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  1. I've heard about this it true you ride extraordinarily large pigeons into battle and you ride on whales across the ocean?
  2. Black magic! Sorcery!
  3. What's a plunger?
  4. Here's another go: House: House Whent Sigil: Two Great Swords crossing each other, on a dark blue night sky with the moon in the corner Motto: We Bend To No Man Unofficial Motto: No More, No Less Castle Name: The great castle of Grandeza Religion: The Old Gods Blood: Descendants of the First Men (Stark and Greyiron), though rumored some offspring of the first Lord Whent had relations with a CotF. Location: (Picture is Northwest of Winterfell, Southeast of Bear Island. Check picture) House Weapon(s): House Whent has two distinct weapons that have been passed down through the generations. They are made of an unknown metal found in a nearby mine, nearly as sharp as Obsidian but as trustworthy as Valyrian Steel. It is said to be stainless as they looks as they did thousands of years ago. Sworn to: House Whent has sworn fealty to House Stark, but rules its land as if they are kings. House Whent does have subordinate houses spread across the Stony Shore and Wolfswood, and during the War of the Five Kings, House Went sent approximately 1/3 of it's men. The men were very loyal to King Robb, but went North through the Neck with Ser Rodriks force. They split way with Ser Rodrik on the Kingsroad near Winterfell for fresh supplies. Back Story: House Whent was founded during the Age of Heroes. The couple who founded this noble House were minor siblings of House Stark and House Greyiron. Being younger children (the Stark husband was said to be of close relation to Bran the Builder) they founded their House with full permission from the King in the North. They were allowed to choose a name to their liking, so long as they swore fealty to House Stark. The built their castle, Grandeza, perfectly located on the shore for fishing, near the Wolfswood for timber, and near the mountains for minerals and natural protection. Ramerion Whent, the first of his name, Lord Protector of Grandeza, was said to immediately make peace with the Children of the Forest for reasons still unknown, though there are secrets to the castle (seen later.) Through the years, the Whents have relied on three main industries for wealth: fishing, timber, and natural resources (mountains.) Fishing fed the family and some large, exotic fish are known to be wanted on the markets in Winterfell and White Harbor. The timber provides for many needed uses, such as constructing new buildings or ships (needed both by the Ironmen, the Mormonts, and the Starks. While they continue to sell resources such as copper, iron, silver, gold, and many other metals (such as what the House Swords are made of), they mainly keep to themselves unless they are in need of money, which is usually covered by the former industries. During the golden age of the North, House Whent built many more small castles. The summer house is used for enjoyment, such as Targaryen Summer Hall, and the Safehouse can be compared to the Eyrie, said to be impregnable due to the natural location. No one knows of the safe house, called Sicherheit. Their have been rumors among the various Lords that the CotF helped build a secret, underground tunnel to the castle. They have prospered through the years, and Aegon Tarygaryen didn't even bother making the House bend the knee until the formal procession at King's Landing. Neither the Boltons nor the Ironborn have tried to attack House Whent, and due to the stories they've heard (a nephew of the Lord was a squire near Robb), the Whents have declared a secession from the rule of the Boltons. House Whent has continued relations with the Wall, sending 35 horses, 25 fur coats, metal (for swords), and 3 minor subordinate offspring per year. The House also has great relation with House Reed and the Lord went with Ned and Howland to the ToJ, but was sent away to make sure Robert didn't make a terrible decision. Eddard Stark once said, "Promise me, David...."
  5. House Ford sounds pretty sweet, but I prefer the quality of House Volkswagen, with their motto "Das Auto" that I have no clue on what it means besides maybe "the car." But what is a car?
  6. Hahaha that's great!
  7. These are good ones guys!
  8. Ahh, that makes sense. But, are they behind just because she has dragons, or because the Lannisters are (majorly) sociopaths?
  9. How do they know of Dany? The Vale is relatively untouched by the war and not much goes there with the mountain clans and the winter snows being so harsh in the mountains. I was unaware news could have reached such a remote area.
  10. I'm not sure I would wanna be wicked rich, I mean it basically sets up for treachery.
  11. Nice idea with the Phoenix!
  12. I like it! Kinda like the Whispers? (being on the coast, has a little cove where pirate ships used to go down to, etc.)
  13. Wow hahaha
  14. This is good! Very original (granted you had a Valyrian, but everyone did lol.) I like it.
  15. Copycat.... Lol jk, but we Children of the Forest are still here yo.