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  1. Cat still has plenty of time to tell everyone what a sweetheart Edmure is and blah blah blah. Furthermore, "being kind of heart" has nothing to do with competency. Edmure was a fuck up in the books, he's a fuck up in the show, they just streamlined it, like they do everything. I don't see what all the huff is about.
  2. Well he has been living in Westeros for decades...? /excuse
  3. Definitely my favorite thing this season. Merging Thoros and Tom/Sevens was a great touch. Am I the only one who thinks Ramsay saving Theon from being raped was a bit out of character? Seems Ramsay would have let him get raped just a TAD before saving him...
  4. Because he's secretly Wilt Chamberlain.
  5. Hoat does the exact same thing in the books. It's just the character. Take it up with Martin. I don't want to like that Bear/Maiden segway, as it's just so out of place and awkward, but because it's so awkward and whacky it somehow love it.
  6. Since he's such an archetypical fantasy character I really want him to have a glorious archetypical death (unlike most I don't think he'll perish in winds, but I seriously doubt he'll survive he whole deal). My dream scenario involves Vic, that Valyrian axe on Gilligan's Isle or whatever, some sort cramped, enclosed chokepoint, and at least but not limited to 100 corpses of whatever affiliation. ....DEMON ARM!