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  1. All Cook is Great. It Is Known.
  2. I never liked winter sleeps. Didn't like the narrator at all. Other then that I loved all of them. The Dragon Never Sleeps is fucking classic. It's Mass effect/revelation space in 300 pages.
  3. Yes somewhere halfway through 2 it all goes CLICK. But its starts off like.....insane. Can't think of the word I'm looking for. Pust if you like TBC you should try Mark Lawrence's Prince of Nothing. Very similar. Also sorry if I spelled your name wrong Mark.
  4. You could try Cook's (frogive the spelling here) Instrumentalities of the Night series. It's Cook on a vaster scope. They are not for everyone tough, even though I love them to death.
  5. Pffft, those are just urban legends!
  6. Maybe you shouldn't steal then?
  7. Ha. I love The Tyranny of the Night to death, but it is DENSE. Winterfail, you must be a big McCarthy fan then, eh?
  8. I think I'm alone in having Water Sleeps as my least favorite. The chronicler in that volume just didn't click for me. And he is planning on writing a sequel at some point, in was in a recent interview. I think one is a prequel and one is the final volume? Heck, it's Cook, he may have written them already. He seems to finish like 6 books at once. Or the publishing world is crazy. Or both.
  9. Tor has omnibus editions out of all 10(11?) books. I can't walk into B&N these days without them falling on me.
  10. Erikson certainly helped. I think GRRM mentioned him once too, but I could be wrong.
  11. I love all the Cook I've read so far, which is a fair amount. Dream Empire is pretty awesome, it's in some ways almost like an earlier version of Bakker. With less dicks.
  12. Dream Empire is a different universe, although there was some vague throw away sentence I think in one of the later ones that suggested they would be connected. If they adapt Black Company for TV i will throw a party.
  13. Ahem. Apologies for that. Bit of a knee jerk reaction there. I do not recommend The Runelords. To anyone. It has one of the most godawful, horrifying magic systems ever seen, yet no one in the book seems to notice, calling the characters two dimensional is an insult to that dimension, and it reads like a 12 year old D&D fanfic, complete with giant spiders. i WILL recommend Mark Mark Lawrence's Prince of Thorns, which I found to be a very compelling revenge tale in the Glen Cook mold, although it is very dark and people who need to identify with a character to enjoy a book probably will be turned off. Bakker readers shouldn't have a problem though.
  14. You just said everything I was thinking, but better. :cheers: :bowdown: You icon still gives me nightmares though.
  15. Once again, the internet fails at sarcasm. Seriously, we need to invent a sarcasm font, or something. Wait no I didn't say that. *runs off to patent sarcasm font*