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  1. i love all your posts lol. always laying down the cold hard truth. also what makes people think sansa wants sandor on the show? it doesn't seem like she wants to be in any kind of relationship at the moment and i don't blame her. i was thinking that sansa might die too, but recently at SXSW..D&D made a joke that they were fighting who gets to write sansa's death scene for the season 8 scripts and that just pretty much confirmed to me that sansa will survive the series.
  2. yep. apparently bran sees it in a vision lol.
  3. true. but its just something they need to do for the satisfaction of the audience. sansa could absolutely kill him for selling her to ramsay and it would be justified. but for the audience, we need to see sansa finding out about LF's betrayal and scheming in AGOT.
  4. I mean since when was cleganebowl promised with Robert strong? His purpose is in cersei's story cleganebowl is even less likely to happen in the books imo since book sandor has moved past revenge.
  5. If cleganebowl isn't happening in season 7, then it's not happening ever imo. also there hasnt been any indication they have crushes on each other in the show
  6. I have to say the romanticization of sansan is a little creepy to me. It's fine to ship it, but acting like it's a 100% cute, sweet and healthy relationship......lol. either way it's not happening on the show. They haven't had a scene together since season 2. If D&D wanted to, they could have easily had sandor go to to winterfell in season 7. It's even possible that sandor could have spilled how shady and evil LF is to Sansa.
  7. Lol. im becoming more and more sure that their last scene together will be at casterly rock. I doubt they're just including casterly rock in season 7 just for 1 scene with the unsullied. idk about funeral tho.
  8. I'm willing to bet a good amount of money that the valonqar prophecy was excluded on the show so it will have more shock value when cersei is actually killed by Jaime. i also want to point out that a lot of things seem obvious to us because we've had too much time to think about them because George is such a slow writer. If George published a book of his series every couple years then the fandom wouldn't have as much time to dissect everything and people would be more shocked at the outcomes. lol it's only mentioned twice in the entire 5 books that Jaime is cersei's younger twin. I bet a lot of people wouldn't have even picked that up even if they didn't see it on online forums like here. i don't really think show Jaime is actually worthy of killing cersei ( she's a great character, he's not). But I don't think the d's have been stretching out their relationship for just shits and giggles. They've been doing it because both characters' endgames will involve each other.
  9. Yes. I'm back to thinking that Jaime will kill her on the show. i don't think a Jaime vs cersei battle will happen. But no way that cersei won't be interacting with main characters in season 8.
  10. Agreed. I get tired of people claiming that D&D and GRRM's main intent is to shock readers. And how certain theories are bad because they're "too predictable".
  11. I think in a lot of ways, D&D aren't really treating Season 7 and 8 as two different seasons. But just two parts of a final season. They wanted to end the show in 7 seasons originally and still writing it that way with just an added 3 episodes imo. I remember I was pretty upset when the Season 7 leaks first came out, because I just didn't feel like enough was happening. But now that I've started to view Season 7 as a Part 1 to Season 8 rather than an entirely different season, the leaks are a lot more palatable to me. When you also view them that way, it also make a lot more sense why a Part 1 of a season would just include deaths of secondary characters with the biggest death being LF's. Considering that Season 8 will be only 6 episodes, I don't think lack of cast members will be an issue. Especially since 8 is likely to have a lot of battle scenes. I do think that it will likely be a bloodbath, but Jaime and Cersei are the only main characters that I'm 100% sure will die. I think Jon and Dany's deaths are 50/50 , Tyrion is 25% and only a 1% chance of Sansa, Bran and Arya dying.
  12. We are going to see a lot more of this with Season 7 and 8 I bet. People just don't want to admit that they've been wrong about their theories. It's almost sad, but I have to admit..I have little sympathy for people who are mostly invested in the story for the ships and feel entitled to their preferred endgames for those ships. But I bet we're going to definitely see a lot of "D&D are the WORST" rants because D&D don't end up writing the fanfic they want for their ships Lads 2 also hasn't contradicted Lads 1 in any way. Usually fake leakers get caught pretty quickly. The script pages Lads 2 posted were also very similar in writing style to D&D's scriptwriting for the Season 6 Battle of Bastards episode (which became available online after Lads 2 posted his script pages I might add). Pretty much. This isn't like the Harry Potter ending where everyone gets paired off. D&D have been pretty clear about the romances that they've invested in, and it's a very short list. Jon/Dany is in, Sam/Gilly is in, Grey Worm/Missandei is in, Jaime/Brienne is in, Sandor/Sansa is out. I would also add: 5. Toxic, all consuming love: Jaime/Cersei According to Lads 2.0, for the first time in her life. Cersei doesn't have the heartlessness in her to kill someone when Jaime tells her that he's going to leave her in the Season 7 finale. She just can't bring herself to order The Mountain to murder Jaime. If this is all true, it makes it all the more obvious to me that D&D are going to have Jaime kill her in season 8 lol. I have to say, I think Cersei will survive TWOW. So I'm not as convinced that D&D are just prolonging killing Cersei because they love Lena. BUT I did have a gut feeling that D&D weren't going to kill any of the main Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens in Season 7 because it would just be too much drama. When they kill main characters of in Season 8, they just can just wipe their hands clean off of it because its not like we'll see any of the characters again after Season 8 anyways lol.
  13. @Newstar I 100% agree with everything you're saying. its amazing to me that so many people on here who shit on D&D can't even pick up their basic writing techniques at this point. I actually also think that Lads 2 is the same person as Lads 1 and if Lads 2 spoilers end up being correct, then the reactions on here are going to be comedy gold. But yeah agreed there's no chance of Sansa/Sandor happening on the show. Not only have D&D put no emphasis on that relationship at all, but mainstream audiences would also be disgusted by the age difference if they went there I bet. Not that the age difference makes much difference to D&D, they showed the Sansa/LF kisses with no problem. But people would be weirded out in general if Sansa were to get together with the Hound out of no fucking where because of all the reasons combined. We know that BOTH Greyworm/Missandei and Jon/Dany have sex in Season 7. So the only relationship that's left for Season 8 is Jaime/Brienne. As far as that relationship is concerned. I think its just going to be a kiss kiss bang bang kind of thing, in which they'll either have sex or express their feelings and then get immediately separated again or have one of both of them tragically die. From the detailed Season 7 spoilers about Jaime/Cersei from Lads 2.0 (who I believe), I do think that D&D are going for Jaime the valonqar route in Season 8. And since Jaime leaves Cersei at Season 7 to go North, Jaime and Cersei likely won't reunite till near the end of season 8 which isn't a good sign for the Jaime and Brienne get married and have lots and lots of babies that so many people are expecting and demanding.
  14. not only misogynistic but also clearly huge money wasters according to the people here. and i'm talking millions and millions $$$ worth of money. because what people are implying here is that they're essentially wasting HBO money by paying lena $1.1 million PER episode for the sole purpose that they love her so much. it can't possibly be that cersei has some kind of role to play other than being strangled by jaime in the books. AND that D&D are just not very good at writing it. AND it can't possibly be that they want to show off what huge budget and incredible production design values they have. or about any other actors or trying to clumsily reach a certain plot point from the books. no way!!!!!! headcanons >>>>>>>>>>>>> every other kind of logic so let's console our minds that the only purpose that a plot we don't like SOLELY exists because the showrunners' massive amounts of love for an actress.
  15. notice how they'll only complain about lena too. when if they were thinking of showcasing any actor thru the wight hunt, its fucking kit harington. his main strength lies in battle and action scenes. this is the 4th season in a row that they're doing this. the complaint should be on how D&D should have come up with something more logical to put kit in some action scenes. and give the NK a dragon. but its whining and complaining and moaning about D&D's favoritism for lena and how they only write the show for lena now. but nah lets just blame one actress for a plot we don't like i guess lol.