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  1. Jon has done all he can to warn the realm. No one would believe him because by the time he is Lord Commander Stannis is at the Wall and since the world is at war, no one would risk going there.
  2. Chris Mormont

    Did Cersei help cause her mother’s death?

    I don't think Cersie was involved at all. Women died birthing normal children, Tyrion's birth would have been very difficult.
  3. If a man's primary goal as a Lord is to protect his House and ensure his family stays in power, then Walder has outsmarted all the other houses by having 22 sons.
  4. Chris Mormont

    Did Tywin waste his legendary wealth?

    Tywin didn't want to start a war, he wanted to flex his muscles and scare everyone. He did not anticipate Robert's death. He probably expected Robert to intervene and have someone pay him off, either Tully or Stark, with additional lands or gold for Catlyn's "abduction of Tyrion". While Robert's death initially seemed like a good thing, that led to the war which now Tywin was forced to fight to protect his grandson the king. Even if Tywin never invaded the Riverlands, the war would have occurred.
  5. I don't think anyone was trying to make anyone feel guilty for supporting Daenerys' "journey". I think the point of the speech was that her actions were not an isolated incident, that in fact this is how she deals with people who oppose her.
  6. Chris Mormont

    Jon and Val

    Jon and Val would make a good match.
  7. Chris Mormont

    Bowen's next decision

    The first thing he will need to deal with is the riot that occurs moments after Jon is killed. The wildings are going to go crazy, and Jon will still have loyal friends in the Watch. Bowen is dead by sunrise.
  8. Chris Mormont

    Would Robb have married Jeyne if she was lowborn?

    No, because he would not have "dishonored her" if she was lowborn. Even though it seems like Jeyne was, at the very least, encouraged to pursue Robb but more likely instructed to seduce Robb by her mother, Robb feels that as the man it was his "fault" they had sex and thus he dishonored her since a highborn girl would never have sex unless married.
  9. You assume Tywin was with his forces inside the city. It is more likely that he was outside the city with the reserves in the event the situation went bad.
  10. Chris Mormont

    the honeyed locusts...

    It was definitely poisoned. Perhaps the poison was supposed to act slowly but because Belwas ate the whole bowl quickly, it made him vomit most of it
  11. Chris Mormont

    Minor characters you wanna see lose and why?

    The Damphair. he is an arrogant zealot who whines and whines that people don't follow his thinking.
  12. Chris Mormont

    Who's the worst human being, Tywin Lannister or Roose Bolton

    Roose was far worse than Tywin. Roose likes to hurt people for the sake of hurting people, and he does nothing to control Ramsey. Furthermore, Roose was undermining and betraying Robb way before the Red Wedding. Tywin rationalizes everything he does by doing it in the course of war. He may employ sadists, but he does not enjoy doing the deeds himself.
  13. Chris Mormont

    Poll: Aurane Waters' Endgame

    I think he will work as a naval free company, selling his fleet's service to the highest bidder. Or he was already approached by the Iron Bank who wanted the ships in retaliation for Cersie not repaying them.
  14. Chris Mormont

    The Tower of Joy

    That makes no sense. Why would Aerys order 3 of his Kingsguard to stay in Dorne when a war is going on in the Riverlands? I believe Rhaegar convinced them to stay and protect Lyanna because she would be his Queen.
  15. Chris Mormont

    The Tower of Joy

    The 3 Kingsguard were loyal to Rhaegar, which is why they stayed with Lyanna, who is pregnant with his child on his orders. After Rheagar is killed, they aren't aware that Aerys names Viserys his heir, so when Kings Landing is sacked and Aerys and Aegon are killed, they naturally believe Jon is their new king and will fight to protect him from Robert's men. They cannot assume that Ned will do the right thing and protect his nephew, that is their job. And at this point they chose to die with honor rather than bend the knee.