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    What If There Was Someone Better?

    You sound like all those Southron lords that scoffed when a smuggler was raised to knighthood, then the Lord of the Rainwood, then Hand of the King.
  2. SerLinginBerry

    What If There Was Someone Better?

    The moment that “someone better” line was uttered, it cut to a scene with Jon, front and center...with Davos out of focus to the left. It’s an excellent misdirection. My money is on Davos, if not from the characters’ perspective, then from the writers’. It was my instant reaction to that scene. Davos has a lot in common with Jon. Davos doesn’t want to rule, was raised to his positions on merit, and is a man of the people. I’m willing to bet Davos makes out pretty good in the end.
  3. SerLinginBerry

    Puns and Wordplay

    I liked the guard in Cersei's first AFfC chapter. His name is Red Lester....a pun on Red Leicester cheese.