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  1. Right. People are understandably annoyed at Jon attempting to ally with Cersei. But it's just as damning with Jaime. How could you forgive the person who tried to murder your little brother?
  2. GOD show LF is just so fucking stupid. The hit in bran was such a goddamn idiotic plan. lol I remember Jaime thinking in the books that's it's the exact kind of moronic thing Joffrey would think of. We can add the hit on bran as another thing LF botched up. I have to say these new leaks from Lads 2 have got me a little more excited. I think LF will be comedy gold to watch. I hope Aidan emphasizes that Batman accent even more.
  3. right? i was expecting the season 7 scripts to be much much different than how they ended up being. i don't know i dont want a season 8 delay but i dont want complete trash scripts either
  4. thats a really worrying thought tbh. especially since season 8 is the last season. its true that they have less scripts to write this time around. but they also only finished filming season 7 in february. meaning they've only had 2 months to work on season 8 scripts without also having the hassle of managing the season 7 filming. and also if true, damn D&D just really really REALLY want to be done with this don't they? god the things i would do to get my hands on those scripts........
  5. oh ok. good point. i've obviously seen that script page before but i didn't think of it that way. i just thought cersei was being her usual bitchy self lol. but what you're assuming could very much be true. if that's the case and tyrion is indeed in love with dany......i don't know how i feel about that. i'm not sure if i like the notion that one of the reasons major male characters like jon, jorah and tyrion all support dany is because they're in love with her. the most interesting thing about the sansa/jon argument about cersei vs the night king is that it kind of automatically gives away that Lf is a goner and not much of a threat this season. its basically spelling out to the audience that the main villains are now cersei and the NK. and LF and euron are just second rate douchebags. not surprising about show euron. but its a little surprising with Lf since he's been one of the biggest villains since day 1 and i've always thought that D&D loved him.
  6. what makes you think tyrion has feelings for dany from those script pages?
  7. omg 100% agreed lol. like literally my thoughts exactly
  8. -i seriously hope so, although the thought of D&D rushing the scripts for season 8 isn't exactly a very comforting thought either lol. -yeah but for how much? based on lads and lads 2.0 leaks it seems like he's only apart from cersei in episode 4. ugh. not enough imo. -yeah same. but it seems like the only visions bran will have this season are about R+L=J. i must say i'm much more interested in the critical reaction to this season than the season itself.
  9. Littlefinger's death should be such a BIG deal.but when i read the leaks about it, i was just like "meh". probably because i'm not a fan of how sansa is written on the show and i don't like that arya and bran are being shoehorned into this dumb sansa/LF drama. seriously we watched an entire season of bran trying to make it to the 3 eyed raven and then last season of his visions and 2 seasons of arya in braavos for them to become secondary character in sansa/littlefinger drama? ugh. i seriously feel like i aged a little just reading that line in Lads 2.0 script where arya said "i was just the executioner". watching jaime and cersei together all season long is going to be tedious too. i enjoy cersei so much on her own but she's a bore when she's with jaime. i wouldn't mind jaime/cersei still being together on the show if their scenes were interesting. but they're boring af imo and lena and NCW don't have much chemistry either. yeah i'm really hoping that if a strike happens that it doesn't cause too much delay. thinking about it now. if it wasn't for Lads we wouldn't know *that* much season 7 would we? just what we have from WOTW. it seems like it would be too much if had another lads type situation with season 8
  10. i'm going to seriously freak out if it gets delayed too much. its already going to suck to wait a year for 6 episodes. i can't imagine how bad it would be if it gets moved to 2019 or something like that. i'm tired. i feel like being invested in this series comes with too much waiting and not enough resolution. i remember part of the reason why i enjoyed 6x10 because the cersei wildfiring sept scene gave such a satisfying and cathartic resolution since forever. and unfortunately with the exception of jon/dany and the wall falling, it doesn't seem like season 7 will be giving much of that. i really really hope we get some good season 8 leaks like we did for season 7
  11. at this point i sincerely hope that none of the ships that this forum loves every actually happen because the entitlement here is WILD.
  12. fast forward those scenes then. because i have no other suggestion for you. i would say that jonerys is 99.9% likely to happen in the books too. but thats a useless argument as the books will never be finished.
  13. k. whatever you need to help you feel better i guess lol
  14. you're wrong. the show is 100% going for jon/dany