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  1. Cravensbayne added a post in a topic Why didn't Ned demand a trial by combat?   

    Ned vs anyone is like a wet dream to me...
    Alas, he was too honorable to kill some foos (which obviously would go down because Ned is a BOSS) and took the Northerner's way out. Never go south of the Neck....
  2. Cravensbayne added a post in a topic Cyvasse   

  3. Cravensbayne added a post in a topic [Spoilers all] What if Theon's wiener ...   

    He might have no dong, but... what if he can still ejaculate? I guess Ramsey would take his nuts but he might have a 1 incher that can impregnate some lucky gal.

    What a weird post. I am sorry to whoever reads this.
  4. Cravensbayne added a post in a topic It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia   

    Sunny was awesome. Emphasis on the was. While tonight's episode was pretty funny, I feel the last 20 or so episodes have been lacking. It might be that season 1-4 were awesome, but this later stuff makes me yawn.
  5. Cravensbayne added a post in a topic Daily BAMF: Robb Stark "The Young Wolf"   

    If I were to rank BAMF in ASOIAF, Robb would be very far down the list. I just feel like there are much more deserving BAMF than him, hence my previous post. Robb was a total failure, IMO. He had a chance to do something epic, and he let love and honor taint his legacy. He made the North weaker, and made the South even prouder. Men in their cups from KL to HG are snickering when the North is mentioned.
    Not very BA.
  6. Cravensbayne added a post in a topic Daily BAMF: Robb Stark "The Young Wolf"   

    Robb wasn't a BAMF. Like at all.... We all know Jon would decimate him in a battle. I always viewed Robb as a weak man. He let his wang lose his war. Not a BAMF in the slightest. He even had the Tully look, which compounds his wussy-ness.
    I just realized I hate Robb Stark.
  7. Cravensbayne added a post in a topic at what age would you hand a child the first book?   

    I would say high school. I started reading them back in the early 2000's when I was in high school. Kids mature fast. They are sexually active much younger and the stuff they see on tv and movies is just as bad as some of the worst of ASOIAF.
    It is a fantasy world, but it has so much to teach young people. I was a reckless youth until I started to idolize Lord Eddard and Ser Davos. No one can teach honor like those two.
  8. Cravensbayne added a post in a topic The Original pilot   

    I bet they will add that to the complete box set in 10 years so the people who bought each season individually will spend more cash. Still, I would gladly pay big dough to see that.
  9. Cravensbayne added a post in a topic Was Jon Really Breaking his Vows?   

    Can Jon kill Ramsey without breaking his vows?Ramsey is a murderer, so maybe Jon can order him executed or join the Watch? The Warden of the North or The Lord of Winterfell could for sure. But Ramsey is "lord" of Winterfell so I am guessing no. Jon is breaking his vows, but in a noble, honorable fashion. Except he died before he could do anything.
  10. Cravensbayne added a post in a topic Characters that needn't exist volume 1   

    The stone people Tyrion sails into with Griff. Are they supposed to show us how bad this grey scale disease is? Because they seemed like a bunch of homeless people living on a bridge and preying on the passing boats. Not very scary. I hope this disease does not come to Westeros because then Brienne would take even more time touring the countryside because she would be made of stone. Maybe the Others will be thwarted by a bio attack using grey scale? That would make this relevant.
  11. Cravensbayne added a post in a topic Why did Jaime resist Brienne?   

  12. Cravensbayne added a post in a topic Why did Jaime resist Brienne?   

    Jaime didn't kill her with the paddle because Jaime is not as horrible a man as he is portrayed to be and actually has honor. This was one of the first acts of chivalry and honor he shows the readers. By not being a total dick and killing a defenseless person.
    I am glad I wasn't the only person who thought Jaime should have just let Brienne take him home.
    I would love to see the look on Tywin's face when Brienne delivers Jaime. That would be sweet.
    What about Cercei meeting Brienne. Maybe that's why Jaime tried to escape. He didn't want his sister to know he was alone with another women for a few fortnights. He did get aroused at Harrenhall... Even though Cercei wasn't alone the whole time....
  13. Cravensbayne added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    Why did Jaime resist Brienne?
    Once Cat let the Kingslayer go, why didn't he just be cooperative and let Brienne guide him to KL? All he had to do was shut up and follow the big wench to his family. They would have made better time and probably never would have fought eachother. He would have his hand.
    Was his ego to blame? Being dragged in front of Tywin by a women might be a disaster for the Lannister name.
    Was he an idiot? I think so. He was just released, and then he tries to escape on the way home? I just don't get it.
    What do you guys think?
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  14. Cravensbayne added a post in a topic [BOOK SPOILERS] Nitpick without repercussion?   

    I don't know.... I was expecting more from GRRM. I waited all week for....this?
    Was Theon always well endowed? Don't remember that.
    Why is Cat even on the show anymore. I haven't heard a peep from her.
    Why doesn't Tyrion tell Sansa about Shae? I bet Sansa would be overjoyed to not bang an imp. She could have a male Shae around.
    Also, just thinking, why didn't Jaime just let Brienne take him to KL and help the trek be a little smoother? He didn't have to fight her.
    I hope we see Gendry and Mel bang. Both with full frontal.