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  1. VivaVictarion2 added a post in a topic Does Littlefinger have some criminally insane tendencies or is he just a Bond Villian?   

    whoever originated that description was probably basing it off of the show Petyr.
  2. VivaVictarion2 added a post in a topic What has Bloodraven achieved?   

    I would have to double check to be sure, but I think that Bloodraven is ignorant of Bran skinchanging into Hodor. I think Bloodraven would consider this some sort of "sin," much like Hagon considered some of Varamyr's skinchanging habits to be sinfull. I think that's why GRRM had Hagon giving us that info in the begining of ADWD.
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    Well, thanks for replying in spite (or because) of your antihistamine induced haze.
    I definately agree with you, the HoJ's magic is probably not nearly as powerful as we've been told. That is, the sounding of the horn is not capable of bringing down the Wall. Strictly speaking if the HoJ is a Giantbinder, then the Giants themselves would be doing the destruction, not the sound of the HoW.

    And we know that horns with similar powers exist like Euron/Victarion's horn. I'm personally interested by the idea that the Horn's Wall-breaking power (which I imagine to be a sort of sonic boom) was a legend and rumor that the Wildlings attached to the HoJ. Like you said, this could be a story passed down from generation to generation-exagerated along the way. It's true power was/is Giantbinding; and if legends about Winterfell can be believed, Bran the Builder might have used some kind of Giantbinder to build Winterfell. Now, THIS type of thing is pretty much the exact opposite of the SONIC BOOM the Wildlings attribute to the HoJ. Maybe a past KBTW started this rumor to weaken the presumed power of the Kings of Winter during the dawn age or some time long ago, and the description got more muddled as time went on.

    But yeh, I would prefer cookies my own self. Although cookies (or a big heapin helping of veggies) might get them under control, it wouldn't "awaken" their rage, presumebly.
    More than anything, I'm just tickled by the idea of the HoJ being a First Men/CotF analouge to the Dragonhorns of Valyria. Call it wishfull thinking.
  5. VivaVictarion2 added a post in a topic Binding Giants To Your Will (ADWD spoilers)   

    Also, if Brandon Stark of legend did in deed use Giants to build Winterfell, he might have used such a horn to control and cordinate them.

    (Shameless Bump disguised as a reply)
  6. VivaVictarion2 added a post in a topic How is Euron different from other Ironborn?   

    Sorry to go back to the rusty hinge thing again, but I've always thought it entirely possible that the screamin' hinge is from a dungeon door in Lannisport. Although there is solid evidence that Aeron spent a lot of time in holdings "befitting his station" as a lord (If i recall correctly, he got drunk with Lannister men while prisoner), I'm sure he spent at least some time in a dark dungeon like a common soldier. After all, he washed up on shore and seemed near death, so his i.d. as Balon's bro couldn't be confirmed right away.
  7. VivaVictarion2 added a post in a topic The "sun's son" is a misinterpretation   

  8. VivaVictarion2 added a post in a topic Binding Giants To Your Will (ADWD spoilers)   

    shameless bump
  9. VivaVictarion2 added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    Binding Giants To Your Will (ADWD spoilers)
    I don't know how much of this has been theorized/discussed previously (I'm sure it has) but anyway I was just thinking...

    Regardless of whether the possible canidates for the Horn of Joramun are real or not (the horn is probably lost to myth, imo), it is said that the Horn of Joramun aka the Horn of Winter has the power to bring down the wall. Specifically, it is said that the HoJ will awaken Giants, so it seems a safe assumption that it is these newly awakened Giants who will bring down the Wall - granted this could be a metaphor for an earthquake or something, but I think not.
    It seems that the Horn of Joramun/WInter is a Children of the Forrest/First Men analouge to the Dragonhorn. The physical similarities between the mythical description of the HoJ and Dragonbinder are obvious. Both big ass horns, one with Valyrian glyphs and one with runes of the First Men. It makes me wonder if the HoJ would freeze the person who sounds it, much like dragonbinder burns.
    I think the HoJ grants some kind of power over Giants, much like dragonhorns help control Dragons. Giants aint no Dragons, this is known. However, Giants of the Dawn Age (and certainly during the modern age) seem to have been more widespread and populous than dragons were. Perhaps this would help the uh blower organize a large army of them. But would a Giant's strength even begin to compare to a dragon's power? No, but I'll get to that in a second.

    Now, we saw Mance do this already; he had an army of Giants with him when he attacked the gate. But that doesn't mean that the HoJ would not have been able to summon even more Giants. And this is magic from the Children were talking about, so during their time there would have been far more Giants to bind. And it makes sense that the CotF would have developed such lore or arcana to combat and control Giants, as they were frequent foes. Also, it seems that all this "binding" magic is not that far removed from the power of skinchanging, which the CotF are obviously familiar with, and might have even spread throughout the population of the First Men. Perhaps they could have also imbued this power into objects, hence the runes.

    Moreover Giants seem peacefull by nature, or at least based on what we've seen of Wun Wun at Catle Black. But we do know for a fact that Giants are relatively quick to lose their tempers and capable of reacting with extreme violence when angered. Given their nature, it seems possible that the HoJ would send a Giant into a blood rage of some sorts, in addition to actually allowing the wielder of the horn to "bind them to their will" or whatever. I think the idea of "awakening" Giants refers more to stirring their anger, as opposed to actually summoning Giants from the Earth like a radish from Super Mario Bros. 2

    In this way, a "binded" berserk Giant might have even more raw physical strength than a non-binded Giant (which has incredible power to begin with).

    So that's that.

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  10. VivaVictarion2 added a post in a topic Ranking Favorite (prominent) Lannisters - Poll **Results on OP**   

    1 Jaime: Hmmm maybe I can marry Tommen to Myrcella. Best antihero ever.
    2 Cersei
    3 Tyrion
    4 Kevan
    5 Daven
    6 Tywin
  11. VivaVictarion2 added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    Characters Treated Unfairly?!
    Greetings. I was hoping to hear your folks' thoughts on ASOIAF characters who get treated unfairly by other characters in the story. Characters, mind you, not readers.

    An obvious, obvious example, I think, would be Edmure Tully. I'm sure many will disagree, but I always thought that Robb and the Blackfish didn't have grounds to place nearly as much blame on him as they did, in regards to the battle of the stone mill.

    To be clear, I'm not saying this is a problem with the story/plot. I'm just saying it's interesting to see how flawed and, specifically, unfair perceptions of characters (often really sharp characters, like the Blackfish) can really be.

    So to get the ball rolling: Ser Gerris Drinkwater. I like this guy. A lot. I like how he keeps his humor up while he's stuck with a glum stick in the mud like Quentyn. And, unlike Ser Archibald Yronwood, he seems to genuinly try to stop Quentyn from making his blunder w/ the dragons. But he still stays loyal to the Prince throughout their misadventure.
    And yet this guy gets dumped on by the likes of Barristan Selmy, for not having the "true steel." Give me a break Selmy, get off your high horse. Worst of all, Arch himself seems to get pissed at Gerris at the same time. Nothing really specific mind you, but it is enough for Selmy to think of Arch as the true knight, while Gerris is just a pretty face or something like that. Lame. And wow, way to suck up to Barristan the Bold, Yronwood. Both of these characters unfairly judge Ser Gerris, and I think it's b.s.

    Any characters like this that come to mind for you guys?
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  12. VivaVictarion2 added a post in a topic I suspect Manderly has at least 4000 heavy horse left in his hands   

    your estimate seems absurdly high; sorry to say, since the MANderly is one of my favorite lords of the north. If you'll recall, he sent Wendel and Wylis south with about 1500 men, which was HALF the size of the Karstark's host. I'm not suggesting he sent his full strength at the time, he would have needed to leave behind significant numbers to defend his city, far more than what would be required for a castle. But considering the losses he suffered during TWOT5K, going from 1500 to 5-6 k (is that including the 4 k heavy horse or no?) seems highly unlikely.
  13. VivaVictarion2 added a post in a topic Any Victarion's fan here?   

    my thread, baby!

    "...ill make the crew a gift of your arse..."

    I love how Victarion, at first, seems like a total brute. Then, as you read a little bit more, he appears to have an honorable, noble side in regards to battle. But then you keep reading and guess what he really is just a total brute; savage to the core. Everything comes full circle with Victarion!

    Next we need a thread about Big Bucket Wull!
  14. VivaVictarion2 added a post in a topic [BOOK SPOILERS] Edmure and Blackfish Thread   

    Thought the casting was great on both accounts. Loved Brutus in Rome, and the Blackfish has that same quality that Sean Bean and ?Mark Addy? gave to Ned and Robert; that sense that these guys are highborn lords to the core, but they also have a great sense of ruggedness.

    The Blackfish is supposed to be the right man for the job, and in the funeral scene from the books he steps in and makes the shot WHILE ALSO showing tremendous respect for Edmure as his leige lord. The scene in the show, back to back with the scene w/ Robb, lays it on a bit too thick that the Blackfish lacks respect for Edmure. It would have been better for TV viewers, IMO, if Brynden was portrayed as a loyal retainer while in public but a hardass behind close doors. I imagine, if I had not been a reader first, that this would make for a more intersting character.