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  1. In the time of this marriage , Daeron was not king or heir , only a cousin of the king. It is strange that Mariah of the feminist Martell house gave up her claim for Sunspear for another prince who are not certain to inhereit the throne.
  2. What happens when two heads of houses are getting married ( or their hairs ) ? Are the houses merge into one house ? Maybe the parent will give each house to each son/daughter ? In the sworn Shield we had such case , but i don't think either of the relevant houses was mentioned in the "present" ( house weber and house ... well i just remember Sir Useless ) In Dorne it must be more common - one present example , is that Ynys Yornwood ( eldest daughter of the current lord ) , is married to Ryon Allyrion , heir to his house
  3. I'm rereading Dance , and in one of Bran chapter , 3-eyes-crow tell him about old soul of long-dead children in crows , and that is how the crow can deliver messages ... the point is that Bran remembered that old-Nan told him this story once. This is not the first old-Nan story that trun-out to be true. If she was telling legends and myths , I would assume some of her stories are trues , but many are fictional , Yest seems that most of her stories were true , and lot of theories are build now around old-Nan ( for example , the fact the old-Nan was confused between the different "Brandons" - than maybe Bran possess these old Brandons .. ) Some even relates to old-Nana stories as "Cannon" How come she know so much ?
  4. its seems to me that everyone were raising their sword and shouting "king of the north" , include the knight of the vale. in GOT ( season 1_ , the riverland Lord did shout "king of the north" and declared for Rob , and accept him as king. Admure reported to Rob.
  5. When declaring Jon as their king , w/o Robbin present , and w/o LittleFinger agreement , didn't the lord of the vale betrayed sweetrobbin ? ( the lords of the rivverland declared to Robb while Admure was present and declaring to Rob with them , so it is not the same case )
  6. in any case ,most of the dargon eggs were destroyed at the summerhall tragedy. Beside Dany's 3 hatched eggs , there was one with Euron which is no either lost, still his , or with the faceless. any other ?
  7. Aegon cannot hatch Dragon , only Targ' princess (female) can .
  8. All Dany dragons are male , right ? so in ~100 years ( consider that the dragons will survive the next books) the dragon race will extinct Are there more eggs ? who has them ?