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  1. I created an article for the Iron Islands succession struggle. Its still a stub, though.
  2. Then my edit to the Taking of Greenstone article is correct
  3. Regarding the taking of Greenstone by the Golden Company... was the castle held by Stannis' loyalists or Iron Throne loyalists?
  4. If anyting, it should be a subpage "House Targaryen/Real world references" or "House Targaryen/Real world influence"
  5. I've been meaning to add inof about the purge of Robert's bastards, but I think there are only references to the murder of Barra and the gold cloaks sent after Gendry. Was the massacre an invention of the show?
  6. Since Tyrion's guard during his tenure as Hand is formed by mountain clansmen and mercenaries instead of Lannister men-at-arms, should there be a separate article for Tyrio Lannister's guardsmen?
  7. I agree with Rhaenys. I would add that character infoboxes and the like should also have a smaller font so as to take less space from the articles
  8. Excellent! My only two nitpicks are: * The "Valarr, the Hand..." note should be limited to the Daeron II subsection * The font for the title of each subsection maybe should be smaller
  9. I think the "Members of the small council" infobox has become too cumbersome - and will invariably become even more when F&B II comes out - so maybe the spot for each king should also become collapsible. As we have created infoboxes for monarchs, consorts, hands of the king, we should also created templates for each position in the small council On another subject, in "Under the Regents - The Hooded Hand" it is mentioned that Elenda Naratheon sent hjer daughters to the coronation of Aegon III, but it is later mentioned that all Three Widows departed King's Landing shortly after the coronation.
  10. I agree, I thought of creating new articles for the battles you mentioned but couldn't come up with names. On another subject, can we list the members of Aegon II's Kingsguard after he returns to King's Landing?
  11. The "only son" comes from the family tree in The World of Ice and Fire
  12. Considering the large numbers of victims of the Shivers, how should they be categorized? "Characters killed by the Shivers" or "Deaths by the Shivers"?
  13. The Targaryen family tree of Aenys' descendants only lists Aegon and Rhaena as having "issue" instead of listing the twins Aerea and Rhaella
  14. Or perhaps "Rogar that"? Jokes aside, is Corwyn Velaryon the father of Corlys the Sea Snake? Daemon Velaryon's eldest son became father for the first time [...] The babe was named Corlys
  15. It seems to me that Jorgen and Victor Velaryon are the fathers of Vaemond and of Malentine, Rhogar. I guess we have yet to know are from Jorgen's branch and who descend from Victor.
  16. Is Donnel the Delayer the son of Martyn Hightower?
  17. Maybe "Hyrkoon (culture)". On an unrelated note, login isn't working at the Wiki.
  18. Trying to come up with a name for an article on the skirmishes between the Freys and Addam Marbrand's outriders early in the War of the 5 Kings. Any ideas?
  19. Agree. He clearly failed in his task. And let's face it that "Prophecies of the Known World" indicates they are taking their titles and ideas from us.
  20. To say there's an actual TV contintuity, considering the many times the show has contradicted itself, is an act of generosity towards the Cogman
  21. I'm thinking of creating articles for Ned's arrest/Stark purge and for the failed Jaime rescue attempt in Clash but before going ahead with it I'd like to ask you what would be the proper article names.
  22. Ceryse Hightower is referred to in The Sons of the Dragon as Martyn Hightower's sister, yet she's listed in the family tree as Martyn's daughter. On another matter, Big Jon Hogg (who was blinded) and Blind John Hogg are separate characters or was a name mispelled by Dozois?
  23. Actually, there are a couple of thralls in the Iron Fleet who are "from the Iron Islands", but not Ironborn, mentioned in the Victarion TWOW preview. This categorization follows the example already set by having categories for Valyrians, and a new one I created for the Rhoynar, to differentiate Yandry and Ysilla from Nymeria and Prince Garin. They all fit "Characters from the Rhoyne", but Nymeria and Pricne Garin are Rhoynar while Yandry and Ysilla are Orphans
  24. Mentioned in the House Arryn Histories & Lore from Season 1 of GoT
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