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  1. A Compendium of Theories v.2

    Cheerio. Probably good etiquette to link to the original thread and all.
  2. Prince Lewyn's Paramour

    My only problem with someone like Septa Lemore is that it doesn't leave much time for the Parmour-ing. If we say Lemore is 42, then she would've been 25 at Lewyn's death. Now, it's well apparent that young ladies are betrothed and even wedded when they are very young in Westeros, but I find it a bid hard to imagine being a paramour to an older gent when you are 14 or so. So I'd maybe give them 6-8 years together, which I suppose is possible. In addition, it would mean that Arianne knows Lemore (who Lemore truly is) which would essentially necessitate some greater theory of Doran + Aegon.
  3. Prince Lewyn's Paramour

    Good write-up and thoughts GreenHand. I'll just note in regards to your last paragraphs that Arys definitely did not know of Prince Lewyn's paramour (and thus, if true, the intimacy between him and Arwyn) and it was not recorded in the White Book - he tells us both in his immediate reaction to the news.
  4. The Grand Small Council

    Great job Aegon.
  5. The Grand Small Council

    I suppose that's true.
  6. The Grand Small Council

    Why the Eddard hate, Barry?
  7. Prince Lewyn's Paramour

    While possible and even likely, I'm not sure why it would have to be.
  8. The Grand Small Council

    ^Utterly brilliant.
  9. Prince Lewyn's Paramour

    Seems a bit unlikely, I think. Arianne's mother is Mellario of Norvos, only somewhat recently estranged wife of Doran.
  10. The Grand Small Council

    I'm a little curious why everyone is so high on Stannis - lot of picks for him in important positions like King/Hand. He seems almost too uncompromising to me.
  11. The Grand Small Council

    Heh, cupbearer made me chuckle trying to think of the relative merits of different cupbearers.
  12. The Grand Small Council

    ^Some interesting extra positions
  13. References and Homages

    This may have been mentioned... but: Lightbringer, the sword of Azor Ahai, translates to Phosphorous in Greek, the name of the "Morning Star" which is Venus seen just prior to Dawn. (And in Latin... it translates to Lucifer)
  14. The Grand Small Council

    Great job. That would certainly be an interesting ending that set up such a happy family of former enemies: a Targaryen, a Blackfyre, a Lannister, a Stannis Baratheon supporter, a Stark, a Greyjoy, and a Martell (bastard Sand). And of course Barristan who served the Targaryens, the Baratheon/Lannisters, and the Targaryen/Stormborns.
  15. The Grand Small Council

    That's like asking for toast that hasn't been toasted.