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  1. Image result for Iron Maiden fire Eddie

    Alright mate, now you can really follow some of the shit I write about over here!  Love the Maiden artwork, need to get a good avatar as well.  This picture is from the Maiden collection, kinda looks like an evil, almost dead Bloodraven grown into the tree.  There is a load of cool artwork if you google 'fire' Eddie or 'ice' Eddie etc.  And your location:  22 Acacia Avenue.  :devil:

    If you end up reading some of the arrogant and argumentative stuff on this board, I can see warning points abound!  :lol:   

    1. Cav


      alright mate, yer im trying to find a good avatar. Just popped on to see if there's any arguments going on that I can join in on.

    2. Wizz-The-Smith


      Loving your avatar mate, seventh son for the seven kingdoms!  Ice Eddie is a good choice.  There is a thread on Bran and the darkness of his cave, there are some funny arguments going on over there.  A couple of beefy posters to look out for... Dorian Martell and Macgregor of the North, both stubborn as fuck and seem to love an argument. 

      Have a look at this thread as that is where I posted my new ideas etc... 

      Seams, portals and bridges - The Magical Landscape of Westeros? What about islands?

      Still working on the essay, I am slow as fuck.  

      Yorkshire lost the county champs to Middlesex today, but it was the best county championship cricket I have ever watched on tv, 230 or so in 40 overs to win, but Middlesex bowled them out. 

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