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  1. Jon is too obvious though.
  2. 2 is definitely Bloodraven. He was born a bastard but was later legitimized, hence the "supposedly". Red, black and white are the colors of House Blackwood (and red and black are the colors of House Targaryen).
  3. I'm not even kidding.
  4. Melara was a Targaryen bastard.
  5. Melara is a secret Targaryen. It is known.
  6. The guys who run the Citadel, or the guy who advises the King himself?
  7. Absolutely No Body Sam Lol in all honesty, Sam's survival is the only one I feel pretty confident with. Everyone else is totally expendable, sad as it may be.
  8. Was it already known back then?
  9. I know how big tney are supposed to be, I have read the books. But being big enough to theoretically ride is one thing, while being fit and built for riding is something else entirely. Having a human on her back would make Nymeria totally incapable of fighting.
  10. This is the only point I disagree with you on. I bet that if an army sees a pack of wolves lead by a human riding a horse-sized direwolf they would all die of heart attack before the fight even begins, it would look goddamn awesome and terrifying. But other than that, yeah, riding a direwolf would be extremely inefficient, both to the rider and to the mount.
  11. I have thought of this too, but on the other hand Robert intended to be king. Like Renly had his Rainbow Guard without claiming the Iron Throne. And after killing Rhaegar and defeating the last massive chunk of the Crown's forces, there was not too much left to stop him from winning. At least as far as he was concerned, I don't think he knew about the Wildfire. Well Barristan fought against Robert on the Trident, but he was pardoned and kept his position as Kingsguard and was even promoted to being Lord Commander. I think that having Lyn, or any other knight that was Robert's own choice for that matter and not Cersei's, is the most important thing in this. The way I see it, these are the considerations: For: Deadly swordsman, has a Valyrian Steel blade. Good commander (or at least a solid one), as shown when he lead his men in an assault against Prince Lewyn's Dornishmen. Granting such an honor to a hero (Lyn took a crucial part in the BotT) would show the people that Robert can generously reward those who are loyal to him. Takes a spot at the Kingsguard away from one of Cersei's lickspittles/yes-men/ass-kissers (although I don't really think Robert or anybody else foresaw this at the time). Against: There's an aura of untrustfulness about him. Sansa and Petyr agree he's a very dangerous man, and not necessarily because of his fighting prowess. He didn't only fight against Robert at the start, he fought against Jon Arryn - his own direct liege lord. Even though he changed sides eventually, it still means something I think.
  12. When the BotT was finally over, do you think Robert should have taken the chance to appoint Lyn Corbray as Kingsguard? Would you have done it in his place?
  13. Even though I know better than hoping for it - I would have loved seeing Arya tearing through armies and infiltrating back lines Assassin's Creed style.
  14. If the answer really is that Dany will be the one committing the treasons: Do you think that letting Drogo kill Viserys is one of those betrayals? And if so, which one?
  15. I don't see anyone riding a direwolf honestly. They just aren't built for riding.