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  1. yeah that makes sense. i guess i can live with this as long as its executed fairly well and isn't cheesy. lets get our fingers crossed that D&D manage to get some decent scripts written for season 8. honestly i think we can expect a harry potter type ending except with just a little more focus on how much these characters have lost and a little less of "one big happy weasley family" and jon/dany naming their child "rhaegar barristan" type shit lol. and yeah cersei will definitely be the biggest death of season 8. i think we can at least expect D&D to put of effort into writing that scene. they probably want Lena to win an Emmy more than her wanting it herself lol. fingers crossed they get sapochnik for season 8 and he directs it.
  2. I thought GRRM might pull the rug underneath us by a shocking jon/dany death but now i dont even think that anymore lol. but really if jon,dany,arya,sansa,bran,tyrion ALL survive. then what is bitter is about this ending lol? its just sweet imo, rather than bittersweet. i guess its possible that both drogon and rhaegal both die in season 8 and evil wight viserion would obviously have to be killed. so i guess dany losing ALL her dragons could be the "bitter" part. and just the general trauma that all these characters are going to be left with. but i really was thinking that we would at least ONE big main hero death. guess not tho lol. i really don't see it happening anymore since cersei has to be killed off in season 8 too. omg can you just imagine how SURREAL it's going to be to read those first badly written 4chan/reddit leaks about cersei's death? god i cant wait
  3. i would love a shocking twist that would set the whole fandom on edge. for better or for worse though, i think the ending to GOT will be pretty standard and predictable. the only main characters that i see dying now are cersei and jaime.
  4. well at least people's reactions to something like that would be entertaining lol
  5. well I could see DOTD bieng only 7 to 8 episodes unlike 10 episodes that GOT season 1 was so even if they only have $60 million budget, each episode could have more budget than GOT season 1. they could also save money be reusing sets, costumes and props from GOT I guess? and not having as many main characters as GOT of course
  6. i totally agree with this. and i think they might even want to especially market as rhaenyra as cersei 2.0 as I'm willing to bet a good amount of money that by the time season 8 ends, cersei will be considered a pretty ~iconic~ female villain of TV. they'll want to cash in on that popularity imo. whether rhaenyra could ever actually have the same kind of affect and popularity as cersei....i'm not sure of
  7. ugh this just reminds me of how gross GRRM can be about women's bodies. that comparison about her weight gain with pregnancies and alicent remaining slim and beautiful still makes me cringe. (so glad the show skipped cersei's AFFC weight gain btw) well i think rhaenyra is more of a mix between cersei and daenerys than lysa but i see your point lol. yeah i think all the points you're making in this thread are very valid. i just don't think HBO has to go too extreme in an effort to market this spinoff. all they would have to do is show dragons, violence and sex lol. and i think good actors could elevate the material. just imagine someone like eva green as rhaenyra.......HBO in general has been doing a very good job with adapting novels lately. the Big Little Lies miniseries was fantastic. and with something like DOTD, a good writer could really flesh this story out and characters in compelling ways.
  8. carly wray is certainly up to the task. the writing on mad men and the leftovers is light years above GOT. if D&D could do it, then so could she imo but seriously you really didn't care for rhaenyra at all lol?
  9. yes good point. one of the major cons of a robert's rebellion series was that the women characters basically have nothing to do and are mostly just there to serve as love interests for male characters of ned, jaime, robert, rhaegar etc. i'm sure that was a point that was thought of when dismissing the idea of that as a spinoff.
  10. well i think rhaenyra is plenty interesting. she's like a more sympathetic and likeable cersei, decaffeinated cersei lol.
  11. there are very few things i take as a "given" but i did for a long time think that jon and dany dying would be natural and fitting for their arcs because they're both these self-sacrificing and messiah-like characters. but cersei not dying in season 7 puts a big wrench in that theory lol. there's a part of me thats a little disappointed about neither jon or dany dying because i'm a weirdo who loves well done heartbreaking scenes. and while cersei is my favorite and i think her death will have a tragic tone to it because its jaime who'll most likely her murderer........no way could it be as heartbreaking as jon/dany sacrificing themselves out of love for their people and to save the world. well with the sept explosion, the main character deaths were definitely margaery, high sparrow and loras a little bit and tommen's death resulting of that. and i think all 4 of those main characters had been given their due for the seasons they were on the show. pycelle was definitely given his due too imo. characters like mace and kevan were always treated as very very minor so their deaths being just mehh is expected imo. yeah originally when the season 7 leaks came out, i thought season 8 would be a bloodbath but now i don't think so. the only deaths i'm really sure of that moment are cersei, melisandre and euron. if cersei is killed by jaime in the series finale (which is what i think will happen for now), then i find it hard to see jaime surviving as well.
  12. i highly doubt that lol. but unlike villains like joffrey, walder frey, tywin, and low littlefinger i don't think she's going to go out pathetically. and unlike ramsay, i don't think her death will be so perfectly and obviously karmic.
  13. Personally i'm totally cool with jon/dany falling in love, getting married, having a baby etc. but them sharing the throne together at the end of the series would make me a gag a little bit. even if jon/dany do end up being co-rulers, i hope the throne is destroyed still. idk i just want the ending to give the feeling that while there will still be chaos and struggle for power and corruption and blah blah blah that the extreme bloody civil wars and basically everything that happened with he crazy targaryens and lannister regime wouldn't happen again. i could see the arya and bran things happening but for reasons i've discussed plenty times before i don't think sansan will happen in the tv show. overall i do agree that the ending will be fairly predictable but i don't want the last shot of jon/dany being them sharing the iron throne together or their kid on the throne lol. but yeah 85% of me is leaning on cersei dying in the series finale now. other big character deaths in season 8 could possibly be melisandre,davos,theon,yara,jorah,sandor. all major characters whose death would definitely be a big deal but none that could overshadow's cersei's death by happening around the same time;
  14. @Newstar i still think there's a chance Jon and/or dany might die but what's really making me rethink it is cersei surviving season seven. it's hard for me to imagine how it works out with such big characters like cersei and Jon/dany dying in such a short span of time in season 8. Let's say cersei dies in ep 4 of season 8.....that would be one of the BIGGEST scenes of the show by far. And definitely be something that people would be talking about for a long time. But then if Jon/dany die two weeks after in the series finale, suddenly the impact from cersei's death is hugely gone. like if d&d wait till the season 7 finale to kill off LF....I just don't see them killing cersei off in early season 8. honestly I'm starting to think more and more that cersei will die in the series finale which points to jon and dany surviving the series. it could still happen ofc but season is also simply too short to have multiple main character deaths. D&D might not give a fuck about secondary and minor character deaths being impactful and memorable. But I think they def do for main characters. if Jon/dany were to die in season 8, then I think cersei would have been killed off in the season 7 finale. And LF's death would have then been in either early season 7 or in season 6. thinking about it now, the fact that LF didn't die in season 6 probably should have given it away that cersei wouldn't die in season 7. Both LF and Cersei were marked for death but LF definitely had to die before Cersei. And if d&d weren't willing to have to LF's death be overshadowed by Cersei's by happening around the same time then I don't see them having cersei's death be overshadowed by Jon/dany's. sorry this is so rambley. I hope my point came across lol. tl;dr right now I feel like the basic rules and structure of tv are hinting that it's very possible Jon and dany survive the series.
  15. @Newstar this person on Reddit seems like a huge Sansa stab. And we know Sansa stans love to stir the pot for the attention lol. Wouldn't be surprised if she watched the thirteenth tale too and decided to make this up for attention. i will be pretty damn shocked if this ends up being true. that being said, Sansa being involved in a flasfoward isn't surprising to me since I've always imagined the last scene of the series to take place in winterfell.