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  1. Agreed, Quaithe looked cooler then what I'd concieved in my head.
  2. sooooo....margarey's "dress?"
  3. Im still deciding about this episode, but is it just me or did that slave chick Doreah get like a billion times hotter?
  4. I must be redundant, forgive me: House Name: Beerbane. Lord Cletus Beerbane- First of his name, Shield of Privyton, Lord of sheep and stain, Warden of the Waste. Sigil: Two warriors bearing shields, one armed with a turkey leg and the other with a horn of ale; set on a brown field. Words: "Are you ready for some jousting?" Unofficial words: "Can you spare a copper?" "We do not sow...or bathe." "Unkempt, unproud, broken." "Ours is the Fury (followed by a farting noise)." And many, many more... House Sword: Slayer of the Old Gods....Actually a wooden stick with a sharpened point, though currently unsharpened. According to Beerbane family legend, it's made from rare "Valyrian Wood." Nicknamed "Backscratcher" by fellow marcher lords. Lord Cletus claims that this is because the sword is so long that it always stabs straight through an opponent's back. Some say it's because of Lord Cletus' reputation as a backstabber. However, most think that it's called "backscratcher" because the Beerbanes use it as a back scratcher. Seat: Sheepstain Hall, over looking Privyton; Northwestern part of the Dornish Marches. Liege Lord: Disputed by Houses Baratheon, Tyrell and Martell...all of whom deny ever asking the Beerbanes for fealty.