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  1. This video clip cracked me up: this little kid got his kiddie car stuck in the snow and then kind of dramatically calls it a piece of shit, https://ve.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_qag349upl41qjnhqg.mp4
  2. Unfortunately I was right about the layoff. I was told 160 other people were being laid off this day from my company. I did feel sad about this the past two days (even though I was feeling pretty set on quitting in the fall...). I'm glad my boss dropped a hint that this was coming so I could go ahead and process it. I feel okay now and had pretty much accepted it by the meeting. Also, one year ago today was actually my first day in this job lol.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I don't believe my boss and his boss (at least not my boss. Don't know his boss at all though) would throw me under the bus like that, but I can see how it isn't worth the risk lol. Staying mum about my plans doesn't sound like a bad idea regardless of what happens.
  4. I'm pretty sure my boss and his boss are telling me tomorrow that my furlough is becoming a layoff. Our CEO sent out an email yesterday that workforce reductions must be done because of covid-related financial impacts and our supervisors would contact us soon about it. My supervisor sent me an email about an hour later that he "unfortunately" needs to speak to me soon. I was strongly considering quitting this job to go back to school full-time in the fall anyway, so it's not that sad.
  5. Great. That's great sleeping weather. And yeah, the states in the USA near the equator are definitely on the warm/hot side often. I've managed without AC in Minnesota, but if I were in Florida (I'm also from there)? No way.
  6. I hope it's not really hot where you are...
  7. I lived in Alabama for my first 9 years of life. People called it "coke". I remember calling it "soda" sometimes because I thought the coke thing was confusing given there's Coca Cola lol. I felt weird saying soda when no one else seemed to and so flip flopped between coke and soda. Moved to Florida in my second half of youth and people in my new area said soda, which I happily adapted to. Moved to Minnesota as an adult and people here say pop. I still say soda. I don't know why, but I don't really care for "pop" .
  8. Thanks for the suggestion... It's high school math. Looks like I've forgotten a lot of it.
  9. Trying to study for the TEAS exam. I took a practice test for the math with the program I'm using and gave the first question a deer-in-the-headlights look if that tells you anything about where my math skills are at this time... These math lesson videos are so boring . Never have been a fan of math. Oh well. Back to it lol.
  10. My dad has been so inaccessible lately -_-. Even as the rioters and looters were near my apartment, he hardly reponded to my texts lol.
  11. Thank you! Yeah, hopefully this will be over in a few days. Otherwise, my dad told me I could come to his and my step mother's house in FL lol.
  12. I also live around the Twin Cities. I'm near the Midway. These lootings and vandalisms are pretty unnerving. I felt like I practically heard sirens at a constant Thursday (at least starting in the evening... not sure when it started to be honest (oh, LQ...)), and they went on past midnight. I didn't see anything happen by my building though. Things are calm over here now. 2020, could you get weirder?
  13. I heard the dude next door and his wife/gf arguing this morning. A little but later, I heard some thumping sound and the woman went "owww, why did you do that?" They guy made some aggressive sounding reply, which I couldn't distinguish. Now that everyone's windows are open, I can hear him yelling at someone or about something every day (and he does yell almost everyday). This wasn't that loud though, and if I hadn't happened to be near the window at the time I wouldn't have heard it. Last summer I heard her howl in pain after some loud sound, and then the guy angrily yelled. I'm afraid he is hurting her in there. Anyway, I called the police on this current incident (and the other one, for that matter) and they went over to the neighbors. A police woman called me afterwards and basically asked me what I saw and heard. I believe she said the neighbors didn't want police intervention, but the police are making documentation of the house to investigate what's going on. Haven't heard a peep from their apartment since the police were over.
  14. Not my thing either. Seems weird to me . I switched it. They didn't have a good option for me, but we'll see.
  15. Boo, I might be on furlough awhile still. My work is reliant upon other businesses letting us come in to do our thing. I don't know that many businesses will want unnecessary outsiders roaming around too soon. I've got stuff I can keep busy with, an on-call job, and unemployment, so I can't really complain. Quarantine has not really impacted my look, except I often wear updos that don't look cute on me since I'm just sitting in a lot anyway. I was already trimming my own hair, so that's still going on. I also wear a t-shirt about everyday with sweatpants or gym shorts, haha.
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