pages? I’d surely appreciate it
  11. I hope he is a Red Herring who is smashed on the walls of OldTown. Gives us an opportunity to see Brightsmile and Greysteel shine, but I dislike him as an end game bad guy. I guess for a lack of build up and not a motivation I can relate with.
  12. I can only picture @Lord Varys as show Varys. @kissdbyfire looks like Ripley from Aliens. I guess that small picture is influential for me.
  13. I must say, despite not believing in your OPs because of points made by @frenin, @Ygrain and @kissdbyfire regarding the lack of a concrete purpose in the story, this is excellently argued and well written and put together. I am not certain if I truly believe it since my gut feeling was indeed Arthur was of age with Rhaegar and I vaguely (mis)remember there being a quote about Rhaegar being surrounded by friends of a similar age, but that could actually be about Aerys. Very interesting!
  14. There is nothing more uniting than a common enemy my friend. I doubt people will fully cooperate and picturing war meetings between Jaime, (Un)Jon, Stannis, Dany, Tarly and Euron is a tad ridiculous. But I can see the lords and armies getting behind a trio of let’s say Jon, Dany, Stannis. Perhaps include a Reach Lord(sson) like a Baelor and Tyrion. Dany has her personal nukes to keep people in check. Stannis has only antagonised the Reach-Westerlands power block. Once the battle comes down to the choice between fire, ice or fighting next to a (former) enemy, most would choose the last (I can see Cersie brightflaming herself). I think the Realpolitik from Von Bismarck clearly shows this is the case, and the Western powers from the Middle Ages up to WW1 shows how easily former enemies worked together.
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