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  1. Davjos

    Is Euron actually a red herring?

    I hope he is a Red Herring who is smashed on the walls of OldTown. Gives us an opportunity to see Brightsmile and Greysteel shine, but I dislike him as an end game bad guy. I guess for a lack of build up and not a motivation I can relate with.
  2. Davjos

    Which Character am I?

    I can only picture @Lord Varys as show Varys. @kissdbyfire looks like Ripley from Aliens. I guess that small picture is influential for me.
  3. Davjos

    Qhorin Halfhand was Ser Arthur Dayne - Revisited.

    I must say, despite not believing in your OPs because of points made by @frenin, @Ygrain and @kissdbyfire regarding the lack of a concrete purpose in the story, this is excellently argued and well written and put together. I am not certain if I truly believe it since my gut feeling was indeed Arthur was of age with Rhaegar and I vaguely (mis)remember there being a quote about Rhaegar being surrounded by friends of a similar age, but that could actually be about Aerys. Very interesting!
  4. Davjos

    The role of forgiveness

    There is nothing more uniting than a common enemy my friend. I doubt people will fully cooperate and picturing war meetings between Jaime, (Un)Jon, Stannis, Dany, Tarly and Euron is a tad ridiculous. But I can see the lords and armies getting behind a trio of let’s say Jon, Dany, Stannis. Perhaps include a Reach Lord(sson) like a Baelor and Tyrion. Dany has her personal nukes to keep people in check. Stannis has only antagonised the Reach-Westerlands power block. Once the battle comes down to the choice between fire, ice or fighting next to a (former) enemy, most would choose the last (I can see Cersie brightflaming herself). I think the Realpolitik from Von Bismarck clearly shows this is the case, and the Western powers from the Middle Ages up to WW1 shows how easily former enemies worked together.
  5. The first thing that popped into my mind was Ned refusing to send Loras to deal with the Mountain instead of Beric. The Lannister-Tyrel alliance is likely prevented, which means Stannis taking KL is likely or at least a 50/50. This alone would change a lot. The Tyrels actively fighting against the Lannisters could lead to a Marge-Robb marriage-> No RW-> Robb retaking WF or taking KL etc.
  6. Davjos

    Book Winterfell in 3D by Shadiversity

    Truly amazing work by Shad. I think it shows how ‘wrong’ GRRM got the scale of this castle. Either we have to imagine it significantly smaller than this, or there are thousands of people living within the walls that we have never heard of. Why would Castle Cerwyn even exist if you have this behemoth half a day away. One last thing. Our nerdy boy states Riverrun is larger than Winterfell. This must be a mistake, correct?
  7. Davjos

    The plight of the poor

    All these people are close to a king/queen or literally part of the noble class (Davos is a landed Knight). These aren’t commoners and their fate shouldn’t be equivalent to them. They won’t freeze to death. The actual commoners have been suffering and nobody cares.
  8. Davjos

    Illyrio's Game

    I think Littlefinger’s succes with his understanding of basic supply and demand, as explained by both Tyrion in ACOK (I think) and demonstrated by his ‘going long’ on the wheat of the Vale, is sufficient to doubt the fact he needed any bankrolling. fAegon’s invasion is unlikely to bring more economic trouble to Bravos then just leaving Bobby to bankrupt 1/3 of the ‘known world’ and afterwards that continent in a constant state of war. I don’t see the motivation of disrupting the IB’s financial position matching with his action of waiting 15 years and having Aegon invade Westeros. And Dany’s disruption of the economy of Slaver’s Bay could not be anticipated in any way by Illyrio.
  9. Davjos

    What happens if Euron sacks Oldtown?

    I think you’re underestimating the base strength of House Hightower, especially when Oldtown is under attack. They are the second or third richest house in Westeros. Perhaps the numbers for the trained combatants are a fair estimation, although I expect them to be able to field more men with the preparation time they have had. However, they should be able to put easy to use weapons such as crossbows or spear or even simple stones to throw in the hands of tens of thousands of citizens. Therefore I am of the opinion Euron cannot take Oldtown without the use of magic. But Leyton Hightower and his Maid have been locked in the tower for over a decade ‘consulting books of spells’. With the strengthening of magic due to the birth of dragons, they must have magic to some extent to rival Euron. And they have the scientific centre of the world at their fingertips. I would be really disappointed if Oldtown falls. The Hightowers are one of my favourite houses due to their mystery, possibility due to the unknown and sympathetic characters as Breakwind. A small, sneaky incursion into Oldtown and the Citadel would be thrilling, but a military victory would in my opinion be unrealistic and disappointing.
  10. Davjos

    An issue with the Nights Watch

    There were about 300 Brothers on the Fist of the First Men. Wights made attempts at the life of the First Ranger and the Lord Commander in Castle Black . Sam has killed an Other. The entire Watch is perfectly aware of the fact the Others and Wights are marching. However, letting the Wildlings through and marching them to Winterfell is enough for Jon to be stabbed. oh and you don’t get browny points for watching FMJ, you’re supposed to have watched it
  11. Davjos

    An issue with the Nights Watch

    Wildlings roam the Wolfswood and threaten the life of Bran. It is not just an ancient conflict. The First Ranger met with the Lord of Winterfell to discus the threat of a KBTW. You must admit there are some reasons to like Jon, whether they carry weight for you or not. One such is the fact he knows the ‘true enemy’ and allows the Wildlings south, ignoring the ways of old. Or his brotherly love for Arya and his worry that with his hand burned he might never ruffle her hair like he used to. Or the fact he easily accept those deemed less in the society, whether smallfolk, unladylike, Ironborn, fat etc.
  12. Davjos

    An issue with the Nights Watch

    A more civil tone would suit. Your aversion to all things Stark or Snow is sufficiently apparent on the fora without the need to become antagonistic. And to call Corvo ‘generic’ shows plain disregard for his contributions to discussion on books you feel so strongly and passionately about. Regarding your OP. While GRRM has perhaps not delved into too much of the North-Wildling ‘Conflict’ it has become (IMO) sufficiently clear that the High Lords of Westeros do not deal with small incursions of raiders etc. Piracy is rampant in the Narrow Sea, Iron Born have raided for millennia, Skagos is a society of savage cannibals despite being under the Northern banner. However, when the threat becomes sufficiently pressing, the lords of the North do interfere and fight the Wildlings directly. The Old Bear can name 5 Kings Beyond the Wall. Iirc the Starks have pushed all four back (Bael became a Stark if the stories are true). Edd was considering marching on Mance Rayder if the need arose. Other examples are the War of Ninepenny Kings on the Stepstones or the conflict with the Kingswood Broterhood. Additionally, because of the War in the South, the North is in political disarray and lacking base strength. If lords Umber and Karstark march south, their lands are less defended, which results in less fighting back the Wildlings. Also the hate for the Starks by the Wildlings seems weakened by the fact they descend from Bael, a Wildling King. Finally, Jon is liked by the Wildlings like Tormund and Ygritte for who he is just like you seem to despise him for who he is.
  13. Davjos

    Black Sword, White Sword, Red Sword

    Impressive entrance on the fora! Really like what you laid out with the Black-White-Red. It immediately triggered a sequence of choices for me reading this thread. The black choice is the choice for the Watch. It is his desertion and return, his leading the Watch against the wildlings etc, the White is already showing occasionally, but this is the period of his live governed by a vow to the Black The White is the choice to remain a Snow instead of a Stark and his speculated period in the Ghost (White). Upon his return he chooses to break his vows (abandoning the Black) and meddle in the affairs of the realm for the good of mankind. This is the period of Snow, Ghosts and Winter. Perhaps he would become the King or Winter (not saying he conquers the entire North, but who knows). The winds of winter being about the Ice Cold Others and the White wintery Snow rising to oppose it fits quite nicely The Red is the time of the Dragon and Fire. Jon awakes as a dragon somehow, either by marriage to Dany, by proclamation of R+L=J or (spur of the moment idea) by a kind of pyre of cold/winter/Others which he burns out of to mirror Dany. Perhaps in a direct confrontation with the Others at the Wall his true Fire emerges. These themes are difficult to match with others like Bran and Dany who both also appear to ‘fight for the Light’. Perhaps he is the bridge between the Black Bran and the Red Dany, since he is the Trinity or Black White Red.
  14. I am rereading ACOK on holidays and one thing in the introduction of Azor Ahai by Salladhor Saan stood out to me. Davos “It was a time when darkness lay heavy on the world. To oppose it, the hero must have a hero's blade, oh, like none that had ever been. And so for thirty days and thirty nights Azor Ahai labored sleepless in the temple, forging a blade in the sacred fires. Heat and hammer and fold, heat and hammer and fold, oh, yes, until the sword was done. Yet when he plunged it into water to temper the steel it burst asunder.” Davos I ACOK Is there any significance to this temple and any suggestions as to what or for which god(s) this temple could be. The Long Night precedes the faith of the seven IIRC and the Old Gods had no temples. Perhaps it is a hint that this all occurred on Essos, or perhaps it is just because the narrator is unrealisable and Essosi. The only location I could think of for this in Westeros is the Isle of Faces or something no longer existing such as what was on a significant location along where the Wall was built (building where the Night Fort now stands for instance). Thanks for any ideas! edit: sorry for the ugly white formatting am on my phone.
  15. Davjos

    Arianne's snitch

    I agree with the reasoning of @sweetsunray. The person who betrayed Ariane knew where the boat was leaving from, thus it cannot be Drey, despite him being on face value the most likely candidate. Good read!