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  1. I have to disagree, it was handled more or less professionally the whole way through, with the exception of the recruitment at the end of their business transaction. But we hear from the kindly man how rare it is to have someone so young, especially such a young GIRL. I propose there was no special protection for Arya, just the observed potential of a young psychologically damaged girl who could become a valuable agent I also don't see the Kindly Man as having been expecting her, he's just intelligent and an expert at telling truth from lies.
  2. There's too much unknown about Jaqen to be certain of anything. Rorge, Biter and Jaqen were scheduled to be released from the black cells and sent to the wall while Ned was still Hand. No way they could have predicted Ned being sent to the wall with them, or even that Yoren would show up and take them from the blackcells. When Jaime is interviewing Longwaters about Tyrion's escape he's told that "For a time" the blackcells held the three of them, to me at least implying they'd all been there for some time. He also said he advised against releasing those three, again implying to me that it was not typical to send people in that level to the wall. When he talks to Arya he invokes the name of the Red God, not the Many Faced God. Is he a convert? Is he only mentioning the red god because of the fire related deaths? if this was the case wouldn't he have burned Arya's victims? He HAS to have names of people Arya wants killed, compared to later on when Arya is on The Titan's Daughter and in the House of Black and White where it's implied that knowing a person's name makes them off limits to that particular FM. All of this leads me to believe he's gone rogue.... HOWEVER, I find it very unlikely that the Alchemist is anyone other than Jaqen, the description is too perfect to be anyone else, and it seems like he is acting with a strong sense of purpose, like he's on the job.
  3. My first readthrough I'd assumed Tom Sevenstrings was Legitimately looking at Riverrun as a place he could possibly hole up for the winter. I thought he'd grown tired of living hand to mouth and was just being practical, it wasn't until I read on these forums that he was acting as a spy or saboteur that I thought my initial understanding could be incorrect. Edric Dayne is MIA for all intents and purposes. Thoros is unsatisfied with the direction Lady Stoneheart is leading the group. Gendry is a glorified babysitter doing some smithing on the side. Everyone loved Beric, Stoneheart seems only able to lead by sating the groups bloodlust and the fact that she used to be Catelynn Stark/Tully. For the people of this forum who seem to be knowledgeable and pick up on cues/foreshadowing and have keen attention to detail, I'm just wondering if people tend to think that under LS's leadership the group is destined to fall apart or fracture.
  4. Does anyone else wonder if they're merging Thorne's character with Marsh's ? Marsh got wounded and became more cautious/fearful, could we see a changed Thorne next season?