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  1. Cheerio. Probably good etiquette to link to the original thread and all.
  2. My only problem with someone like Septa Lemore is that it doesn't leave much time for the Parmour-ing. If we say Lemore is 42, then she would've been 25 at Lewyn's death. Now, it's well apparent that young ladies are betrothed and even wedded when they are very young in Westeros, but I find it a bid hard to imagine being a paramour to an older gent when you are 14 or so. So I'd maybe give them 6-8 years together, which I suppose is possible. In addition, it would mean that Arianne knows Lemore (who Lemore truly is) which would essentially necessitate some greater theory of Doran + Aegon.
  3. Good write-up and thoughts GreenHand. I'll just note in regards to your last paragraphs that Arys definitely did not know of Prince Lewyn's paramour (and thus, if true, the intimacy between him and Arwyn) and it was not recorded in the White Book - he tells us both in his immediate reaction to the news.
  4. While possible and even likely, I'm not sure why it would have to be.
  5. Interesting. I think it might be a bit odd for him to bring his paramour along (as he is not supposed to have one), unless she is there for some other reason like being a nurse to Lyanna. There were others at the Tower of Joy besides those ten who fought, though it's unclear who (soldiers or nurses or regular people). Seems a bit unlikely, I think. Arianne's mother is Mellario of Norvos, only somewhat recently estranged wife of Doran.
  6. This may have been mentioned... but: Lightbringer, the sword of Azor Ahai, translates to Phosphorous in Greek, the name of the "Morning Star" which is Venus seen just prior to Dawn. (And in Latin... it translates to Lucifer)
  7. I'm beginning to wonder if it's at all important or if we will ever find out. The only reason I'm clinging to either is that two different characters mention it in two different books (and at least Barristan's is a somewhat contrived mention).
  8. So I guess it's not Olenna. I suppose it could be Tanda, but I'm still under the thought that it's not some house leader with children. Not necessarily bastard born like Ellaria Sand, but not somebody who would draw so much attention. I'd like to form some theory that it is someone of Elia's entourage, Ashara Dayne, or Septa Lemore, but they all seem a little young (both to be called "old" now and to have carried on a notable paramouric relationship given the short period between their maturation and Lewyn's death).
  9. Nice - I just found the part in ASOS where it says that. Not sure how much it helps or not that he was there, but we have so little to go on. Could be. Although Genna Lannister is said to have been "shapely" when she was young (not sure if they just meant buxom or all together round, I'm thinking the latter), so unless Arianne meant it in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek manner, I'd think rare indicates more of a striking beauty. Well that would be weird if I just stumbled upon it! For some reason I have the picture of it being someone without known legitimate descendants, but that's purely my reaction and not evidenced at all.
  10. I'm afraid I too am not that knowledgeable about unclaimed older ladies alive in the world. That being said, it's only inferred that she's still alive (although how many unclaimed women do we know of that are dead?). Also, there's no telling exactly what "old" means to Arianne as a 23 year old. It could mean Queen of Thorns old (like 80?) or like 40.
  11. As far I could find, there hasn't been a good discussion of Prince Lewyn's paramour. It is of questionable importance and is only mentioned twice throughout the series (as Prince Lewyn is mentioned only a precious few times), but it is something I am curious about and think could possibly tie into some of the other mysteries and theories. (It's possible I'm missing information from outside the 5 series books) Here's everything we know about Lewyn: -He was the younger brother of the Princess of Dorne (Prince Doran's mother). -He served in the kingsguard to Aerys the Mad. -King Aerys used his niece, Princess Elia Martell, as a hostage to ensure his loyalty (called into question perhaps by whisperings from Varys about Rhaegar's supposed plot to seize the throne). -He fought and died at the Trident (283 AL) during Robert's Rebellion, mortally wounded before being killed by Ser Lyn Corbray. -Jon Arryn returned his bones to Sunspear while putting down any notion of a second Dornish rebellion. Paramour -According to both Arianne and Ser Barristan, he kept a paramour. -Arianne says his paramour was a "rare beauty in her youth." -Arianne implies that his paramour is still alive (possibly indicating that Arianne knows who she is). -Ser Barristan says that Lewyn shared this knowledge with him, but it is clearly not widely known as Ser Arys Oakheart is somewhat shocked. Speculations: -We do not know his age, but his nephew Prince Doran is currently about 52 (b. 248 AL) and would've been 35 during the Battle of the Trident, so it likely Lewyn is somewhere between 35 and 55 at his death (somewhere in the middle or older, I'd imagine). -It is never explicitly stated, there is a decent chance that he was at the Tourney of Harrenhal as King Aerys, Prince Rhaegar, and Princess Elia Martell were there (I don't believe it's stated whether Queen Rhaella or Viserys were there or if they had KG guarding them wherever they were).