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  1. There is a passage where Tyrion looks at the moon and it reminds him of an eye following them. I would propose that this is a referenece to Bloodraven. He seems intrested in Jon the stark children and Tyrion but not Dany....also this passage was when they were on the shy maid. So he's keeping an eye on Aegon Blackfyre as well...
  2. I love and hate this piece of history. The Beautforts were bastards even legal bastards. However they barred from the throne by 2 kings and a Pope. Sry the Tudor dynasty were usurpers of the first order. I love the Tudor dynasty but they were what they were a bastard branch of house Plantagenet who used murder and slew of other sins to win hold and keep the throne
  3. I dont know about that started the series because of the show but i do know this Kit Harrington is if hes book Jon's counterpart book Jon's a stud as well
  4. Exactly. Wouldnt the ships from Volantas have to refresh water and isnt Lys and the Stepstones generally where they refuel. Not to mention the ships were dropping them off on any bit of land they could find. If im not mistaken i think Lys and the Stepstones were places that were mentioned where the gold company were being dropped off. Then there is Jons own mention of important hostages. Given that if they picked the boy up in Lys this would have given Jon plently of time to come up with a scheme to use the boy. Its not foolproof but it does have possibilities
  5. I wouls think that Edric Storm might play a part in the felling of Storms End
  6. It's simple maybe not simple but this is what I have come to find that there's some kind of battle between fire elements and Ice elements. what I mean by the struggle is being triggered bu ice events and then fire events. 600 years ago at hardhome there was some kind of a volcanic event and hardhome burn to the ground, a hundred years later the Targaryen moved to Dragonstone 100 hundred years after that the Doom of valyria happens, 100 years after that you've got the Targaryen is coming to Westeros and then the timetable just spit up after this has landed in Westeros. So it's like a ice event than a fire event another fire event fire event. With the Targw in Westeros and the Starks bending the knee its a fire event dominating a ice event. Then its the reign of fire i.e the Targs rule. The world is out of balance. I can al.ost see the others as an equalizer. Coming in to reset the world allowing it to heal.
  7. There's no way that you can possibly compare Henry the second and aegon III. Henry II was a warrior was his kingdom Stefan tan and then created one of the biggest Empires that Europe ever seen. Now compare tthat to Aegon the 3rd who couldn't couldn't stand to be touched. Who would consider to be weak who contributed nothing to the laws of the Kingdom where Henry created an entirely new Justice code. They are nothing like.
  8. I listed warmonger kings as you call them because going by the time period and what was important to project as a great king making war and defending your people was one of if not the key component to being a good king. John when he decided to play at war got lost all of his ancestral lands in France. Look at his war actions in Ireland. While John overall was just incompetent one of the major flaws with his rule was that he was not seen as a strong king that could influence his will. Not like Henry II or Richard I. John ruled through scare aND fear tactics. HENRY III, is generally forgotten about because really what major contributions did he ? Failed to regain control of French territories, failure to conto the barons twice, had to rule mainly through charters. Royal authority continued to flounder until the reign of his son Edward Longshanks. History certainly remembers this Edward as a great king and he's a throw back to his ancestors Henry II and Richard. The kings that I mentioned being a warmonger was only one part of their appeal. They were strong and effective enought that their actions have been written large across the landscape of history. YET IT STILL STANDS THAT IT'S ONLY THOUGH HINDSIGHT AND A VERY DIFFERENT MIND SET THAT WE ARE ABLE TO CRITICIZE THESE MEN AND THEIR ACTIONS. THE 21 HAS MADE MAN MORE POLITICALLY CORRECT AND HAS LOST THE STOMACH TO GO THE DISTANCE . THESE MEN HAD THE STOMACH BUT ALSO THE BRAINS TO IMPLEMENT THEIR WILL AND SHOULD THE NEED TO WERE WILLING THAT SEE HEADS ROLL, ALL THE WHILE GIVING THEIR PEOPLE A KING OR LEADER THEY COULD BE PROUD OF.
  9. Or she's the white witch. Can't think of her exact name but seeing as BR went north and lived why not her as well. This woman who wears a weir wood mask tells Jon she would be his woman or man whichever he preferred. I like to think Shira went north and has been planted in the story to help support JS via BR when the time comes, maybe be a teacher of magic or help in his resurrection. Not to mention if she is linked to Jon by blood as well.
  10. Youth is not a determination of making goI'd or bad decisions. RL, these ppl are taught to rule from the crib and while Dany herself lack a proper education those around her have had such an education and experience ruling. Think boy kings and rulers. William the conqueror came to his duchy young had to have a minority Henry III, Edward III, Richard II, Edward V, Edward VI. all boy kings all had some sort of minority. By the time Dany reaches Slavers Bay she could be counted as a grown ass adult and has to take the weight.. Henry II became the figurehead of his mother's war at 15 and king at 18. Youth maybe a hindrance to wisdom, but it's not a crutch to be used expecially when you make yourself Queen. I personally have issues with Dany because she doesn't think and rules with her heart and not her brain. makes snap decisions with no idea of how her plays affect not only herself but her future plans. Not to mention she doesn't stick with her plans. Ends slavery but marries a slave and then it's okay for slavery so long as she doesn't have to see it and of course as long as she can wet her beak on the profits. Not taking her hostages heads all bark no bite. But their children That didn't stop her from issuing the order to kill anyone over the age of 13 who wears a tokar. I can't stand a hypercrite.
  11. Unless of course those stipulation were put into place to buy the Lord's Declared sometime. Also Waynwood knows who Sansa is and who she's we'd too, so this gives both parties time to neutralize Tyrion. Thank you, thought I was the only one who noticed that.
  12. Yes, they left civil unrest however they were popular with the people. while Edward III may have started the English on the path of a national identity it was Henry V that cemeted it with the annexation of France. I tend to think if either man had lived to see their heir live to majority history would have turned differently. Had Henry survived Henry VI wouldn't have inherited a throne at 9 months but after he came of age. Had Henry survived there would have been more children, Katherine Valois has 3 or 4 kids by Tudor. When Henry had his mental breakdowns no need to turn to York but another prince of the blood and completely cut Margaret out of the picture. Cuts down on a lot of that later civil unrest as York and Edward out of the immediate line of succession. Yet one can't rewrite history. With that being said the question was why? If one was to base them upon their strengths and doings in their own time period and not those of the standards of our PC times one gets a different perspective. The English seals depect the king doing two different but very interwinned activities, defending their people ( leading armies), and justice. Henry excuted an old friend to stop an uprising before it happened. now am I saying his motives were altristic? Hell no, but to save the many he was willing to sacrifice the few. Because of his popularity and partial because of the shortness of his reign he only had 2 minor disputes domestically. Compared to other kings that's a really good track record. John, Henry III, Edward II, Richard II. 1417, Marks the start of English being the language of government in England. Good enough statesman that the Holy Roman Emperor started off trying to make peace between France and England and yet left England having signed a treaty supporting the Englishs claim. To make peace and save more lives in the war in France he wed Katherine. It was the dauphin and later the mad maid of Orleans that continued the war. As for Edward was more of an idiot in his private life than in hia judgement. Edward suffers from an impulse contol. women, wine and war. Granted a lot of his earlier works could be contributed to the Kingmaker. Yet a wise king knows how to spot and cultivate talent. Edward was again poplular, do not discount the love of the common people. Henry the 8 at the height of his unpopularity never had to fear the people they loved him and would forgive him his wrong doings. Agree or not Henry the 8 is another great English king not just the most notorious. Edwards royal motto: method and order. the laws and justice hat ad been sorely lacking in Henry VIS reign were greatly restored. so by the merits of a medieval standard both men promoted the ideals of a good king. it's only under the eye of a 21 century witness of history are we able to pick apart their actions. However but comma if we are going to be real here if Motimer and Isabella hadn't taken it upon themselves to kill the king history again wouldn't have turned out as such. They set a nasty precedent and in the next hundred yrs 3 kings dying bloody. This precedent also led to the deaths of Mary Queen of Scots and later Charles I. Because history doesn't happen in a vacum. the ones before inform the next gemeration. so does one knock point off Edward IIIs record because of the actions of his mother and her lover. William I yes unpopular... so was Aegon after the conquest. I would imagine that those lords and ladies that lost their status weren't happy with the new status quo. Yet I have to give the man props for having his inheritance snatched from him and then promptly snatching a bone out of the usurper ass for the aggrivation. I am very familiar with whose a Lancaster and whose a York. Most historians classify Richard III as the last Platagenet king as both houses stymied from house Platagent.Can't have a York without Lancaster blood and can't have a Lancaster without York blood and both are grandchildren of Edward III. To strenghen his claim to the dynasty Richard York, went by the name Richard Plantagent. The same cannot be said about the usurpering Tudors. Richard II and Henry IV claimed the Beaufort clan as legitimate but both kings and pope via patent letters that they had no claim to the throne. Also it's a good thing in my original post I said nothing about Henry IV or VI, nor did I mention Richard III with his murky actions. yet if one was to use logic he had no motivation to kill Edward V and Henry didn't have the means, but the dukes of Buckingham descended from the last son of Edward III had both. My point was and still is that these men based upon their times were good decent even great kings.
  13. I'd like to add to this list William Henry I ( yes even if he did possibly probably kill his older brother) Henry V Edward IV (much better politician and his personal exploits eclipse this fact)
  14. No the gold company fought in 4 of the rebellions. 1(as the loses went on to form said company), 3,4 ( which wasn't even a war as Blood raven killed the claimant) and 5 under Maelys. Here I'll even name said claimants Daemon I, Heagon I, Aenys Blackfyre I and Maelys The GC wouldnt even exist if not for the follies of dumb Daemon I. So yeah plausible maybe,if one squints an eye and cocks one head to the side and don't pay too much to the details
  15. There are those that are working for Jon and strength his cause. The Blackfish Lady Mormont Glover (younger)/Lady Glover Alys Karstark/husband Clansmen Loyal members of watch Wildlings Elements helping his postition Robb's will Stan is march to Deep mottell Karstark wedding Suprise or on fence Manderly/ older Glover Lady Dustin Asha Jeyne Westerling Lords declarent Mance Rayder Iron Bank and city of Bravoss Sansa and by extention Tyrion Now to back my claim (mind you don't have book in front of me so no exact quotes) I'll start with the Blackfish. In feast he tells Jamie that he wold continue his kings war.Yet I have to ask who is he fighting for? To the best of BF knowledge all viable Starks are dead or attainted. Ayra dead, Rickon and Bran dead PER Robb will Sansa is attainted because of her marriage to the imp So question who does that leave? Jon is all that's left. BF acted as his nephews war advisor and I tend to believe that it was BF who first stressed Robb naming an heir because of Bran and Rickon death, and Sansa marriage. While he was married he still didn't have a heir of his body. Better to error on the side of causion and name Jon. We see that Robb has faith in his brother when he talks to Cat asking for her support in his choice. Then there is a question of those present at the will signing and most being removed from the game but a still pieces on the board even if in a weaker position. Mallister, Edmure, lady Mormont, Younger Glover, Blackwood (I think), while didn't sign will but has knowledge of its existence Howland Reed. Last but not least the Great Jon. All of these ppl are still alive even now. Per Robb orders Mormont and Glover were to head north with false orders. We get a letter from Bear Island stating they recognize no king but The king in the north. Now it's no guaranteed but I like to think Mormon made it home and LTanna response is to the fact the North has a king and it's Jon. Edmure is headed to Casterly rock. Yet I would again point to Feast and Jamie's own response and reaction to the news of BF escape. Edmure tells Jamie his uncle was always a strong swimmer and it was easy for him to slip under the gates at the waterline. Yet Jamie notes Edmunds reaction to BF escape and Jamie notes he's mighty pleased with himself for a man meant to spend the rest of his life in captivity. Which prompts him to double Edmunds guard. This is one of the pieces evidence that ppl give that shows BF is headed to rescue his nephew. I tend to think not. While I agree he's headed West it's not to free Edmure until he reaches CR. The BF and members of the BWB have a wedding to attend. Mallister is or was under siege but still alive. Yet I think he might be a wild card. I almost guarantee that the Great Jon will want vengeance for his son The North Remembers. As per Feast all Frey prisoners were to be turned over to the crown. Yet if memory serves Jamie makes this deal within hearing of Edmure. The Great Jon was left in the west and has knowledge of the plunder taken from Robb time in the west. Not to mention he was Robb greatest and biggest northern supporter. The trident lords and the BWB are hand and fist with each other. Jamie notes how it felt that RR was surrounded by a ring of invisible eyes. They speak of this at castle Darryl and how the small folk dare to lie to their lord and we're hiding the outlaws. I also would like to point out all the naked dead soldiers whom Jamie, Brienne, Ayra have noted in the PoVs. Then there is Howland Reed. Again his knowledge of who Jon really maybe along with knowledge of the will again places him in a position of strength but given his knowledge also makes him a wildcard. Who knows what he has been up to while Reed was loyal to Ned who knows if it extends to Jon. While I think it will he has the potential to be a huge factor. Before I make my argument about BF headed west let me first point out his other options and why I reject them and how it relates to Jon. In Feast Jamie notest and is told several things about the situation on the Trident. First is the situation on the Trident and the siege of RR. That siege engines have been build, the platform for Edmure, the position of the different camps. Western men on the furthest bank, Trident lords in the middle and positioned on the same river mouth BF escaped upon and the freyes on the riverbank closest to the Twins. In the war council things go sideways but one thing stands out in my mind and that's 2 different lords mention to Jamie the siege on Blackwood could be lifted if he went himself. That Blackwood would listen to Jamie and would make terms with him rather than Bracken. What I find curious is that it's almost like they are trying to get Jamie in position so to speak. Jamie also nate several of the Trident lords that are missing and even his cousin tells Jamie he believes them to still be wolfish at heart. Jamie is also told that before the siege BF picked the land clean and turned out all useless mouths from RR. So Jamie makes his deal with Edmure and part of this deal is that any man from the RR side may take the black. Two men who had been in Horsteen service for a long time 40 years took that option. Yet these men are knights and have spent plenty of time in both Horsteen and BF company and has been mentioned and proved to be true knights are called upon to act as envoys. I make the logical jump that BF and Edmure are going to use these men to speak in their stead with several groups on their way north, all without drawing attention to themselves because those groups all happen to be upon their route north. Maiden Poole is the furthest that Jamie sent guards for these two men. Next the would hit the three sisters, gull town, white harbor and lastly the wall. Maiden Poole by the time they would have reached it would have been held by a skeleton crew of Tarlys army. Tarly would have had to head to KL because of MT trouble with the faith. From Briennes reaction to Lord Mooton and his response to Tarlys justice I get the impression he's not overly impressed. The Three Sisters now this bit to me is interesting. Davos lands on Sisterton and given help by the Lord there. Yet a couple of things I would like to point out, first the Lord asks the Lys pirate. Now what business could he have with him? Mayhap he wants to hire him for service. Yet why would they have any need of the pirate the Valencia has taken no parts of the fighting but sistertons liege lord has armed his 7 sons and with war horses. Seems as if the Lord's of the Three sisters are preparing for somethingbut the question is what? I would now like to drag your attention the this lords sigil and part of patchfaces prophecy. Spider crab is the sigil. Patchface at Karstarks wedding make the statement along the lines of under the sea we shall blow seashell, be lead by mermen and ride on crabs. Each of these is a sigil from the vale, WH and the Three Sisters. Another curious thing about that meeting is the tale about the goings on between them and White Harbor. As I don't have my copy of Dance I suggest a reread of Davos time in both White Harbor and Three Sisters. This lord made it clear that they have no liking of Stannis and they fell he's come north with his tale tucked between his legs. While Davos believes it's because they don't want to pick wrong or back the wrong kimg. I tend to agree to disagree. They have no intention of backing the lannisters seeing as he sent Davos on to WH and they have no fear of Cersei but sir Kaven is another matter. Because if he ruled the Lannisters stood a chance of winning their war. But they aren't backing Stannis either. So who does that leave? For all we know those knight have made past this portion of the trip and have extended their hand of friendship to them and head to treat with the Lords Declarent. Then they hit White Harbor. Given the time frameof how long Davos was in the wolf den I am think that the Knights arrived. Mandel removed and secured the alliegence of Stannis top advisor. By claiming support to Stannis, yet there is more at work. From Clash to Dance we keep hearing about Manderlys health. In the chat with mandrely and Davos he tells us him taking along time in the privy is common knowledhe. The guy selling apples remarks upon it as well. Lady Dustin in her meeting with The on remarks she doesn't think he'll survive thus coming battle. Manderlys behavior after the wedding and in the hall before the fight is curious as well. In the convoy between Bolton, Dustin and her cousins. Dustin goes out of her way to make Manderlys look innocent. Yet in the great hall Manderlys goes out of his way to provoke a fight between himself and the Frey faction. Going so far as to get several of his chins sliced off. It's almost like Dustin had a mirror ball and could tell the future. Yet they seem to be working at cross purposes. Which I will go as far to say is misdirection. Lady Dustin knows Roose is guilty and she hates Ramsays. There's no way her loyalty to the Bolton runs deep. I think it's more like she's buying time... 2 possiblities. Rickon or Jon. For the north I don't get the impression that Stannis is even a factor. Again I would point your attention to the convo between Davos and Manderly. This time when they speak of snow being black. Davos and the readers first impression he's talking about Ramsays. But I would stipulate he knows about the will via possibly Glover and Mormont on their way home. The two knights as well. Given that Glover would come first this gives Manderly and Glover to throw some balls in the air. Like coming up with a cover story for why Glover is in the city and why Manderly is denying Glover request when clearly WH is in a state of combat readiness. Yet according to rumor and his statement in court that WH is wary of war. So why then is glover still in the city and why doesn't he pop up at WF to put is case before the Warden if the north. Then the Knights show up, with whatever info they have gathered from their travels and about the BF intentions regarding the will. This being the second time it's been mentioned. Now Manderly has new info such as these are the resources and support Jon has in the North and on the trident tin addition to whether the Vale will lend support. Manderly may have decided the only way to circumvent Jon rise to power is bringing back Rickon. This gives Manderly the option of backing Rickon or if the tide turns against having a boy king (a child lord is the bane of any house, Rose Bolton), to back Jon. Yet I would also theorize that Manderly knowing time is short wants to give his son some ,sense of deniablity depending on how things shake out. For I don't think Manderly intends to return or has plans to make himself a cause for his to raise his banner against Bolton. I don't think I need to speak on either Alys Karstark or the Clans men they respect Jon and will help him. Another faction of support Wildlings and his true brothers of the nights watch. The Wildlings might hinder his cause there a wild card. I can't explain all of it it's too long going point for point by person. So I'll just try incorporate their individual partsender while making my case. So as for Robb will. I've given evidence as to why I believe the BF is supporting Jon, while also touching upon others who know of existence and how or why they may be brought into the Northern fold. The will was signed by several individuals that are alive and are honor bound to enforce. Now we don't know the location but I will say even without the physical paper there are men and women who know its existence and there's evidence that ppl and going to enforce it. Stannis March to Deepwood Motte helps Jones cause because it's Jons idea, his scouts, his food, clothing and lastly his armour making it posdible. All it takes is one mouth while in the clans mountains to inform them that it was Jona idea. The North already knows the two have made common cause. It's not a stretch for them to assume Jon dispatched Stannis to clean out the Ironborn. So depending on how the news of Stannis defeat of the Ironborn is perceived is how this action will work for Jon. Karstark marriage maybe seen as a mending in the rift between the two families. Alys went to the wall seeking his protection not as the LC but as the last son of Ned Stark. Jon has earned the goodwill of house Karstark and even shown the north that he can play the part of king. She sought protection he gave her that and a small army while removing an advisory in the Thenn. Possibly garnering his goodwill as well as he is now a southron lord with a seat. so then there are your wildcards from the very beginning of the situation and how their plays on the board effect the choices of other board pieces. Mandely and Glover I've already explained. I think they have positioned themselves to blow which way is best suited to them. I think mandEly wants to serve but also to shape the North. Hince the fleet, recovering Rickon, removing Davos, taking no hostages to WF. All these plays give Mandel options and opportunities to help shape his family in a greater scheme within the northern political structure. Whether as his family being named admiral of the fleet, master of coin as he has the mints, silver and put forth the idea. Glover given the events at his home might be more receptive to Jobs ascention. Now Lady Dustin is a tricky one as mentioned I don't think she's with Bolton and on some level I think that she's made cause with Mandely. I think she won't go with Mandel when the time comes to openly declare. Her convoy with Theon is interesting expecially the one in the crypt. It illustrated a couple of points for me. One being the person she's truly mad at for not being made a Stark is Cat. Another is her hatred of Ned stems more from his choice of bride than the loss of her husband's bones. She wants her vengeance and what better way than denying Cats son the throne? It spits on both Cat and Ned memory expecially if the choice is made after Reed reveals any knowledge he has on jobs heritage. Asha is another interesting one and where her loyalties may turn to lie might surprise us. As of the Kings moot Asha points out the need for more land. Dustin promised her land and given her gentle treatment of her and kids might help her case. As mandrel points out he needs sailors for his ships those that truly know and understand the Sea. Here come Asha ready made for the task, even with her terms on the table land exchange for knowledge and sailors. Really simple. Not to mention Asha doesn't have much options with her uncle and husband alive. Along with her needing Theon alive to reverse kings moot. Swinging her support his sway for theon life might take some swallowing but it could happen expecially with Jon having tasted the other side. Battery dying explain those last 5 later