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  1. Out of interest what do you think would have happened if Karstark and Umber had not bowed to Jon? Jon would say "Ah fair enough." LOL
  2. Its pretty much how a feudal system works. Game of Thrones is based on the medieval world, a world of blood rights and violence. Do you think the Starks became Kings of the North by giving people a choice? Might is right.
  3. Yep pretty much. Its clear that the show is pushing Jon= Ice and Daenerys = Fire.
  4. Don't know about being "in love", but I think its clear that he adores/admires her. She does inspire devotion in her followers.
  5. Man, I can't wait for some Daenerys and Olenna scenes. Please.....
  6. Jon and a Daenerys marriage is only needed to bring the North back into the 7 kingdoms, so no independent North.
  7. Yeah marry into a house with 64 fighting men. Wise counsel. But then again Robb married a nobody and that went well.....
  8. Westeros.org - Moan, moan and moan again about Daenerys.
  9. Anyone notice that Tyrion actually knelt, the first time he has done that for anyone. Real great moment.
  10. Disappointed we didnt get that scene where Dany and Varys meet for the first time :-( .
  11. Lots of petty kingdoms always warring against each other. Nice ending.
  12. Makes sense, the show has been building up to this for 6 seasons. Would be logical for her setting sail to be the ending scene.
  13. Fire breathing Dragons vs wooden ships? No contest. Masters thought the dragons were incapacitated and brought a knife to a gun fight.
  14. Well if you study Dany's chapters in depth it was pretty clear she wouldnt become a villain. It was all wishful thinking. But good for D&D to put it to bed, now we can move on.
  15. I looked it as although she had won leadership of the Dothraki, it is a clear difference to persuade them to cross the black salt sea. I think that speech and show of power with Drogon was to ensure they would go to Westeros with her.