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  1. saw the dark world yesterday. i thought it was alright,better than the first Thor movie. Anyone else have any thoughts?

  2. Anyone heard the new Eminem album? Was listening to it yesterday and earlier today. Great record.

  3. Characters you changed your mind about after finishing ASOS...

    I would like to take the time and use this space here to apologize for everything I said about Jaime before starting ASOS.
  4. Who has the most right to the Iron Throne

    Well, yes, Robb Stark would be the best ruler of the north. Culturaly there are a lot of differances between it and the rest of the seven kingdoms.
  5. Who(by birthright, at least)has the greatest claim to the iron Throne? As for me, I'd choose Dany, the Targaryens were the rulers of Westeros long before Robert Baratheon ever set eyes on the throne.
  6. Favorite POV Character

    Oh, ok. Didnt know, I just finished GoT.
  7. Favorite POV Character

    I think it would be interesting to get a POV from Cersei. I mean, granted, she's a bitch, but I might be interesting to see what goes on in her head.
  8. Dotrakhi is Turkish

    . Actually I think the dothraki language and culture is more mongolian inspired than anything else. The word khal is based off of khan, which is actually mongolian, not turkish.
  9. How to keep track of Characters?

    Yeah, you really do need those maps. I personaly don't have any problems keeping track of the character, I've got a pretty good memory.
  10. Favorite POV Character

    My favorite character is tyrion, but its kind of a tough call because I like Jon Snow, and Daenrys. Agreed, Sansa is aggravating. Absolute torture reading her chapters.