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    Did Tyrion have feelings for Sansa?

    He does sympathize and cares for her though. Love? Not really...
  2. Sir Cheese

    So who would you bend the knee to?

    To be fair, my choice would be Joffrey. I don't know how cartonishly evil he is. Stannis pushes his religion from Essos, and I would statisticaly be southerner who worshipes the Faith of the Seven. Renly (my first choice) is dead. I have no idea who Daenerys is, and dragons are just fairy tale to me. Stark is a Northerner, and I have no common things with him.
  3. Sir Cheese

    Untangling Meereenese knots, Gordian style

    From like book 3 I stopped believing she will never go to Westeros...
  4. Thank you! I agree on Jaime, although Glotka and Tyrion are more simmilar in the whole "brain" department. Jaime is no fool, but he is not that level.
  5. Sorry to barge in. I am a big Joe fan, and I was talking with my other buddy who also likes the books. But, his theory is that Glokta is the copy od Tyrion, or at least inspired by him. Very smart, but people dismis him because of his physical attributes. My two cents are - NO. Tyrion is a hedonist, and still in a much more better position in the world than Glokta in the begginig of the first book.
  6. Sadly NO. It would be great and worth the wait all these years, but I just don't see it.