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    What if cheese was...

    He and Blood may have killed the younger child during the Dance of the Dragons...
  2. Joshua Lowe

    Unowned lands and keeps

    Well Harrold Hardyng is considered "Harry the Heir" to the Eyrie. He isn't an Arryn, but is somehow distantly related. My guess is that a castle would go to whichever distant blood relative, cousin, 3rd cousin, etc... could make the best claim. And have the power to back up that claim if needs be.
  3. Joshua Lowe

    Southron Ambitions question/observation

    Ambitions aside, He married his heir to the only daughter of one of the great lords of the realm. Even with no current/imminent ambitious plan, the possibilities of securing such an alliance are plentiful...
  4. Joshua Lowe

    The Sphinx is the Riddle

    Maybe the Sphinx statue itself guards something. Perhaps a secret chamber containing some very VERY secret knowledge? Sort of like the idea that the Sphinx of Egypt lies on top of an ancient hall of records...
  5. Joshua Lowe

    Why was Qarth left out of TWOIAF?

    Maybe Qarth is left out because it would be a spoiler to unveil too many details regarding the political structure of the city. Maybe GRRM doesn't want to let us know that Xaro is no real threat, and the Thirteen are but petty lords in the Greatest City that Ever Was or Will Be. Or reveal exactly how much power Quaithe wields.
  6. So I'm wondering... Asshai's oily black stone is said to drink in the surrounding light and dim the whole area. The stone used to build Yeen is similarly described in physical appearance to that of Asshai. So does the light from torches and tapers and hearthfires seem to dwindle away in Yeen as it does in Asshai? Or, is the "light drinking" some other magical property exclusive to Asshai?