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  1. Davjos

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    I think the books are about what makes you human. That is why the Others are the BBE, they are inhuman. Fire is emotion in my reading, but in the broadest sense. It includes justice, honour, love etc. Ice is the inemotional, the cold and calculated. Fire and Ice are what makes us human and no extreme is acceptable I also think something GRRM loves is the fact that an act deemed good or inevitable, such as abolishing slavery, taking in the Wildings, marrying the girl you knocked up or beheading a disloyal bannerman will have unforeseen, negative consequences.
  2. Davjos

    Why did Benjen take the black?

    I have no specific theory to fit this consideration into, but perhaps the reason had to do with inheritance and a claim. One of the special thing of the Watch is the abandonment of your claim on your lands. Perhaps Benjen had fathered something somewhere and could not allow that offspring to have a claim on WF? I don’t know who that could be and I don’t think it’s Jon Snow.
  3. I really appreciate the effort that went into this theory and it is well written too. The use of textual clues, no matter whether I agree with the conclusion reached because of it, is also good. I do have a question: If Mel does not want Jon to go to Hardhome, why does she not just manipulate him through fake visions, something she is used to doing. She could just say: I saw you and your Crows dying at Hardhome. I saw you marching on CB as a wight. That way she doesn’t have to fake the PL, the outcome is more certain and the goal is reached?
  4. Davjos

    Would Robert have been a better Lord than King?

    I agree with what you’re getting at, but it is technically not true, since Aerys also demanded Ned’s head. And Ned didn’t have to become king. For instance, if Aegon or Viserys (with Arryn or Hoster Tully or whoever as regent) or even Tywin (just with force) became king, Bobby would have likely lived. I do think Big Bobby would have been a ‘better’ Lord in a sense that his power is less absolute. Even having to answer to the king would keep him kind of in check financially. Bankrupting the entire Stormlands is unlikely. Being part of the more militaristic and knightly Stormlands when compared to the politics of KL suits him more. I imagine he might even want to stay in shape training in the yard etc. He could even gather a group of loyal former squires etc. A combination of less responsibilities, less financial possibilities to whore around, more militaristic people around and maybe even some feelings of personal responsibility since the early death of his parents could improve Robby.
  5. Davjos

    Should GRRM have cut the Qaarth story in ACOK?

    This^ Dany can’t go from khaleesi/desert to Astopor.
  6. To be fair I wasn’t totally convinced by the idea itself but I just wanted to form something more concrete with input. In my opinion that has happened. I had lurked my way throught the 19 paged, which caused me to start this anyway. Once again @Nevets and @three-eyed monkey both very convincingly poses their ideas, which just proves once again why I like the PL ‘mystery’ so much. Because I honestly have no theory that sways me. @kissdbyfire and some others I can’t remember the names of anymore:thanks for the very informative replies, especially on the Clydas aspect. He was just the first name that popped into my head because of his access and fear at the opening of the letter by Jon and I assumed a motive you have proven to me does not exist. Therefore if the letter was forged by a NW member, it wasn’t him. Thanks for the fixing of my error. I remain convinced that if the group that Bowen Marsh is a part of, the conspirators wanted Jon dead, the declaration by the crown is insufficient. The Watch lives almost outside the realms, they should take no part in the conflicts of the realm. However, a clear desertation or breaking of the Wall is (in their assumed and probably wrong opinion) sufficient grounds for the execution of Jon without it negatively affecting the Watch. When I find more time I’m going to investigate more suspects for the potential forging of the letter.
  7. Adult dragon? Deepwood Motte. Easy to rebuild. No castle survives adult dragons. That’s why the biggest castle with the thickest walls melted and crumpeled. @The Sleeper the Rock might do best but will not survive a Balerion-attack. Most of the castle is on top of the Rock, the rest is all tunnels from which you cannot escape. I imagine the fire being breathed in the lower caves, traveling through the entire tunnel system, melting and burning it all. The rock itself will survive, the castle won’t.
  8. Oh obviously I am not the first to think of this and did not intent to ‘claim’ this idea in any way. Fair point on them not wanting to antagonise Stanny B. However, a possible counter argument can be made. I do not know how well known Davos’ story is around CB and I cannot remember if any Stormland/Storm’s End person is at the Wall by the conspirators. However if the punishing, strict, by the books nature of Stannis is known among the conspirators, perhaps they think they can get away with or even get praise for their execution of an Oathbreaking, deserting criminal. Not it the most convincing argument, but enough to not outright disregard Stannis I think.
  9. My problem with the Pink Letter has always been that I don’t think the content is true. I don’t think Stannis lost and Ramsey has Mance. The arguments supporting this have been discussed before. There is a 19 page thread discussing it below. However, I don’t think Stannis or Mel has written this letter either. While they have all the information required, they do not have a proper, not convoluted motivation to manipulate Jon. Therefore, I want to suggest my current idea and see if anybody agrees. I wish any more knowledgeable contributors to scrutinise this as much as possible. Stannis wrote an informative letter to Jon. An update. Clydas read the update and wrote another letter with the information. This is the manipulative Pink Letter. Goal: Get Jon to break his vows so he can be removed for the watch. Clearly Clydas wants this. I imagine Stannis wrote Jon an update letter, something along the line is of: I hold Winterfell after a week and two battles, one at the crofters village, one at WF. I sent your sister north with the creature named Reek. The King Beyond the Wall freed her from the bastard Ramsey. He performed his duties. Send Selyse and Shireen to the South. Let Val and some Wildlings accompany her (she seems trustworthy and skilled enough in the snow to make the journey on their behalf- my reasoning for mentioning Val). The KBtW wants his babe. Send it with them. Come south to see your home, Jon. Clydas (and Bowen, maybe Alliser etc) took this information, reversed everything, worded it as a taunt and gave themselves an excuse to depose Jon. This addresses: the required information, the motivation, the lack of a seal, the weird wax, the writing not being mentioned as Ramsey’s, the all out outrageous demands, the knowledge Jon has an army of Wildings so he has the chance to move south. So what do you think? Does it hold up? Sorry for the formatting. Wrote this on mobile during my commute. The idea sprung into my brain while reading the Ramsey wrote the PL thread.
  10. Davjos

    Syrio Forel

    I like the little clue. However I’m not convinced GRRM planned Jaqen or Syrio this far ahead. My indication for this is the large differences between what Arya learns from Jaqen of the FM and what Arya learns in Braavos from the FM. These differences to me point to the fact that GRRM developed the FM and Jaqen and their motivations later than Syrio. Therefore it seems unlikely that his name points to Jaqen’s mission.
  11. I definitely don’t think Arya might marry Jon. I recognise that there is more indication for that theory I disagree with vehemently. I’m sorry for dismissing your theory on the offset. I was unconvinced. I disagree with your theory more. I feel like I don’t need to support that with arguments. You are familiar with it. I love how you dug up opinions of me I have forgotten, and the Penny/Tyrion one I don’t even agree with anymore. Thanks for ‘supporting’ me @kissdbyfire
  12. Snow-snow. How brilliant. Can someone shut this down. Forgot his name but something Dornish/Dorne/Dondarion. That forum user is usually petty quick to point out stuff like this haha.
  13. Davjos

    POLL: Will you continue to read the books if _________

    You don’t have to clickbait here. It’s not YouTube. And yes of course
  14. Davjos

    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    I’m a no too. If Jojen was going to be a sacrifice I expect more (thematic) lead up etc.
  15. @John Suburbs I don’t understand one thing in your argument. If the ‘hot wind’ the beginning of the passage is the same as the ‘furnace wind’, which I agree with and you have stated multiple times in this thread, and you equate both mentions of the wind to dragon fire, why does Gerris repeatedly shout to an already engulfed Quent: Behind you? Why, if that is already dragon fire, is Gerris pointing out the source of the fire to his burning friend. Does it not make more sense that he is pointing out the dragon breathing in/roaring/threatening?