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  1. What do you guys think of changing thw words of character categorization by origin? Instead of "Characters from the North" we could use "Northmen" or "Ghiscari" and when the origin its unclear "Westerosi" or "Essosi".
  2. We could list the events regarding the Hornwood lands as a single article. Though I don't know which name we could we. Steven Atwell at Race of the Iron Throne calls it the "Hornwood affair"
  3. Are "Fool Frey", so mocked for asking the hand of Princess Rhaenyra, and Lord Forrest Frey the same character?
  4. - The Swan Maidens - The unification of the North under the Starks - Nymeria's journey - The northmen who rejected submission and went into exile and founded the Company of the Rose - A story set in the Faith Militant uprising - Corlys Velaryon's travels in the Jade and the Shivering Sea
  5. For the blood magic article I'm looking for the source - or sources - that states that lighting an obsidian candle requires blood.
  6. Do we have a source for Bran the Builder actually having the surname of "Stark". Obviously we know that he's the founder of House Stark, but, for example, the article on Lann the Clever is not titled "Lann Lannister".
  7. Ser Wilbert is some knight from Stoney Sept or is he the Knight of Stoney Sept?
  8. As far as we know its self-fashioned.
  9. The Old Blood article states that the Old Blood of Volantis supports the tiger party, but if only the Old Blood can run for Triarch and vote in the elections, how come the elephants tend to be the majority?
  10. We don't even have the certainty that Robert Arryn is Jon Arryn's son and not Littlefinger's
  11. Xaro is not a Summer Islander in the novels He's a regular Qartheen with the classic complexion of "Milk Men" .
  12. Per the examples of House Tyrell of Brightwater Keep, House Foote of Nightsong and House Lannister of Darry perhaps we should
  13. Is there a source for other Lords of Casterly Rock besides Tywin to be bear the title of Shield of Lannisport?
  14. Stannis has already granted Davos the titles of Lord of the Rainwood, nominally extending his lands, and Admiral of the Narrow Sea.
  15. Having already categorized the blacks and greens, as well as the supporters for each of the Greyjoy claimants to the Seastone Chair (Euron, Victarion, and Asha), I'm thinking of categorizing the supporters of Robb, Renly, Stannis and Joffrey/Tommen. What do you think these categories should be? Should Joffrey and Tommen be used in the same category (as in "Supporters of Joffrey and Tommen Baratheon")?