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  1. carpiediem added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    An Update to the Map
    Just a note that I've corrected some mistakes and added some new features to the interactive map that I posted a few weeks back. I hope you find it useful as you read. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes or have any suggestions for improvement.
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  2. carpiediem added a post in a topic An Interactive Map (I need your help!)   

    I've finished ADWD and I've added the final movements of the characters and changes in nobility to the map. Please slide around the spoiler control and let me know if you spot any inaccuracies!
  3. carpiediem added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    An Interactive Map (I need your help!)
    I really enjoyed the fan-made maps I've seen from Tear and serMountainGoat, so I thought I might try to make my own contribution. I started with serMountainGoat's images as base layers, then I added overlays to outline the political regions, show the noble families for individual towns, and trace the paths of major characters. Each of these overlays is controlled by a slider mechanism that allows you to show or hide spoilers depending on how far you've read in the books. Alternatively, you can use the slider to choose how much of the HBO TV show you've watched.

    Next, I made all of the town & ruin markers clickable-- they'll take you directly to the appropriate page of the Westeros wiki. I also added some code to parse the URL so that you can link directly to a town or pair of coordinates. These location codes match those used in the wiki, but the coordinates are pretty meaningless. I figured this might be useful to the wiki.

    All together, this adds up to quite a lot of information on one map. That's where you all come in. I haven't even finished reading the books once through, so I'm sure I made a few mistakes. There are many portions of the character paths that aren't clearly defined in the books (e.g. Tywin's movements during his battles with the Northmen). It's not obvious when or if towns change hands to new lords during the war. Plus, the TV show makes some significant changes from the books (e.g. they still haven't visited Riverrun). Basically, if you see any part of the map that conflicts with the books or the TV show, I'd appreciate if you'd let me know below this post. Also, if there is some part of the interface that you don't like or a feature that should be added, feel free to suggest those changes as well.

    Beyond that, I hope you find the map useful and that it helps you enjoy the books and TV show. It doesn't perfectly match the official map book that was just released, but I'm not going to tempt any copyright lawyers by copying that directly. If other people create a new base image in the future, though, I should be able to update this as well.

    By the way, I probably won't start changing the map based on your feedback until I finish ADWD. It shouldn't take too long; just don't worry if I seem to be ignoring your comments.
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