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  1. This seems possible! And would represent what I'm talking about. Some change to the current system. If the whole story just ends up with a new ruler, and business as usual, what was it all for?
  2. I'm definitely not suggesting it becomes a Utopia, that all becomes well in the Kingdom, or that problematic individuals will cease making tough decisions. I'm just saying that the current cultural approach in Westeros to determining "claim" is f-ed up. And leads to terrible things. Power via strength and power at all costs are the true Big Bads of the show, not the White Walkers.
  3. Have seen many fans complain that the was the show chose to order the Army of the North's battles (Army of Dead, then Cersei) turns Cersei in to the "Big Bad" of the show -- a more fearsome threat than the White Walkers. While I did have some disappointments with S8E3, I think this particular one is wrong -- and reveals a misunderstanding (and short changing) of what the show has really been about for seven years. What has caused the most hardship, suffering, death, war, pain on the show? Has it been the White Walkers? No. Has it been Cersei? No. It has been the idea that power comes from strength and bloodline, instead of from cooperation and moral righteousness -- that ruling is a goal to be pursued at all costs, and its end justifies any means. Basically every conflict in the show has been caused by a thirst for power -- the desire to rule. Whether it's over the Seven Kingdoms, or a region, or city, or family -- all the bad, ugly stuff is all trickle down from various characters' desire to rule -- and the belief that legitimacy comes from strength. In short, the show's BIG BAD isn't a person -- it is THE THRONE itself. (Obviously, not the physical throne -- but the idea of it.) The obsession with POWER has caused more pain and suffering than the White Walkers. Cersei is its current manifestation, but it is bigger than her -- it goes back centuries -- it is THE WHEEL that Dany pledged to shatter. This is why I believe that the show's ultimate battle will be against the very idea of the throne, and that the show will end with a change to the system of rule in Westeros. Not saying it's going to be direct democracy, but the idea of a single person that rules all others will be upended. Somehow, THE THRONE will be defeated.