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  1. I have chills, and it's not just from my A/C. 10. Only complaints are that the end felt a little rushed, Tyrion's injury scene just felt awkward, and I agree that someone(s) shouting "Renly" would have been nice. But having Cersei with Tommen on the Iron Throne was an inspired scene, and the writing was absolutely superb throughout. Wonderful, wonderful television.
  2. I gave it a 9. I'm wondering how they're going to do John and Qhorin, I'm a bit worried about whether or not they bring in the Reeds next season and don't care for Osha, and it was a little King's Landing-light. Everything else, including the plentiful changes, was superb. I have to ask, though: does anyone really still think the show is making Theon more sympathetic? I used to see that opinion frequently, and I've always really disagreed. I love the execution of Theon in the show, but I really don't think he's any more likable or sympathetic than in the books.
  3. I was ready to be mad about Theon killing Rodrik instead of the Boltons, but Roose mentioning his bastard erased that from a deficit to a gain. We still get the Boltons, they'll still betray the Starks, but Theon takes out Rodrik as the more emotional choice. I didn't dislike anything else, so thumbs up to the episode. I do hope Daenerys still somehow gets her visions in the House of the Undying, but I didn't love it enough that its lack will ruin anything for me.