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  1. Ned, Don't tell Cersie you have proof the kids aren't Robert's. Cat, Leave Tyrion alone, why on earth would he want Bran dead. Theon, your father is an ass, stay loyal to Robb Bran, listen to your mother and stop climbing walls
  2. Chris Mormont

    The KoLT and Subsequent Events

    This is in a World of Ice and Fire under Rhaegar
  3. Chris Mormont

    The KoLT and Subsequent Events

    I do not believe they were forsaking Aerys, Dayne and Whent were with Rhaegar since Harrenhall, obviously under some orders. When Hightower went to get Rhaegar, he apparently did not return to KL with him, nor did Whent or Dayne. Rhaegar obviously ordered them to stay with Lyanna, since we see no suggestion that they were dishonorable men they must have believed that it was a legit order. At the time, Aerys was guarded by 4 other KG. If Rhaegar's marriage was annulled by a septon, then his new marriage would be valid. As I said earlier, Dayne and Whent were with Rhaegar, they know much more than we do.
  4. Chris Mormont

    The KoLT and Subsequent Events

    I disagree with this. Using your own logic, there is no text evidence that Rhaegar kidnapped and raped Lyanna. This seems to be the conclusion several people jumped to when Lyanna went missing, but there is nothing to support it. The text supports the strong possibility of the 2 falling in love. Lyanna crying when she hears Rhaegar sing at the feast and Rhaegar naming Lyanna the queen of love and beauty at the tourney. Furthermore, the text also points out that Lyanna was not 100% excited to marry Robert. She had a conversation with Ned regarding Robert's child in the Vale, the fact that she doubted if he could ever be kept to one bed, and her opinion that love could not change a man's nature, is textual proof that she didn't appear to want to marry Robert.
  5. Chris Mormont

    The KoLT and Subsequent Events

    The only assumption I will disagree with is that everyone knew Lyanna was the KoLT. My theory was that Rhaegar did discover Lyanna was the KoLT when Aerys sent him out to look for "him". He asks why, she tells him the truth, he is wowed by her candor, compassion and skills, and they fell in love. They agree to run away and you have Robert's rebellion. They wed in secret, and have a baby. The Kingsguard are there to protect Rhaegar's heir and new King now that Aerys is dead. Lyanna died from complications during childbirth.
  6. Chris Mormont

    GRRM: Some folk got it right.

    I have been telling friends for over a year, Winds is done, but GRRM realizing the major plot differences does not want to have the books and the show compete. So he is allowing the series to end, with it's own plot and ending, then he will release Winds. It will then seem like the books had an alternative ending which can be appreciated without fans going back and forth.
  7. Chris Mormont

    Tyrion's Defense

    Regardless of whether Tyrion had a good lawyer or not, if the judges wanted him convicted, he would be convicted. We are using today's standards to create an argument that Tyrion should be found guilty. From that perspective, I don't even think there was enough evidence to charge Tyrion. Cersie ran the "investigation" everyone is going to testify to what she wants to hear. The biggest issue with the accusation, in my opinion, has always been opportunity. Tyrion had access to the wine and poured the wine, but who could have foreseen Joff making Tyrion his cupbearer at the wedding? So tyrion brought poison to the wedding on the chance he might be able to slip it in the King's cup? Unlikely.
  8. Chris Mormont

    Jon Snow's death

    How can the Counsel inform Castle Black without Jon knowing? Who would/ could they contact and how? That had nothing to do with Jon's murder. The officers did not like the decisions Jon was making because they conflicted with centuries of customs and an oath which did not take into account a very unusual set of circumstances. One could argue that the Watch had not taken part in the War. They sent for help and Stannis came and saved them, they were in no position to refuse Stannis hospitality after that. Then Stannis offered to help them guard the wall by manning the abandoned castles, again, how could they refuse. The throne sends a few dozen men at a time from the dungeons, stannis had a well trained well armed army who were there. Would you refuse that help for future promises? Even if Jon marched on Winterfell, he was not doing it to help Stannis, he was doing it, in part, because Ramsey was threatening him and the Watch.
  9. That is true, but I was looking at it from the eyes of the Northmen. If they are in the dungeons when the survivors are brought there, then they would vouch that Perwyn and company were not part of the betrayal. If they were just not present at the wedding, then from the North's perspective, they would be just as guilty
  10. Chris Mormont

    There must Always be a Stark at Winterfell

    I suspect the saying, "There must always be a Stark in Winterfell" was not originated by some paranormal mystery, but rather a sensible logical rational. If there are no Starks in Winterfell, what would prevent someone on the inside from barring the gates and taking the castle from the absent Starks? The swords being buried with the Lords are a funeral rite Ned's bones are probably at Greywater Watch with Hallis Molen. Although I do have a another theory that Hallis is the hooded man in Winterfell and that he is actually there with Barbary Dustin. She proclaims her hatred of Ned and the Starks way too much. I think she is still loyal, but playing a part in order to 1) survive and 2) to help take back the North from the Boltons. I think that is why she wanted to go in the Crypts, she may have suspected to find Bran and Rickon there.
  11. "Being away" was the vague excuse Cat got when she inquired about Perwyn, Alesander and Olyvar. Perwyn is later at Riverun siege. It is possible that they were sent away, but then no one could could later vouch for them not being part of the wedding. That is why I said they would need to be in the dungeons.
  12. All the male Freys should pay for the Red Wedding, unless they were in the dungeons when the survivors were sent down there. I expect that Perwyn and Oliver were imprisoned based on their objections.
  13. Chris Mormont

    How should Robb have gotten his sisters back?

    He was not wrong to rebel. He did not initially start out with that intention nor was independence his desire. He was called to KL to swear fealty to Joff and he decided to take some protection.
  14. Chris Mormont

    The Stannis Plan and why he wrote the Pink Letter.

    Stannis writing the letter is very plausible, in fact I would say probable, but I do not think this occured after the taking of Winterfell, I think he needs Jon to show up with Wildings to take Winterfell.
  15. Chris Mormont

    Cache at the Fist of Frist Men- Coldhands or Ben Stark

    Coldhands and the Children of the Forest are working together, but the scent on the cloak is what attracted Ghost. Therefore, I am going to guess Coldhands did the burying in his own old cloak. Perhaps Bloodraven, told them to bury it to give the Watch a fighting chance or better yet, the knowledge of how to fight the WW.