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  1. Lizard Queen

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    Camped over the weekend, but the weather was miserable lol. It snowed for the first two days, and the temps were in the 30's. We slept in tents and everything. It looks like this weekend will be sunny, snowless, and in the 60's. Heh! Well, the camping was interesting. I went to my side job afterwards, and I mean about 3 hours later on the last day, and my coworker said it was "freezing!" inside. I just silently thought, "nah, not really". No heated indoors felt cold to me after that weekend. Also, I accidentally left my winter boots back home. Nice error. I wore goddamned tennis shoes... my toes were so cold. Felt like it took them 2 hours to stop being cold after I bundled up in bed. Thankfully someone happened to have spare winter boots in my size and loaned me them for the last two days. The trip was fun though, despite the cold C:
  2. Lizard Queen

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    My only two clients dropped this week -_-. My boss previously said that making the revenue budget is a team effort and that bad months happen for us from time to time, but this worries me a little anyway. I felt bad for one of my clients. He has some pretty significant struggles with mentall illness and anxiety and often called out of his shifts. He's almost 30 and hasn't worked for ten years, I assume because of his mental health problems. He told me he really wanted the vocational experience to work out but said he'd finally admitted he was just kidding himself that he could do it, so he dropped out. I thought that was pretty sad. I hope he can work and lead a more normal life someday.
  3. Lizard Queen

    What are things you do for self-care?

    Go out with people (I don't mean dating) and have fun. This is definitely my favorite. Watch Netflix and Youtube. Read about a topic of interest. Take classes on something of interest for fun. I used to jog and lift weights very regularly. I quit after a stomach disease I developed -- I'm not supposed to lift weights. I could do aerobic but I feared it made things worse in ways, but part of the reason I don't do it is just disinterest to be honest. I really want to get back into weightlifting when I can. I also used to enjoy cooking new things and making them healthy, but the dang aforementioned stomach disease gives me appetite problems. I really have a "I eat what I can" attitude now. My appetite has improved a lot since the beginning and I can eat in greater quantities and varieties, but it's still poorly and my tastes can be kind of picky when I could eat about anything before... Anyway, finding new recipes to enjoy and making them healthy was something I used to enjoy. I'm a little bit more able to do it as time goes on and my health problem improves, but I'm afraid of some risk-taking and ending up with food I don't want to eat. Speaking of self-care, I'm having a bad day and thought my angsty mood was def coming out this post lol. I walked around my colorful Autumn neighborhood with my cat on a leash this evening and this was good for us both.
  4. Lizard Queen

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    That's super strange... do you know why she hid the girl?
  5. Lizard Queen

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    Long story short, I found out an uncle lied about having a 9 year old son. I and other relatives only found out about the kid's existence last night also (we've been estranged from the lying uncle for awhile), so this not was not a fabrication I or anyone else was tricked into for ages. In that same night, I found this uncle's FB account and realized that he made up the story about the son. The kid and his mom are real, but their purported relationship to my uncle was fictitious. The kid was fathered by another man and it looks like the mom and my uncle didn't meet until 2016. The uncle said he'd had a DNA test proving paternity, and that he and the mom had been married. Anyway, I sent my FB evidence to another uncle who originally reported the weird uncle's claims to me. So now we all know before we could have bought into the lie that we had another cousin for awhile.
  6. Lizard Queen

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    Dammit. I have a portable washing machine in my apartment. My roommate forgot to put the drainage hose in the tub and so water got all over the floor and leaked into the ceiling downstairs. There's not a cost estimate at this time, but the landlady guessed that it will probably cost between a few hundred to a thousand, or more but she thinks this is unlikely.
  7. Lizard Queen

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    Working with a dude who has schizoaffective disorder. Today I asked him how he's liking the job. He told me he was having paranoia that people were "talking crap" about him and that that was angering him. It was almost shocking to me, but I know he is mentally ill. I have not perceived the same at all. The people in the building largely seemed to be focused on their work. They don't watch us or even look at us unless we're moving around them. He told me he knows it's all in his head. He's been fine as a worker. Hopefully he can manage his paranoia well enough...
  8. Lizard Queen

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    I was summoned for jury duty a few months after I graduated high school and was 18. A part of me had been like, "really? I just started life, come on..." Thankfully because I was a student (college), I got out. I was summoned again about 3 years later. Was living in a different town and still a student, so I got out again and changed my license address to my university town. Haven't been summoned since and it's been awhile -- maybe having lived in bigger cities has helped? I think I recall my parents being summoned every few years in our small town... whatever. I hope whatever you have to sit through is interesting, Theda! Sounds like you're going to find it (interesting stuff) anyway.
  9. Lizard Queen

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    Three mass shootings over, what, like 7 days? And two of them were within some hours of each other. Wow.
  10. Lizard Queen

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    My 20 year old car needed a repair job that would have cost $753... I would have paid almost $3000 in repairs since January. So today I traded it in for a two year old car. I'm pretty frugal and more anxious about money than the average bear, so this big purchase has come with a slight unease and a lack of excitement, but I'm happy about everything.
  11. Lizard Queen

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    Why are most of the guys on my okC beefcakes who like hiking, rock climbing, camping, and other really physical stuff? I never got into outdoorsy stuff, and I can't weightlift anymore because of an illness. I generally avoid much aerobic because of the illness too.
  12. Lizard Queen

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    I'm looking for a roommate for the upcoming lease term of my apartment. Someone I spoke to about the apartment today was pretty out there. She was like "you seem like an empath" and "I connect with people's souls". She was quite open and blunt, to an extent that I wondered if it was socially appropriate... She seemed like new age-y, abstract sort of person. I felt weird while I was talking to her lol.
  13. Lizard Queen

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    One of my side gigs of two years just told me they're laying me off July 1st. I'm sadder about it than I anticipated... today was also a weird day and I have some definite transitions going on in life -- trying to get a new roommate before my current lease ends, and I also started a new fulltime job two weeks ago. Someone is going to sign the new lease with me this upcoming week. She isn't nuts about the lease term, but seems convicted to move in here... regardless, I'll feel better when that's done.
  14. Lizard Queen

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    Yes, he actually had a 3 year long vaccine this November :). A vet I took him to reassured me that there's practically no chance of him getting rabies with up-to-date vaccines. Yeah, I'm still not sure how the little bat bugger even got in here... sounds like they wedge through very small spaces.
  15. Lizard Queen

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    It was all over in maybe 3 minutes. I guess my cat killed it. Helena, thanks for the video! I liked how the dog peed in the middle of things.