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    Bakker LV - Nau's Ark

    I distinctly remember that being more or less his response to a question about Inrau, I think relating to all the stuff with Onkis that happened there.
  2. odium

    Bakker LV - Nau's Ark

    My reading of the text makes me think that Bakker wanted us to retroactively realize that Kellhus' self-deception went very deep, something like what you mention above @Sci-2, so deep as to potentially indicate the Probability Trances were all "rigged" from the beginning because of the predestined resurrection of the No-God. Picking through the books again, I'm reminded of so many questions I had that I can't remember the answer to. The whole weird ass Inrau scene ended up being a red herring because Bakker literally forgot what he meant there, right? Did we eventually reach the conclusion that Ajokli was probably behind a lot of Kellhus' visions in the first trilogy or was the involvement of the Hundred one of the theories shot down by the Bakker interview? Who was the voice in Kelmomas' head? The question about the Probability Trance makes me question just how far the predetermined destiny idea goes. I mean, was Kelmomas' eventual birth and fate written into destiny as soon as the Inchoroi succeeded in summoning the No-God, or was it later? Could the Dunyain experiment somehow have been a doomed effort that was in some way preordained to produce the second host of the No-God?
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    Bakker LV - Nau's Ark

    Thanks to both of you. Are the Lord Foul's Bane books any good? And I realize historical fantasy is a quite different flavor, but I also saw the books but I Maurice Druon flouted by Martin himself as the historical Game of Thrones, curious to know if anyone has read and enjoyed them. I recall seeing your posts on the history of Earwa at some point, Wertz! And also I think I've noticed you posting over at RPS now and again. The Internet is a small place after all.
  4. odium

    Bakker LV - Nau's Ark

    Moenghus could have sent Leweth at some indeterminate point. Honestly though I guess there is no way of being sure if it's a plot hole or what, but Kellhus' miraculous Sranc-free journey from Ishual is pretty convenient
  5. odium

    Bakker LV - Nau's Ark

    As someone who read Harry Potter for the first time very recently, I would be interested in hearing you expound about why you feel Rowling constitutes one of the greatest writing talents of Bakker's generation. I thought there was a very well-crafted continuity in the books (and god the film series, which I'm now going through with my girlfriend, is fucking awful in comparison) but, honestly, I saw it more as Rowling planting seeds that would be easy to turn into plot hooks later on as opposed to necessarily planning everything in advance. I suppose we can't really know her exact thought process, but I keep coming back to these threads to read people's theories, and in the case of TSA they ended up being immensely more satisfying than the actual series, so... On another note... Just the other day, I was going through the original trilogy again in Spanish. I've taken a class in Ancient Greek since my last read through and was delighted to pick up some fun references, and while there are a few glaring errors in the Spanish translation, on the whole it's pretty solid. Though unfortunately it doesn't seem like the second series was ever translated... at least, I couldn't find anything about it. I noticed something in Leweth's dialogue as well that has probably been mentioned already, but I thought it was worth bringing up. He mentions in his dialogue to Kellhus that he felt as if the forest beckoned him, when explaining his exile from Atrithau: I thought it might be the most explicit kernel of information to suggest Moenghus prepared the way for Kellhus' initial journey into the world. Anyone have any thoughts? Also, I'm considering digging into the fantasy genre again. Is Malazan worth the ride? How does it compare to Prince of Nothing? What else is out there and worth eating up?