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  1. Also how about this viserys has a bastard son from a white and learns about can't and stuff revives her with kinvara and they fly back together and burn down red keep. Also Jon snow meets Val and the fall in love but Jon soon gets depressed and jumps off the wall
  2. How would the suviving chracters you think will evently die and how long after you think me: Grey Worm: Probs dead already Butterlies of Naath are not feidnly to outsiders Brienne: Will be reveled to be Preggers with Jaimies Twins dies a long agonizing death from Childbirth How Ironic but very GRRM Bronn: Several years with be the victim of a coup by the Reach people who grow to HATE him Davos: Sevral years of either Old Age or Similar in a nice warm bed at the age of 76 Edmure Tully: Dies after his horse slips off a Cliff whilst hunting Yara: About a Month after. Killed by Tormund in a Battle cause by her after she attks beyond the wall Tormund: About a Month after. Killed in Aformentioned Ironborn battle Bran: Sevral years later after being attakced by Drogon possibly ridden by a Resurected Dany Yohn Royce: Killed in Battle after Hill Tribes declare war on the Vale lords Shagga (remember him?): Killed in battle by Lyn Corbary is Made the new LCoKG Robett Glover: The Day after Sansa Corniation, Hung for Treason she goes and Takes his son who agrees to Marry her What are some of your ideas
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