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    Casting the Characters Who've Been Cut

    Helen McCrory - Barbery Dustin Henry Cavill - Arys Oakheart Sarah Bolger - Jeyne Westerling Kevin McKidd - Victarion Greyjoy or Jon Connington David O'Hara - Lyn Corbray Jason Isaacs - Aeron Greyjoy I understand none of these are possible because these actors have jobs or are beyond making TV, but they'd be perfect and I don't care.
  2. PrinceThatWasPromised

    You're Ned: find some marriage betrothals for your kids

    Robb and Wylla Manderly. Sansa and Harry Karstark/Brynden Blackwood. Arya and Edric Dayne. If too far of a stretch, probably Cley Cerwyn or Benfred Tallheart. Bran and Meera Reed. Theon and Wynafred Manderly/Jorelle Mormont. He should have been making moves to settle Theon on Sea Dragon Point, to defend against Iron Islanders or even start building a fleet. Marrying him and Robb to sisters would be a great way to tie them together as brothers without sacrificing Sansa.