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  1. Lizard Queen

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    This client at my job has had issues with his anger lately. My heart honestly pounds and my hands shake a little when he goes off. He's very aggressive. I saw in his paperwork that he held a knife to a family member's throat last year. I dread the days he comes in. His mental health worker has been staying with him a couple of hours before the end of program and until 3, or when his bus comes. I'm glad this is happening. Makes me feel much better when he's here. I'm glad my new job starts in two weeks. Also, my experiences with this have given me more respect for people who with violent people, or who work in emergency services. Yeesh.
  2. Lizard Queen

    Careerchat III

    Thank you. I actually landed in my current role after organizational restructurings -- my previous job with the same company was laid off and I slid into another role. It sucked. I hope your own org transitions go well :). Those big changes can be unsettling for sure...
  3. Lizard Queen

    Careerchat III

    I was offered a new job today, which I'm happy about. I don't like my current job. I cried in a bathroom today, and then later had a pounding heart. Some of the clients are jerks and some of them have fits of rage. It's hard for me to deal with. The new job starts June 11th, which feels a little far away xP
  4. Lizard Queen

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    A client went berserk at work today. I told him his bag had a hole in it (it was big and looked like some of his stuff was falling out). His eyes got a little bloodshot and intense. He said "like 15 other people" told him that. I said I didn't know that and apologized. He said some angry things, don't remember what. Myself and another staff calmly said I was trying to help. He soon loudly said we were pains in his butt. I think we said again that I was trying to help. He said we were pains in his ass. We looked at our computers to work and try to ignore him. He soon shouted we were pains in his asshole, "especially you, Lizard Queen!" He was very obviously pissed off. Myself and the other staff were surely hoping he'd calm down as we tried to ignore him, but he didn't. He continued yelling about how staff persons were pains in his ass over and over, and he said "I'll get a new fucking bag if it'll make you happy, LQ!" It was definitely intimidating, especially since he was sitting next to the cubicle entry, which was the only way out of the cubicle area. He also said "you staff are fucked in the head, I swear to God!" (Yeah, he says WE are the ones fucked in the head, as he goes ballistic over someone telling him his bag has a hole in it...) A coworker showed up after a few minutes of him screaming and tried to talk to him. He shouted more about how we were pains in the ass, and I think he told the coworker to fuck off. The coworker left, and another coworker and someone who works for a different service on our team showed up soon after. He shouted at both of them. The other coworker took him into a meeting room to talk in private. He called her a bitch and screamed at her. When he returned, two other clients told him to knock it off, basically. I was later told the angry client got in one of the other client's face while he threatened violence. I believe the angry client called the other client some name that involved colors (not racially), or threatened him in a way that involved turning him different colors. The threatened client was saying things like "okay, white boy" and didn't seem to be taking the angry client seriously. My coworker was trying to get these two other clients to go somewhere else. They eventually did. Once the cops showed up and got inside, he of course stopped shouting and honestly became calm, even cheery. After he spoke with the police, he smiled, shook their hands, and said he was sorry they had to come out for him. I stood in the cubicle area until the police showed up. The client stood around the cubicle entry for nearly the whole episode. I was honestly afraid to walk out. He was especially mad at me, at least earlier on. My coworkers who talked to him in his state were brave. I don't know if it was cowardice, but as I said, I stood in the cubicle and didn't say a word to him for pretty much the whole time. This was a little long-winded -- I have to write a report about the incident tomorrow and thought this post could be used for some reference, heh.
  5. Lizard Queen

    Cats: Threading their way into our lives.

    I browsed cat harnesses on Amazon, and I think some of them didn't have a size large enough for my cat, sadly! I got him a dog harness from the store instead. He likes going on walks -- he just steps around sniffing stuff, lol. I like that he's getting some exercise and more mental stimulation.
  6. Lizard Queen

    Cats: Threading their way into our lives.

    I actually just bought my cat a stroller C: I can't wait to take him out and about.
  7. Lizard Queen

    How do you put on your bra?

    I used to hook mine from the, then turn it around. I stopped a long time ago -- I think I wondered if that wasn't stretching them??? And being the cheap bastid I was, I didn't want to chance that. I hook from behind now, regardless. I also used to sleep my bras on, but stopped because I feared that was stretching them. I take my bras off when I have my nightly shower. I have small breasts and generally don't experience discomfort from bras. On this other forum I go to, we once had a thread about post-defecation wiping -- there was a poll asking whether you stand, sit, do something in between, or do something else. No fights broke out, but the thread was kind of awkward, because I think we all visualized respondants wiping in their particular way if they posted it.
  8. Lizard Queen

    How often have you cracked your phone?

    I've dropped my past phones enough (I've had my current one for only 3 weeks -- it hasn't had its share yet, ha) including on concrete, but their screens never cracked. I lost my last phone. The phone before that lost its ability to connect to the internet, after it, uh, tumbled into a wall (Lizard Queen had a tantrum~).
  9. Lizard Queen

    Careerchat III

    Not happy with my current point in career. One of the reasons being that I have to do overtime to make ends meet. My rent is about as cheap as it gets in my metro area (and I do split bills with a roommate). I live pretty frugally... I had a better job with my organization, but it was nixed when the state did a budget cut to human services (or perhaps specifically disability services, I don't recall), and I transferred to a different job in the org. The better job had mild relevance to what I'm getting an MS in. Between the gentle amount of overtime per month and slightly higher pay rate, I would have had a lot more time for my senior project paper and the pro bono work I'm doing for required experience. I had a stomach disease that flared from stress, so I didn't work on my project at that time. One of the reasons why I went to my current job and the previous one was because of the illness, and they were low-stress and easy... But now I've more or less recovered, and I don't think I'll revert back too easily, so I could take a job with more stress. Oh, I also decided that I don't want to pursue a career in what I'm getting the MS in lol. Mental health work honestly always interested me greatly, but at the time I was afraid of it being too dark and I also didn't realize the variety of jobs within. I also wanted more dough, so I pursued I/O psychology. But I didn't like it in the end... Sooo, my current objective is to find a job that pays more (so I can work less and finish my MS sooner) also will lend to more experience in mental health work. I fear getting a graduate degree for jobs I don't want, so exploration is desirable, ha~
  10. Lizard Queen

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    Haha, I think the loud movie played about halfway in by the person's roommate was my saving grace. It drowned out parts of the songs, which was a huge help. I thought there actually was some American war prison that was busted for playing its prisoners the I Love You song from Barney day and night (among other torment) during those years...
  11. Lizard Queen

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    Yes, there were moments where I thought, "I don't want to hear ID ever again!" Thankfully, a roommate eventually played a movie loudly, and it drowned out ID most of the time, heh
  12. Lizard Queen

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    Working at a residential home today. I think one of the residents bought an Imagine Dragons CD? Or downloaded some of their songs? Whatever it is, all I know is that I've been listening to the same Imagine Dragons songs on repeat for five hours now...
  13. Lizard Queen

    What type of laugh do you have?

    Usually it's either this thing that sounds like, "hanhanhan" or I wheeze.
  14. Lizard Queen

    Small things you hate

    When I hear or see someone use "was" when it should be "were," I feel like something just broke in my eyeball. Oh, and where I live now, I've heard some folks pronounce "wash" as "warsh." Bleh.
  15. Lizard Queen

    Smell things you hate

    Ah, I just remembered the Bradford pear tree (often regarded as smelling like semen lol). I believe one grew near my old apartment -- it's terrible smell stank up my bedroom during the spring/summer (I left the window open because we didn't have AC).