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  1. As the sun rose on a cool winter day in Sunspear, the heir to Yronwood received his knighthood in the sept of the Princes of Dorne. His vigil through the night had been undisturbed and serene, as such things should be, and at dawn septons entered and with them also were Ser Quinlan Qorgyle, Farien’s mother Lady Linnet, and other lords and ladies of note from the court and from throughout Dorne. They witnessed as Farien was raised to knighthood by Ser Quinlan, the Lord Protector of the Realm, on behalf of his son Prince Marence. There were some who thought Lady Yronwood seemed not best pleased by Qorgyle bestowing the honor upon her son, but she made no apparent complaint—after all, it was her son’s wedding day. The wedding itself was conducted in the Tower of the Sun’s throne room with great pomp and circumstance, a glittering sea of Dornish nobility around the regal princess and the new-made knight. The feast that followed was extravagant and open-handed, a show of Martell largess (and Yronwood, as well, for it’s said Lady Linnet contributed substantially). Surprisingly, despite the bevy of Yronwoods present, no untoward incidents took place—not even with Prince Rhodry, who is well-known to feel a peculiar enmity to the Lady of Yronwood. The feast came to an end, and bride and groom retired to the nuptial chamber. Ser Farien was heard to jest with some of his kin that he would beg that his princess withhold her attentions, so he could be fresh for the wedding tourney, in which he intended to ride; whether Princess Ariana obliged him is, of course, a question. The next day proved less auspicious for a tourney than might have been desired: not only chill, but wet as well, a drizzle from the sea raining down cold and unpleasant. Despite this, more than three score competitors entered the tourney, chasing the prize of a 1,000 gold coins for the victor. When the field was whittled down to eight knights—each who had defeated three opponents—the contest shifted so that each knight would ride twice, first towards the victory and then, if defeated, for a second chance to prove victorious. Most notable of all was the fact that Ser Farien had managed the feat of reaching the narrow field; so, too, had his kinsman, Ser Kay Yronwood. Others of note included Ser Felix Sand, Ser Darion Fowler, Ser Valerin Dayne, Ser Tamlyn Toland, Ser Laurent Dalt, and the prince Rhodry Martell. The contests that followed proved notable, for Ser Felix seemed invincible, while Prince Rhodry won a hard-fought match against the Sand Dog only to be overthrown by Ser Kay Yronwood ultimately leading to a pitched with the famed Toland knight before Ser Laurent faced him once again and had his revenge. In the end, it came down to Ser Laurent Dalt and Ser Felix Sand, and perhaps the gods finally gave Ser Laurent their benevolence, or perhaps Ser Felix grew tired; he was unhorsed not once but twice, and the prize went the Keeper of the Sandship who proceeded to crown his wife, Caitrin of House Blackmont, as queen of love and beauty. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
  2. Despite speculation that HBO’s schedule has pushed season 6 of Game of Thrones into early May, brand new billboards put out by HBO in Los Angeles and New York reveal that the show will air in “April”. Given that the new Martin Scorsese show, Vinyl, will run into April as well, it looks like the sixth season will begin airing on the final Sunday in April, April 24th. See below for a couple of images of the billboard, along with the tweets from those who shared them on the social media website: read on >>> [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
  3. Well, this is a surprise: one of the features on the Game of Thrones Season 5 Bluray will be a 20 minute animated feature on the Dance of the Dragons (or, as the show would have it, the Dance of Dragons), the brutal civil war two Targaryens over the Iron Throne following the death of Viserys I. Recounted in detail in our own The World of Ice and Fire, as well as in part in GRRM’s “The Princess and the Queen”, it’s an event full of murder, battles, betrayals, scheming, and (of course) dragons. IGN has the exclusive first look at the feature, with a section narrated by Pedro Pascal (aka Oberyn Martell) describing the Battle Above the Gods Eye between Prince Daemon Targaryen and his nephew Prince Aemond. And beyond his participation, IGN notes a number of other departed actors pitch in: “Also contributing their voice work are Kerry Ingram, who played Shireen Barathon; Harry Lloyd, who played Viserys Targaryen; Mark Addy, who plays Robert Baratheon; Michelle Fairley, who played Catelyn Stark; and Jack Gleeson, who played Joffrey Baratheon.” That certainly sounds like something to look forward to. The bluray set hits shelves on March 15th. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
  4. While I’m still a fan of comics in general, I stopped collecting years ago. But back in the day, I remember some particular moments from those days (we’re talking—gulp—25 years ago now), as a kid in middle school trading comics with friends (we’d gather on a hillside besides the athletic field and swap comics around; got to the point that a teacher volunteered to run an after-school comics club), going to Adventure Comics in Monterey (right near the Monterey Bay Aquarium!) with my brother and father to get the weekly fix. One significant name in that time, among many significant creators who I admired, was Todd McFarlane. His fame initially came from his artwork, especially on Spider-Man. Then he was a founder of Image comics, championing creator-owned mainstream comics (and, eventually, non-mainstream stuff, giving a home to, most notably, The Walking Dead). McFarlane would go on to diversify his interests, and one of those would be McFarlane Toys. When word came out earlier this year that McFarlane’s company had received a license to produce Game of Thrones products, it was not a surprise: McFarlane Toys has often been on the cutting edge of pop culture properties; the aforementioned The Walking Dead has been a big success for them, by all accounts. Dark Horse and Funko and threeZero hold licenses for various figures… but McFarlane Toys has had real success with its construction sets, basically thematic “LEGO for adults” that helps fans recreate in miniature places and scenes from their favorite shows. This is all a long-winded way to saying that courtesy of McFarlane Toys, we received a copy of the Iron Throne Room Construction Set, and below we’ll be discussing some of its particulars!   read on >>> [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
  5. As you know from his post, Damphair will stepping back for the foreseeable future. He will remain on Staff, but his active involvement will be highly limited. This has raised the question among players whether we plan to recruit or open applications for new Staff. The short answer is no, we have no such plans at the moment. We’ve never entertained applications for Staff and we don’t feel that is the right way to go about things. We have always kept the possibility open of asking additional players if they are interested, but at the moment we do not have any such candidates in mind. We have a good number of experienced players, but we know from experience on other games that this is not the only important factor in putting together a functioning Staff team. Now, the reality is that this will mean we are somewhat understaffed, in particular when it comes to GMing scenes, which was something Damphair has been doing a fabulous job of for years. It is an area which neither myself nor Balerion excel at; our MUSH backgrounds involve minimal exposure to GMing, as either players or staff. Given this, that is an area which will see less staff involvement for the moment. Instead, we will be focusing on trying to cut back on the +jobs queue as well as looking at some larger projects that we would like to finish in time for the 10-year anniversary of the beta opening this autumn. These projects include some CharGen changes (how ambitious these can be depends on whether we feel that we can leave existing CGed characters with a different setup than future CGs; not in terms of numbers, but in terms of some of the written parts), the reputation/renown system, further house expansions and maybe (a very big maybe) the combat system. As we are quite unlikely to do the same kind of coverage of Season 6 of Game of Thrones as for past seasons, we won’t be as swamped during the show period as previously, though keeping the website from going down with some regularity will undoubtedly still take extra work. When it comes to plots, we are working on some long-term timelines for both areas, with the Dornish one being the furthest along so far. For King’s Landing, we have some canon events to build around, but we need to work on some more solid details. Considering the lack of a dedicated GM on Staff, we would certainly like to see more plot proposals from players willing to take the lead on such projects. However, we do have to stress that one reason we’ve been hesitant about this in the past is that we’ve often found that the requisite updates have been very hard to get out of players afterwards; any larger plots need submissions for Tidings and for the Chronicle, Events for any CDB NPCs that are used and so on. But players who are willing to step up and run plots with these requirements in mind are more than welcome to submit proposals. We’d also like to ask players to help us with the process of getting the +jobs queue shortened; make sure to check your +jobs regularly to see if we’ve submitted notes asking for additional information or any other kind of feedback. Its much easier to get a particular +job finished up if once we start working on it the responses come in fairly quickly. And if you do have any outdated +jobs that should be closed, do add a note letting us know that this is the case. If you have any questions or comments, do let us know. For example, is there anything really major we’ve missed in our list of potential projects for the year? And should we put out a guide/rulebook for GMing on the game and what should it contain? [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
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