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  1. A false royal. Who cares if they gossip about my birth? WYR be Varys' spy or Littlefinger's?
  2. A peasant in the riverlands. At least I have the (relative) freedom to flee during war. Would you rather be a fabolously rich merchant in Gulltown or a hedge knight granted lands on the Gift?
  3. Ice dragon. Afterwards I can die content. Would you rather be a Yunkaii slave soldier or a Meereen pit fighter?
  4. had consequences. Unfortunately
  5. Illyrio. Less chances of dying. Would you rather die by bear (a la Amory Lorch) or starved and chopped (a la Vargo Hoat)?
  6. Oldtown. Biased answer since we've never seen Lannisport on page, but I think it offers more options, socioeconomically speaking. Also, I'm oriental and I assume Oldtown's more diverse ethnically, so more tolerant. WYR be a successful musician at court or a penniless hedge knight?
  7. not to hit
  8. Sandor Clegane. Less creepy, less dead (I subscribe to the gravedigger theory). And who knows where Ser Robert Strong's loyalty lies? I'd rather trust my life to someone I can, at least to an extent, understand. If you were a peasant in the North, WYR get appointed as castellan of Winterfell or tasked to rule over a new-found village on the Gift (with the rights to build a holdfast but also chances of wildling raids)?
  9. So when Arianne
  10. Fair point. I was actually leaning towards the dragon's egg because I thought I could buy a knighthood and land with it. A noble lady. I think it'll be easier to exert influence via my husband (gods, I hope it won't be Walder Frey) than to rise in the ranks from being a commoner. If you were tasked by the throne to found a new port town along the Westerosi eastern coast, would you rather build it in Dorne (along the saltshore), or in the Vale (somewhere North of Gulltown)?
  11. Supposing they won't turn on me, the basilisk. Deadlier, I think. If you're a commoner in Westeros, WYR come upon a dragon's egg or granted land and a knighthood?
  12. " the turtle said.
  13. . "How could this
  14. Hm. Tough choice. A Night's Watch member. Because there's less chance of getting whipped. And either way, escape will be hard. Not knowing what would happen, would you rather be a common soldier on Tarly's side at the Battle of Ashford or be a defender under Stannis at the siege of Storm's End?
  15. Varys. I think he has a larger capacity for sympathy than LF. WYR get exiled or sent to the Wall?