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  1. I’d add more war within Westeros or war between the Seven Kingdoms and an external force. I love how the War of the Nine Penny Kings basically realistically defined the relationships of generations of nobility, the effects of which you clearly still see in Robert’s Rebellion. But also we’re to consider Tywin, Stannis and Tarly as top generals when they fought like 5 battles combined. The Mountain is some unstoppable monster that sat on his ass for 17 years. Jamie is an extremely skilled knight but barely seen war. These folks need some action for their characters to truly make sense.
  2. https://asearchoficeandfire.com Is your solution!
  3. If Bran is this champion of darkness and winter alleged in this thread, why did Bran (i.e. GRRM) name his wolf Summer? Why not something cold, winter or darkness related instead of the warm light of Summer. Bran will oppose the Long Night.
  4. I agree a certain level of scepticism is in place, especially regarding a theory with so little concrete textual support, but the tone of this thread is getting a bit unnecessarily antagonistic. We all love talking about these books, just try to keep it in good spirits.
  5. Although there’s plenty of hate on characters here, I’ve thankfully rarely seen hate against people in all my (mostly) lurking years. And you wouldn’t deserve any. I, for one, love the way you examine writing, even though it’s not my MO. Regarding the OP, besides GRRMs desire for an illogically long history, I think the stagnant state could be explained by both the real magic in the world and indeed the ever irregular seasons. Lots of our recent (late Middle Ages and beyond) historic developments, such as urbanisation, are the result of the three-field rotation and the solid agricultural foundation and food production it provides civilisation. Nobody is going to be a painter when there’s no food for them to eat. Developing an agricultural society without predictable weather will be difficult.
  6. You serve the office, not the man. also every character likes them which makes them likeable to the reader.
  7. Hahaha strong no from me but hilarious nonetheless.
  8. There are enough threads to discuss whether Arya is the vengeful psycho killer you describe her as. I would suggest taking this sentiment there. I disagree with that interpretation but acknowledge at least there is discussion on it. What is never at discussion is whether Arya cares about innocent smallfolk. Just think about Micah, about Jaqen next time you suggest Arya will kill tens of thousands of innocents.
  9. Why do you all chose to ignore these two facts (I) Mance is not a member of the NW nor is Jon his commander, he is a prisoner of Stannis Baratheon and (Ii) Jon tasked Mance with retrieving the girl on the gray horse, not kidnapping in Winterfell. This couldhave been an interesting discussion on why guest rights appear to lose significance or an interesting discussion on potential consequences for breaking guest right by Freys, Mance, which I do agree the OP makes an interesting case for, and maybe Manderly. It could even be a questioning of wether guest right does apply in a conquered location or not. Instead this thread is just filled with negativity both from pro and anti Jon/Stark forum members.
  10. I’d say treason. He participated in a rebellion against the Iron Throne, which constitutes treason. I’d guess under the jurisdiction of the Iron Throne his murder of his liege Lord would constitute betrayal if were only looking at the RW. Under the jurisdiction of the (no longer existing) Kingdom of the North and Riverlands he committed treason by murdering the King while being their subject.
  11. Just saying no offence doesn’t make a reply less dickish. As the last thing Dany did in the books was ride Drogon, I don’t see merit in you’re response. She clearly controls Drogon enough to put a saddle on him.
  12. Great post! The fact that I almost immediately know what chapter they refer to shows you really put some effort in.
  13. The discussion earlier in this thread showed me there is less common knowledge about them then my sleepy head assumed. However there is the information that Whent and Dayne (probably, I’m assuming again) were with Rhaegar when he “kidnapped” Lyanna, as Rhaegar travelled the Riverlands with his usual posse. It seems Dayne and Whent never returned home or to Court after that. So there must be people, e.g. someone like Varys, knowing there was some involvement in Rhaegars whole camp and he had Lyanna. If I’d had that info alone, I’d assume they were guarding both of them and perhaps keeping Lyana from escaping.
  14. I guess the common narrative is they were Lyanna’s (overqualified) jailers. Unless you believe Rhaegar was married to Lyanna (and this was allowed and deemed valid) the baby at the ToJ was an unrecognised bastard of the Crown Prince, not exactly a common protectee for the KG, so I doubt a baby is that evident. I agree though there should perhaps have been speculation in this regard from the likes of Jaime, Barristan, Varys and perhaps, though less so, in the Robert-side of the Rebellion.
  15. Im picturing GRRM just sitting there posting his Shiera Seastar story everywhere, angrily wondering why nobody engages.
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