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  1. not only misogynistic but also clearly huge money wasters according to the people here. and i'm talking millions and millions $$$ worth of money. because what people are implying here is that they're essentially wasting HBO money by paying lena $1.1 million PER episode for the sole purpose that they love her so much. it can't possibly be that cersei has some kind of role to play other than being strangled by jaime in the books. AND that D&D are just not very good at writing it. AND it can't possibly be that they want to show off what huge budget and incredible production design values they have. or about any other actors or trying to clumsily reach a certain plot point from the books. no way!!!!!! headcanons >>>>>>>>>>>>> every other kind of logic so let's console our minds that the only purpose that a plot we don't like SOLELY exists because the showrunners' massive amounts of love for an actress.
  2. notice how they'll only complain about lena too. when if they were thinking of showcasing any actor thru the wight hunt, its fucking kit harington. his main strength lies in battle and action scenes. this is the 4th season in a row that they're doing this. the complaint should be on how D&D should have come up with something more logical to put kit in some action scenes. and give the NK a dragon. but its whining and complaining and moaning about D&D's favoritism for lena and how they only write the show for lena now. but nah lets just blame one actress for a plot we don't like i guess lol.
  3. We only saw cersei do 1 thing in season 5...arm the faith. Obviously a bad decision but it really wasn't the same as her ruling arc in AFFC. and you already answered your own question. From varys' actions in ADWD and mercy chapter we know cersei will get back into power.
  4. Well I think it's kind of obvious that the NK is going to go south with his new wight dragon ride right? And that a lot of the characters will have to follow him.
  5. yeah when tywin was alive and in power. something that you're not considering.
  6. she would just burn the entire city down if they did this, and she also has her own army. the smallfolk wouldn't have the time to leave. you're missing the point of cersei, she's willing to take out her own life if it means she gets to take others down with her. i do think the reason for the wight hunt is stupid. IMO the entire wight hunt is a flimsy excuse to show off their production values, put kit in more fight scenes, put together a team of some of the beloved and meme characters together, and give the NK a dragon. i really do think they could have come up with something better for this wight dragon plot. i just don't agree with you that cersei could be taken out easily because her go-to action is to employ nukes at this point. and olenna threatened to starve cersei many times, it had no affect on her. she still kept doing whatever the fuck she wanted to do.
  7. lol i don't think its actually a bright plan, but what other choice does dany have? if she tries to attack cersei, she would just burn the entire city down. and if dany attacks KL with her dragons and burns the city down, then she'll have no one to actually rule after defeating the white walkers. in her own way, i guess dany is trying to not make the same mistakes that the high sparrow, olenna and kevan did. and its not just about appeasing her, its about proving the white walkers to the entirety of westeros. pretty much every main character besides the stark kids are going to be at the dragonpit. and for what its worth, dany and jon are going to get much more fucked with the NK killing viserion and making into a wight dragon than cersei betraying them in regards to the army. cersei's actions at the end of season 7 have much more to do with D&D needing to get to her own ending that GRRM told them than anything to do with jon and dany's plots imo.
  8. i don't have any strong feelings about it . i just hope it makes somewhat more sense onscreen. we're not supposed to see as dany burning randyll to be as smart or wise. its meant to be an impulsive bad decision, both tyrion and varys are against it. and she makes the plan to parley with cersei after the whole randyll situation happens. do you seriously think that cersei blew up the sept because she couldn't think of a way to get out of the red keep? because if you think this, then i have a bridge to sell you. she could have left the city many times in season 6, she burned the sept because she wanted revenge. i hate that you're actually making me defend the leaks, because i think that season 7 will easily be the worst season so far. but 99% of your criticism isn't based on any objective thinking, you're just twisting all kind of facts because you're annoyed that a character you hate isn't going to just die easily.
  9. yes, randyll turns cloak on the tyrells. he basically sees it better for him to side with cersei instead of olenna as she's basically one foot in the grave.
  10. she also has a shitload of wildfire, an undead killing machine, qyburn and most importantly her own pride and strength. i thought that cersei would die in season 7 before these leaks happened. but i always thought she would be a pain in the ass for dany and wouldn't go down without a fight. nothing about cersei in the previous seasons or books has implied that she's weak or submissive or meek, so i don't get the logic of people who thought that cersei would easily die in ep 1 and all would be merry and well for dany.
  11. yeah but in TWOW or ADOS?? that you have no idea about LOL. especially because we have no idea what the fuck her brother is doing right now anyways.
  12. you think that having ancestral blood trumps over any other kind of logical storytelling reason, situation and character motivations for someone having power. got it. but that doesn't mean that fans, D&D or even GRRM have to agree with you on that matter. i think D&D like to give material to actors' based on their strengths. Eg. Kit is good at action scenes, so they like to involve him in battles. But I do think its a bit of an overreach to think that they're going to bend and twist entire storylines completely. the only case that comes close to your claim is sansa taking on the jeyne poole role, and even with that they wrote it in a way in which the abusive sansa/littlefinger book dynamic was very apparent. if D&D only wrote the show to as love letters for their favorite actors then it would have been very different from the books from the very beginning. if you're going to make that argument for lena, the pregnancy plot would be a better point. as its obvious the main reason they included that in is to go more into cersei's psychology regarding the prophecy. that might give lena some good emotional moments to work, especially the miscarriage. but once again that plot isn't going to affect the story in a big way at all or affect the other characters. its just something they added on for cersei that's really specific for her character. you have no idea on how cersei is going to rule and maintain power in KL. obviously she's going to blame tyrion for killing kevan in the books, but there's no reason to think that the high sparrow won't suspect her as she has every motive to have killed kevan with how he engineered the entire walk of shame.....yet the mercy chapter hints at her being powerful and feared anyways. you also have no idea under what circumstances tommen will die in the books and who else will die along with him lol. and what kind of situation cersei will be in and what the fuck she'll do . all i know is that cersei IS KL, she's the major character who's been in KL since the very beginning of the story. she's not just going to get squashed like a bug by characters that GRRM introduced in book 5, even though "logically" you can make arguments that she should because of all the mistakes she's made. so even GRRM is going to bending some of his own established rules for her in the books. i'm sure in a lot of ways it will be a lot more coherent and complex than what D&D are doing, but GRRM is also taking a shit load of more time in finishing his writing than D&D are.
  13. the showrunners may love lena, but its nonsensical to think that they're just doing a certain plot for her and thus also adjusting writing for other characters because they loooooooooovvveeee lena so much. cersei isn't the same kind of villain as ramsay, who was only really made into a huge villain in book 5 and thus the showrunners just needed to make him super villainous for a few seasons, because his purpose in the story was to be a villain and nothing more. cersei isn't just a villain, she's also a major character and major POV character in the books. i don't like these leaks for season 7, i wanted cersei to have an arc similar to rhaenyra during dance of the dragons and die at the end of season 7. but me not liking something doesn't mean that the showrunners are now only writing the story to cater to one specific actress. IMO it is very likely that cersei doesn't die till the near end in the books either, i don't think GRRM made her a POV in AFFC/ADWD just to have her killed in TWOW by jaime. but they just couldn't be fucked to adapt her real TWOW plot because it would be too complicated and take too much time. i expect cersei's and the king's lanidng plot in TWOW to be much more heavily condensed with the Faith, Sand Snakes, Faegon, Randyll, Tyrells blah blah blah. but even the Mercy chapter from TWOW hinted that Cersei somehow managed to gain power again after the WOS and become powerful and feared again. so i don't think that D&D are just pulling this out of their asses, i think they're just taking a lot of shortcuts to get to the main points of what GRRM told them. and people have given you a lot of reasons for why it makes sense to them logically. especially on top of cersei not being as batshit insane as aerys. her plan with the wildfire was methodical and calculated. something that aerys' desire to burn KL wasn't. on top of that cersei isn't just going to be burning all those who slight her in the throne room and neither is she going to be getting boners from fire and raping all the women in court. she also plunders highgarden for their riches, so she's not broke anymore (not that i think she was ever broke to begin with, just because lannister mines are dry doesn't mean that the lannisters didn't have a shit load of gold well stored already, they just didn't have enough to pay off the iron bank and also continue their luxurious lifestyles). if people supported aerys, they'll support cersei. the lannisters may not have been ruling like the targaryens, but they've done a solid job of building a reputation of one the most feared and grandest houses of westeros. if you don't like it, that's totally fine. but just discrediting the views of others completely and thinking that the writers are now treating one actress above everyone else just doesn't seem right to me.
  14. you make great points. I agree. personally I see no reason to believe that Lads 2 isn't the original lads. the scripts seem legit enough to me as well
  15. A Jaime/euron scene according to Lads part 2