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  1. Re-reading the text (especially The World of Ice and Fire) the maesters consistently twist truths. They do this to benefit themselves, the faith and the legacy of the Andals. We know from Sam that the Maesters in the citadel expect blind loyalty and to accept their truths. In TWOIAF Maester Yandel consistently contradicts himself by writing out points that are impossible to co-exist. It is up to us the reader to define what is true and false. A re-occuring term throughout TWOIAF text is "Andal Warlords." We are told that many kings & petty kings looked to these warlords as a means to conquer their neighbors and rivals. Since the Andals came with better weapons (steel) and were better fighters they quickly overthrew the people who brought them their in the first place. According to Andal tradition they came to westeros because the 7 had promised them kingdoms in a foreign land, Maesters claim they fled because they were threatened by the Valyrian freehold (which is complete and utter bullshit) We are told that when they arrived in the Vale & Westeros they carved the 7 pointed star on rocks and tree's. But why? (This is extremely important). I don't know why but my only idea is that on their travels to Westeros and their landing they formed a "cult"(the seven) as a means to band all Andals together to fight and conquer the first men and the children of the forrest. They did not bring this from Essos!!!!!! We know this because when Tyrion is traveling through Essos on the Shy Maid, Lemore changes out of her Septa clothes claiming that the locals would know they were foreigners because they have never seen a septa before. If they lived in Essos and brought the faith with them wouldn't people know what a septa is? The formation of the 7 was a away for these new warlords to establish governance and rule. The construction of the 7 and their conquest of Westeros paved way for them to establish their rule and culture over Westeros for the foreseeable future. The staple of this is when they practically stole House Hightower and had them convert to the 7. House Hightower accepted this new found faith because they saw what happened to their peers and rivals when they met them in the field, they lost! Too many powerful lords & kings have passed due to a bad belly when either a septon or maester was taking care of them (coincidence, no). Damon Hightower was the first Hightower to marry a Andal princess and convert to the 7. He died prematurely from a bad belly... Septon Robeson was regent to his son Triston who ruled in all but name for 20 years. So having shaped Triston for 2 decades he was able to influence him and his views on society. After Septon Robeson passed, Triston raised the Starry Sept in his honor. With the takeover of one of the most powerful houses in all the realm and the establishment of the Citadel by House Hightower. These Andal warlords were able to manipulate the masses to establish their rule and leave behind their version of history. History is recorded by the victors. The Andals beat most of the first men. I ask now why? Why do these lying, lustful freaks for power need to establish their cult they call the 7? Numbers? Definitely a possibility the more people of their side the easier it is to conquer (look at Cercei). Do you feel the same, that they were just sellswords brought over from Essos only to find out, that the people who needed their swords were not prepared to fight them thus resulting in their deaths. Thoughts?
  2. @LynnS if you think R+L=D. Who do you think Jons parents are? And never even thought about the Florent sigil at it relates to blue flowers at the wall. Great point!!! @LiveFirstDieLater I think Edric "Ned" Dayne is referred to as Ned because of Ned and Ashara's relationship. The result is Jon. All R+L=J supporters are to close minded to except a different opinion. R+L=J is way to simple for George unless Rhaegar turned out to be a complete douche who just raped her. Which I don't think is the case.
  3. Bloodraven is not the 3 Eyed crow.
  4. A for effort and some really good points but no. Dany was conceived before the sack. Her father could be Rhaegar in some fashion. It's not hard to lie to a 8 year old boy (Viserys) who must b terrified at the time and hasn't a clue what's going on. But I highly doubt her parents are Rhaegar and Lyanna. I think she is who we expect. Th daughter of Aerys and Rhaella. Aegon is th son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Though her name spelling out ser dayne has to be more then just coincidence.
  5. Varys knows... He runs Essos and Westeros. 1 of the most iconic players in the game.
  6. Gendry to be fostered with Lysono Maar (that would be a power move) Sansa with the Tattered prince so we didn't have to deal with dumb wench ass
  7. I never once said Ned didn't or hasn't lied. My point is he has all the reason in the world to not tell Jon who his mother is (that applies to both n+a=j and r+l=j). If he tells Jon what does Ned gain? Nothing except a super sad kid because he's been living under false pretenses his entire life and will never know his biological parents respectfully. What does Jon gain? Maybe some closure and major league disappointment especially if it's r+l=j. And if Ned were to tell Jon Ashara is his mother but she died well then you add another to the lie columns...
  8. Why not tell Jon? Because if he tells him who she is and that she's dead Ned is lying to his son and he opens up a can of worms. He married Ashara before Cat and the marriage was most likely done in White Harbor in front of a Weirwood and not in in the light of the 7 like his marriage with Cat. Jon is the eldest and should be heir of winterfell. If he tells him she's alive but hasnt a clue where she is, Jon could go looking for her or others who want to do Ned harm. Plus once they find out she is watching over the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna all hell will break loose. And Ashara 100% cares for Aegon and has Ned's trust. The connection between the 2 points is not so much the actions themselves but the consequences. If people found out that she is Jon's mother and is watching over her nephew who happens to be 1 of the last Targaryens in the world she would be in grave danger.
  9. He sent Aegon away with Ashara (with the help of Varys/Connigton/Walys Flowers (aka Haldon). Robert was on a mission to kill every Targaryen remaining. Hiding Rhaegars son who happens to be the son of his betroth (Lyanna) won't go well with him plus he would be committing treason. We see what Robert did to Tywin when he presented him Rhaenys and Aegon... Nothing, because he was glad they were dead. Aegon and Ashara had to be kept secret from Jon and the masses because if anyone who shouldn't, find out about their existence it could very well mean their death. Something Ned went to great lengths to hide especially Ashara. His relationship with her is one of the most secretive storylines in the entire series. He was forced into his marriage with Cat.
  10. It will be Bran telling Sam what to write and after everything has been penned. Bran will sacrifice himself to put a end of the others for good
  11. Except Jon wasn't born at the Tower of Joy or the child of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Aegon is the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar
  12. Sure someone at Storms End could have been the source but who? And i'm not doubting Ashara's ability to find the TOJ but her knowledge of where Lyanna is. Ok fine. But still someone had to tell Ned to come this way. Out of everywhere in the realm Ned happens to find his missing sister on first shot out of pure lucky? Something doesn't add up he was told to come this way.
  13. Haldon is the Mad Maid's son. Archmaester Walgrave is the father. Leyton keeping her in the tower because she has shamed the family name.
  14. Ashara most likely didn't know where Lyanna was. Ashara was most likely in Starfall by the time Ned reach the TOJ.