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  1. Aurane Waters Endgame

    This guy is no Addam Velaryon.
  2. Prince Lewyn's Paramour

    Probably just some random prostitute in KL. It's less likely for somebody to find out and Lewyn felt no shame in keeping a paramour so it really did not have to be anyone too noble.
  3. Yeah but if Stannis doesn't show up, The wildlings would be running rampant throughout the North and the only force that can beat them is the Bolton and Frey army. As for the clansmen well, why are they still there? Robb needed men and there were like 3000 clansmen that joined with Stannis. I don't think they would follow any northmen with the exception of the Starks. The only reason they are fighting now is because a king asked them to at the request of a Stark. I agree Stannis is a means to an end for the northmen but he is a necessary lynchpin for bringing people together and moving their plans forward. Is there any guarantee that Jon will even accept becoming king of the north? Jon has chosen the Watch over Robb once already. He also turned down Stannis' offer to become Jon Stark. I don't think the game of thrones interests Jon. Jon is about the war for the dawn so all their schemes may very well not come to fruition. So Stannis is really their best option.
  4. Do you guys think that the Freys and Boltons know that Jaime ordered the Freys to surrender all their prisoners to the crown? This could be Roose Bolton's trump card. Roose is not stupid. He has to know something is going down. Even if Roose loses, he wins because even if the North takes him out then the twins, they don't free their people. And about betraying Stannis, It seems like a un-northlike move to me. Like him or not, Stannis has shed his blood defending the North from the wildlings, Ironborn, Lannisters, and in time against the Freys and Boltons. He has bled for and with the Northmen and to stab him in the back after being stabbed in the back themselves so recently does not really make sense. Robb's plan was to tie up Tywin in the Riverlands giving Stannis the time to take King's Landing then negiotiate a peace with Stannis. Eddard himself supported Stannis' claim. He could always show them that letter Ned sent him way back when if he has it. Oh and by the way, what will the northern lords think when they find out Stannis has a blank check from the Iron Bank? Maybe betraying him is not such a good idea.
  5. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Thanks for sharing! Love me some Barristan Selmy.