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  1. And apparently book readers will not be spoiled. According to D&D the show is pretty much doing its own thing right now. Not going to lie this has me a little apprehensive.
  2. So what's the precursor for the Wildlings following Jon south? Winter is coming and they know they have to get south? Bolton won't allow this, but the other Northern lords hate the Boltons so much they choose to side with Jon + Wildlings.
  3. I really liked the episode, but I can get on board with the criticism of not allowing enough time for the desperation to sink in with the Stannis camp. I believe the episode ran around 51-53 min. Why not give an extra two minutes to the Stannis story?
  4. Perfect season finale ending in my book.
  5. Is it wrong of me to still want Stannis to defeat the Boltons?
  6. It was actually established in season 3 that Stannis was too weak to make anymore babies. Mel said his "fires burned too low". That was why she had to get Gendry.
  7. Stop watching previously on segments.
  8. Let us know if you find anything Sherlock!! :)
  9. I've been thinking about if what D&D say is coming in TWOW gives us any clues to some of the ambiguous endings of Dance. Is it possible that the Pink Letter was written by Stannis and is code for Melisandre to burn Shireen? The letter is read. Jon is shanked. Shireen is sacrificed. Jon is brought back to life.
  10. Why I'm giving this episode a 9: Just finished watching a second time. First the controversial scene: I was semi-spoiled by the leaks yesterday afternoon and even as a huge show supporter I was confused as to why they were going this route. However, after I watched the inside the episode piece I took D&D at their word. Until I read something different in WOW in 2020 or Martin outright denies Stannis burns Shireen I'll believe D&D. Assuming this is what happens in the books this scene was actually beautifully acted. The post above that stated Stannis is the opposite of Jamie I believe is spot on. Stannis' story is playing out like a Greek tragedy. For those claiming "Stannis wouldn't do this so quickly--look what he did at Storms End!!" Well the times are a changing. We got a sea of white walkers about to head south and time is of the essence. The White Walkers are a much more realized threat at this point in the show story and Stannis has been warned about this threat by Davos, Melisandre, Jon and Sam. The main reason I rated this episode a 9 is because of the pit scene. I've been waiting years to see this and they pulled it off. I loved the reconciliation between Dany and Jorah. The Harpies were intense and Drogon was incredible. The episode ends leaving us with at least one ray of hope and that's just fine for now.
  11. I don't care about the books being spoiled. If Martin gave them permission cool. I just wasn't ever expecting D&D to confirm what was and wasn't coming from future books. I guess they felt they had to for this one.
  12. I'll admit I'm a little worried about D&D's and GRRM's collaborative relationship in the future. I could see Martin getting pissed that D&D blatantly confirmed what is coming in an unreleased book unless for some reason he gave them permission. But why would he share anything else with them? I ask this as a concerned show fan.
  13. Lol. Wow I was shocked earlier when I heard this was happening and I'm a show supporter, but if this is true--LMAO at all you purists. Maybe D&D should have been bold and changed the scene.
  14. Maybe they didn't want to associate the Shireen burning with Jon's resurrection if that's how it happens in the books. That was pretty hard to watch though.
  15. She didn't want Drogon to die.