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  1. Gendry and Arya

    I have just remembered the talk between Robert and Eddard and decided to believe in foreshadowing. Robert: I have a son, you have a daughter, we'll join our blood. No names were mentioned :smug:
  2. Gendry and Arya

    If he is not the slowest character in the books, he should have realized who he is by now. I think he knows. But I would like him to be important to the story in other things than that. Still he did not seem exactly in his place when Brienne visited. But he did not eat with her, so he did not brake the guest law. At least that much. Arya is clearly becoming very beautiful by this time. It is learly implicated in the books. Will this come into play? If Aegon will try to carry her away, I will have my own rebellion. Sigh.
  3. Gendry and Arya

    There are not that many friendships in ASoIaF. Two others I can think of is Robert/Eddard and Jon/Sam. But Robert and Ned are both dead, Sam and Jon are not really equals in their relationship. Couldn't Nymeria befriend Gendry until Arya omes back and REMEMBERS him, damn it! :idea: Befriend not meaning "eat".
  4. Gendry and Arya

    This is about Gendry. Arya included. Gendry has all the qualities of a protgonist: kingly blood, good character and a favorite of a female ass-kicking protagonist. Yet this is why I think he might not have any further significance in the story. GRRM will serve him as an example that "nothing means anything". I imagine him surfacing once more for a few lines in Arya's story as an indicator that Arya has completely forgotten her old self and Gendry included. Yet their relationship was one of my favorite. Do you think it meant anything for Gendry that she run away and was taken by the Hound? Is this one of the reasons why he seems not so much his former self when we see him again with Brienne? Will they fight again side by side? Will GRRM expand his story or is it wrapped up already?
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  6. Dawn = Lightbringer

    I so wish GRRM would stop with the dreams already and get on with the real stuff.
  7. Dragon sighting at Winterfell?!?

    This should be a pinned topic. Because it is that awesome.
  8. Official Testing Thread

    It looks that I can post here, but in the real topic the elements of the site go crazy and the button "Reply to This Post" is visible, but does not work. Uh.
  9. Official Testing Thread