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  1. Ah ok, must have misheard thanks.
  2. I know I saw horses, though they could be anyones, I thought the rest were unsullied and whoever, sellswords maybe or just Ironborn/Masters crew. Also I'm sure she said to Daario that the Dothraki were to stay in Essos. I guess I'll have to go back and have another look.
  3. Didn't she leave the Khalasar behind in "The Bay of Dragons?"
  4. But I didn't think that incest was looked down on anymore by the way the Lannisters can just now casually fess up to it without care and no one bats an eyelid. You know, despite the death and war after they were accused...
  5. *Let's go murder them!"... Really?! This has to be up there with "Bad Pussy" and "Greedy Bitch!"
  6. I'm quite a Stark supporter and would love for it not to be true about Rickon and Shaggy or it to be some kind of conspiracy too, but honestly I doubt it. I'm a massive book fan and quite critical of the show in my own opinion, I understand that it has to be different yet sometimes it annoys me, but I see alot of people here getting on their high horse because they think it's not playing out how GRRM will(maybe one day) write it in the books, that bad things won't happen to Rickon or Shaggy and that Ramsey won't get anymore good fortune. Thing is we have no idea how WoW will play out and there definitely is a chance that GRRM will shove it a bit further up our hopes and dreams for the Starks. People need to start accepting that, and if I'm wrong the fantastic, at least it'll be a happy surprise instead of another devastating one. Anyway given how much people think this has drifted from the possible outcomes in the books, here's my couple of theories on how the show could end up back close to where the books are and how the books could possibly end up nearer to what we're seeing on TV: (Been a while since my last read through so if any of my points are a bit off i apologise and feel free to put me right)
  7. I hope it's something like this. The other alternative seems to be Cersei setting a trap for Olena by baiting her to bring her army in to attack the faith and get Loras and/or Maergery killed, this basically ruining the Tyrells. Her having Kevan stand aside means the Lannisters can then wash their hands of any involvement or even attack the Tyrell and claim to be defending the faith. I don't see why Kevan would agree to that after, but this is show world where likely Cersei would be able to command the Lan army and City guard to her bidding. I just don't see Olena being that stupid, even with her pride at stake. It'd be yet another character assassination and I'll be upset. Mainly because I could see blustery Mace falling for it, and It'd have been so easy to have him agree instead of Olena. I just hope it is a trap set by the HS or she is up to something or has some hand in what's happening. The way it's going though I can see it being that the HS likely expected both houses to act because of Tommen and it'll back fire and be an easy way to start wrapping up and curtting the Tyrell stories for the end game meanwhile Cersei can be unopposed psycho queen of KL again :/
  8. This! ^ Of all the terrible things in this episode, this probably bothered me the most.
  9. Hi, I'm Kris, Long time lurker, mainly as I usually find the answers to my questions I'm looking for here or someone has already raised any points I wished to discuss so didn't see the need, but finally found something I wanted to post about and ask, so figured I'd come introduce myself here first. I'm more of a book person than a TV person, in general when there's both anyway. I've read through ASOIAF twice but only since the TV show, I started watching season 1 and got a few episodes in, realised I was enjoying it so figured I'd read the books first before I got too much of the show in my head (I like to read first so my imagination can do it's job and I'm not seeing characters as the actor and places as the sets). I read all the books and ADWD when it came out then continued watching from there on out. I'd say I enjoy the book story much more and grudgingly still watch the show, partly as I still enjoy it somewhat and partly because I feel I'll need to, I know I can't avoid it forever and I'd rather be spoiled by it than Facebook or gossip. Also contrary to that, partly out of curiosity, I'd feel I was missing out hehe. I'm only explaining this here so you get a feel for where my needle pointer stops. After discovering these forums and the wealth of content, theories and things I'd missed, I had another read through so I could try and spot and see in depth some of this myself, and I'll likely read through again this year or early next before TWOW(I hope anyway) to see if I can find anymore things I've read since or missed in my 2nd. Anyway cheers for the help and information that I've been to thick or impatient to see :dunce:, this place has opened my eyes to a lot and made the story a lot more rich for me. I hope I can fit in and contribute(though in truth my post count likely won't climb very tall or very quick haha) See you all around the boards :wideeyed: