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  1. The Will to Change: Rereading Sandor II

    Happy New Year everyone. Thanks Milady for the update. I was having withdrawal symptoms. Looking forward to the brilliant analysis of my favourite male character
  2. Has the show lost it's heart?

    I totally agree. Both books are fascinatiing, I have really enjoyed them. The deviation from the books is what spoiled the show. D&D are NOT Martin. They can't tell a coherent story that makes sense. Should have stuck to the source more closely.
  3. All men must die. Love Fitz and the entire series. Can't wait for books 2 and 3.
  4. The Winds of Winter is Going to be a BLOODBATH

    Dany and Jon together ruling the seven kingdoms. Like Sansa with Sandor. He loves her and her love can gentle him. Rick on lord of winterfell. hope Tyrion meets up with Tysha again. Jorah to redeem himself and get his home back. I hope Jamie makes it alive. would love to see Stonehearts face when she knows Jon's destiny. Hope he and Dany have kids as Cat said in the GoT that if Jon on the wall won't have kids that threaten hers. hate the way she treated him. S