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  1. ColdDrake added a post in a topic Interesting New Stuff from George   

    Stephen King's endings are usually not satisfying at all. Off the top of my headI remember Salem's Lot and the Mist both having almost the same type of non-ending.
  2. ColdDrake added a post in a topic A hell of a lot to cover still, how are they gonna fit it all into an hour?   

    ADWD had an absurd amount of cliffhangers. They're almost too abrupt to call cliffhangers, the book simply feels unfinished and ends. A thousand page book with no real climax. I'm hoping DnD wrap things up a little smoother but I'm preparing myself for some ambiguity given the amount of material they need to cram in.
    I wish they'd do more extended episodes.
  3. ColdDrake added a post in a topic (Show Spoilers) Special Effects Still - Possible Reveal?   

    It's Brienne. The gloves are really off this season. Some horrific stuff this year but I respect a story in which no one is safe. Her storyline doesn't have many places left to go so it makes sense to me
  4. ColdDrake added a post in a topic The Dark Crystal, The Neverending Story, and Labyrinth   

    Neverending Story is just nightmarish and completely unnerving. I do like the scene early on in the book store though.

    Legend is pretty good
  5. ColdDrake added a post in a topic Avengers 2: The SPOILER thread (warning: spoilers NOT in tags)   

    Marvel doesn't even have the balls to keep Agent Coulson dead, a mediocre middle aged man. Quicksilver is going to be back.

    This movie was pretty entertaining despite being an absolute mess. Or maybe because of it. It's not as profoundly stupid as a Transformers movie, but it's fair to say they're in the same ballpark.
  6. ColdDrake added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] EP502 Discussion   

    I was hoping to see Quaithe at the end of this episode. Is she coming back on the show? I thought her appearances in ADWD were nice and spooky
  7. ColdDrake added a post in a topic The books coming out in 2015   

    re: 2016

    Besides from tWoW (potentially) and the other books mentioned, there's also the possibility of:
    Doors of Stone (though Rothfuss seems to be in no rush whatsoever)
    Stormlight Archive 3
    Witchwood Crown
  8. ColdDrake added a post in a topic Marvel Netflix - Daredevil, Iron Fist etc.   

    Hope the tone of the trailer is what we will get and not another comedy like everything else Marvel makes now
  9. ColdDrake added a post in a topic The Complete Winds of Winter Resource   

    Not sure why Johnson think it's a good idea to put out these carefully worded, surly statements which wind up making people angry and frustrated.
  10. ColdDrake added a post in a topic Hobbit Movie discussion II - Here be Spoilers   

    A well made but dumb action blockbuster movie, not a good adaptation of the book though. I thought the guy who played Bard was pretty good, he was one of the standouts for me. As a fan of the Beorn character, he was totally shafted in this trilogy. I would have liked to see him treated with more importance and care.

    Overall, I would have liked a more faithful adaptation of the charming original story, but I enjoy this fantasy action schlock on its own terms.
  11. ColdDrake added a post in a topic Guardians of the Galaxy thread 2 ... Great movie, or best blockbuster of the decade?   

    Very fun movie and one of the better Marvel films easily.

    As for the Marvel Cinematic Universe taking risks...well, not really. They don't even have the guts to kill off a tertiary character like Agent Coulson. Resurrecting dead, minor characters for no reason other than they have a cult following...that's hack writing. They have greenlit some unusual titles (such as this one) but nothing of consequence ever happens to these characters. There is no dramatic tension when everyone is invincible.
  12. ColdDrake added a post in a topic Martin Teases TWOW in EW....   

    It's interesting that he finally broke radio silence on TWOW. He's said almost nothing up till now, and I'm especially surprised he answered the question about Tyrion and Dany. Hopefully this is a sign of significant progress. Still trying not to get my hopes up for anything sooner than a summer 2015 release date (during or just after season 5 airs)
  13. ColdDrake added a post in a topic Wise Man's Fear X (SPOILERS)   

    Love The Lightning Tree. NOTW and WMF are great and this novella further cemented Rothfuss as one of the fantasy greats in my mind. This sucka's the real deal
  14. ColdDrake added a post in a topic "Rogues" anthology (Martin & Dozois)   

    Rothfuss's The Lightning Tree was absolutely delightful and charming.

    I also found the Vance-ian story by Matthew Hughes pretty entertaining. Looking forward to going through the rest of these over the next few weeks.