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  1. I'm sure we all know how this goes. You are given three characters and must choose one that you would wed, one you would bed, and one you would kill. Then you give three characters for the next person to choose amongst. We'll be doing this with ASOIAF/ GOT characters of course. I'll start with the Baratheon brothers Stannis, Renly, and Robert
  2. A character you hate, that most people like? Not sure, I don't really truly hate any of the characters A character you like, that most people hate? I wouldn't say most people hate him but a lot of people dislike Jon but I like him. What minor house would you like to belong to? I dunno if it is considered minor but I think Seaworth What great house would you like to belong to? Idk who to choose. Of course I'd love to be in Stark, but Lannister would be interesting too, as would Tully and Reed. What great house would you NOT like to belong to? Tarly, Arryn, Targaryen What region of Westeros would you like to live? Riverlands What region of Essos would you like to live? Quarth What relatively unexplored area of a World of Ice and Fire would you explore? Sothoryos Would you rather have a direwolf or a dragon? Depends on whether direwolves have dog breath or not. Can't stand dog breath, makes me feel ill. What would you name your direwolf/dragon? Arya Which character name do you like the most? Shireen and Myrcella are my favorites In Westeros, what would your job be? I'm a woman, so I don't think I'd have a job. Maybe a septa? If I was a man I'd be a master, idk if women can be maesters. If you were a slave in Essos that Daenerys freed, would you choose to follow/fight for her, or move on and live in peace? Depends on what's in it for me If you were able to become a Brother of the Night's Watch, but only for 7 years, would you do it? I'm not sure. Lots of the boys in there are rapers, idk how safe I'd be especially since I'd be the only girl. But I do wanna learn swordfighting so bad! Would help get someone killed if it meant you could take the Iron Throne without ever being found guilty? No, because even if I wasn't found guilty there would still be a lot of people fighting to get my position. A character you wish got pov chapters or more of them? I'd like to see pov chapters for Joffrey, Renly, Stannis, Robb, Ghost, ect. A character you wish got less pov chapters? Nobody, I'm happy just the way it is What are any fan theories you believe in, or hope come true? None really, aside from my own personal theories that Brienne has some sort of intersex condition and that Stannis has schizoid personality disorder. What are any fan theories you absolutely don't believe in? Don't really know of many so I can't really say. Would you follow any religion in ASOIAF? If so, which one? The Seven. Which humanoid creature would you study? Children of the forest What would be your uttermost fear in ASOIAF? Ended up betrothed to someone horrible like Joff. What prophecy are you anticipating coming true? The visions in the Undying house. Something you are glad they added to the show. Ygritte teasing Jon. Something you wish they included in the show. Everything they didn't. What would be your idea spinoff show? I don't know.
  3. Burned, I think I would be in less pain. Would you rather suffer through the pale mare or be tortured like Reek was? (Also @Castellan I've found my self often fighting the urge to talk like him ever since this. Like yesterday I was telling my sister to hurry up in the bathroom so I could take my shower, almost blurted out "A girl wants a shower")
  4. (It's okay, I don't mind spoilers much, I'm one of those people who actually peeks ahead to see what is to come.) Leg broken Would you rather be a bastard or a fool?
  5. A hand. I'm ambidextrous so it wouldn't be a big deal to lose a hand. A woman wouldn't mind losing a hamd Would you rather look like Brienne or smell like Reek(you wouldn't be able to take a bath to change that)?
  6. Aegon bc idk who Quentin is (I'm almost done with acok) Would you rather talk like Jaquen H'ghar or every time somehow says something only be able to respond with 'it is known?'
  7. Heartburn, because of the dragons and fire and all that What is Ned's favorite song?
  8. Jaundice, that is why he is yellow Why did Jaime push Bran?
  9. I wonder how they dealt with the faith of the seven in the French translations, since the temples are called septs and sept translates to seven.
  10. HOSTer Tully Why is it called the tower of the hand?
  11. Jaime Lannister Tom Felton
  12. Nope, but the onions still cried Who loved a maid as fair as summer, with sunlight in her hair?
  13. If any one of the characters actually wrote the books it would be Varys.
  14. That's awful. I speak a tad bit of French but not enough to be able to read any of GRRM's books in it(I've only being learning it for 3 years) but it seems like I'm not missing out. I don't get why they translated the family names. Aren't you supposed to leave things like names in their original form, not translate them.
  15. Dragons. Nuff said What's Joff's favorite color?