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  1. Three word story (game)

    But alas, the
  2. Weird names in ASoIaF

    Mandon Moore sounds too close for comfort to "Mandy Moore". I wonder if GRRM ever listened to her...
  3. References and Homages

    I don't know if it's mentioned here before but has anyone noticed how similar Mandon Moore's name is to Mandy Moore? I doubt there are any connections aside from their names, but anyway I thought I'd bring it up here in case others have noticed it too.
  4. Three word story (game)

    The turtle interjected,
  5. Three word story (game)

    do birds suddenly
  6. Three word story (game)

    " The kraken replied,
  7. Three word story (game)

    him to marry
  8. Three word story (game)

    bother? The kraken
  9. Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Nope, but my brothers play this on the guitar always. And yes, the singer could definitely be a Frey!
  10. Confession 1: I hated how GRRM wrote Ygritte's death. I think he didn't have to write "Ygritte/she said, dying." -- or something, sorry, too lazy to look for the exact words -- and instead just ended it at "Oh, you know nothing, Jon Snow.". It's very minor but it bugged me during my first reread that I didn't continue for a time. Confession 2: I think Melisandre in Season 6 was super hot. I don't follow the show, but I just saw season 6 a few days back and now I think I'm going to watch season 7 for Mel...
  11. Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Also when my brothers sing "Hangman", the one that goes Slack your rope, hangman, slack it for a while I think I see my father coming riding many a mile Father have you brought me hope, have you paid my fees? Or have you come to see me hanging from the gallows tree? I imagine it's being sung by someone from in-universe.
  12. Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Not sure if this is mentioned already but The Death of Queen Jane from the soundtrack of Inside Llewyn Davis brings to mind the fist Jeyne Westerling and King Maegor I. I can imagine it being sung by bards in-universe.
  13. Three word story (game)

    , their honor, and
  14. Three word story (game)

    . "Who the hell
  15. Three word story (game)

    obesity? "No" said