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  1. Anime IV - new SPRING animu and guff

    Totally agree. Well, aside from how frigging long it was... Just finished The Devil is a Part Timer! and now I'm into Cromartie High School and Azumanga Daioh... funny stuff.
  2. Anime IV - new SPRING animu and guff

    Started Space Dandy. Saw a commercial for the premiere at Magfest, basically came down to saying that it was a new series made by the same people that did Cowboy Bebop and Soul Eater. That was all I needed to know. :) Definitely worth my time.
  3. READ FIRST: Rules

    I feel like an idiot for not seeing this earlier... RTFM indeed. :read:
  4. [ADwD Spoilers] Perfumed Seneschal

    Varys was my first thought, but it could be anyone.
  5. Why does everyone call her Cersei Lannister and not Baraetheon?

    How many "evil" women are in the story? Cersei, Lysa and Uncat are the only ones that come close so far, and they're all much more sympathetic than the "evil" men. Cersei is the closest we come to a villainous woman, and she's utterly tame in comparison to the men.
  6. The Fight at the Tower of Joy

    FYI, Lyanna was 16 when she died. IIRC, the crypt scene in GoT has ned think of her as a "woman child" of 16, or somesuch.