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    Who was the Biggest Villain of the Dance?

    Yes - Clubfoot is an intriguing character, not easy to comprehend especially with lack of POVs in F&B. There are good arguments to be made for Otto and Alicent Hightower in terms of fomenting the coup and starting the Dance. Regarding brutality of the war itself, probably Criston Cole or the Betrayers. If one could reduce everything to a pivotal turning point, it was definitely Aemond's kinslaying at Storm's End that made war inevitable. I have less sympathy for arguments blaming Rhaenyra. What she blameless? No, but she was named heir by the Viserys and affirmed by the nobility in 105 AC.
  2. RainwoodOwl

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    Right for his family? You must mean what's right for Walder's ego. It's referenced over and over how WF has thin skin and broods over slights. He's a rather insecure character, just as Robb is a horrible political strategist. While this is was a huge mistake by Robb, it was not in the long term interest of the Freys to break guest right and lose the trust of basically everyone. Breaking a marriage alliance =/= betrayal and murder of 3,500 people. They're not equivalent and construing it as if they are is disingenuous. Did Robb make a very stupid, catastrophic blunder in breaking the marriage pact? Yes, and Freys deserve some compensation. If Robb could annul his marriage to Jeyne, and marry a Frey, all the better. I find that unlikely. Higher tolls and duties, immediate marriages to Starks and their strongest bannermen and prominent Riverlands houses. Good luck marrying off those sons and daughters now. What's an alliance with the Freys worth when it's open season on Freys in their own lands?
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    Minor/offscreen characters you want to see more of

    Howland Reed Alleras/Sarella Sand Mance Rayder Edric Dayne Lady Stoneheart & Ghost of High Heart
  4. This. I also don't quite understand the OP's original premise. There is substantial religious conflict in GRRM's universe during the war between CotF and First Men, Andal invasion, and 50-100 years following Aegon's Conquest. The early Targaryen kings after Aegon the Conqueror had catastrophic problems with the Faith due to their incest and polygamy, such as the Faith Militant Uprising. It's not a fair characterization to say religious conflict does not play a substantial role. By the timeline of the novels, hundreds or in the former cases thousands of years have transpired: plenty of time to solidify peace with political and economic alliances. Further, concepts such as race and nationalism are substantially later developments than Europe during the Wars of the Roses, the main inspiration for the series. The Seven Kingdoms shouldn't be compared to a modern nation state, this is a fictional feudal society.
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    Why do people think that Cersei is one-dimensional?

    I don't know about one dimensional, but I think the traits readers find most unpalatable for Cersei are her arrogant selfishness, muderous incompetence and elitism/extreme contempt for anyone who isn't Jaime, her kids or Tywin (especially the smallfolk). Her chapters can be difficult to read because she thinks she is so much smarter and competent than she is in fact. "Loving her children" does not make up for these traits. What I find confusing about GRRM's writing of Cersei is the rapid decline of Cersei's competence after Game of Thrones. We know Ned was terrible as a political operative but Cersei trounces him with ease yet proves time and time again from ACOK through ADWD her incompetence. You could possibly argue that she has a "low cunning" allowing her to be a good enough tactian to outmanuever the hapless Ned while being a terrible long term strategist. You could also attribute this to a personality disorder or a swift descent into madness and alcoholism. None of these explanations fully satisfy me. While I agree with previous posters that Robert's abuse and her terrible relationship with him played a role in her decline, I think having Tywin as her primary role model for her entire life is main source of her toxicity, from her arrogance to her paranoid preoccupation with Tyrion. She was toxic before Robert -- I don't think the death of Melara (only other witness to Maggy the Frog's prophecies) drowning in a well was an accident.