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  1. Chris Mormont

    How far south will the Others get?

    I think GRRM will have the final battles at Winterfell. If the WWs get past Winterfell, there is nothing to stop them until the Neck. We still have no idea what the Night King wants, but my guess is whatever it is, it is in Winterfell. I also believe that whatever "magic" is in the Wall, is also in Winterfell's walls.
  2. Chris Mormont

    Robert Screwed Up After The Greyjoy Rebellion

    But he also needed to avenge those who had fallen for him fighting agaisnt the Ironborn and take measures they would not rebel again. As I first pointed out, Theon and a hostage is not a permanent solution.
  3. What was Robert thinking in the aftermath of the Greyjoy Rebellion allowing Aeron, Euron and Victarion to remain free after the war was over. Robert is relying on Balon's love for Theon to prevent another rebellion while allowing the men who planned and led the rebellion to remain free. I understand those who may say, Balon suffered the loss of his 2 oldest sons, but that still wouldn't prevent a future attack. At the very least, one of Balon's brothers should have been sent to the wall so their forces would be weaker in the future. If something happened to Balon or Theon, what would then prevent the Ironborn from rising up again?
  4. Chris Mormont

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    Jon's decision about Hardhome is not based on his "fondness" for the wildings, it is based on the fact that once these wildings are killed, and we know that will happen, they will become wights and then they will be more than troublemakers.
  5. Chris Mormont

    Minor/offscreen characters you want to see more of

    Edric Dayne. I'd like to see him and Arya reconnect
  6. Chris Mormont

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    A lot of the comments are using our knowledge of the events and people to pass judgement of Jon, but forget that Jon has been isolated and does not know what we know. The big problem with his "Plan" (which we know little of) is his plan to divide his forces. The Hardhome endeavor is doomed, and thus many of his the Night's Watch brothers will be as well.
  7. Chris Mormont

    Robert and Maester Aemon

    Not only is Aemon old and sworn to the NW and Citadel, where he has forfeited his claims. He has no ability to threaten Robert. He does not have any means to raise an army and pose a threat. Even though he had been keeping tabs on Viserys and Dany, We do not know of any real attempts on their lives until Dany married Drogo, and thus had access to an army
  8. Chris Mormont

    Would Littlefinger have still “rescued” Sansa

    I think LF from early on saw that Sansa is exactly who she is, a young, naive girl who can be easily manipulated. She also has the Tully look, thus resembling Cat, his true love. But most importantly she is a Stark and the only one he has access to. A manipulator like LF, didn't need an exact reason when he first became interested in her, he just knew it was in his best interest to get her to trust him.
  9. Chris Mormont

    Would Littlefinger have still “rescued” Sansa

    LF killed Lysa because she was a mad woman who was starting to spill secrets, specifically about her killing Jon Arryn on LF orders and then sending the letter accusing the Lannisters to Winterfell. By killing her at that moment, he tied up a loose end and he "saved" Sansa again, making her more in his debt.
  10. Chris Mormont

    When did the Starks loose their military strength?

    I have said this in another post regarding the North. It would be a reasonable assumption that after Aegon's Conquest and the joining of the 7 Kingdoms people were more free to move about Westeros. so it would also seem reasonable to assume that many people in the North would have migrated south to avoid Wilding raids and the harsh winters over the past 300 years. The books seem to support this idea. Robb called his banners and even with the Freys he only had about 20 thousand men. Renly was trying to overthrow the Iron throne and between the Reach and the Stormlands he was able to raise 100 thousand men
  11. Chris Mormont

    Valentine's Day special: Flowers or Heads?

    I'm sure Arya would love to get Ilyn's head on Valentines Day. I was going to say Cersie's but I think she would rather kill Cersie herself.
  12. Chris Mormont

    Why did Ned leave the bodies of his companions in Dorne?

    How would he take 6 bodies back north? Who would he send them with? All accounts point to Ned and Reed being the only survivors. We can assume a wet nurse or septa was there to help Lyanna give birth, but there is nothing to suggest that others were there to even help prepare the bodies for the trip.
  13. Based on the fact that Rhaegar really didn't want to be found, I doubt they were receiving any information about the war. Perhaps when they realized what they had caused, they both had serious regrets
  14. Let's assume that Lyanna and Rhaegar ran away together willingly. In this case she has no right to be dismayed at the way the "men-folk" reacted. How should they have reacted?
  15. Chris Mormont

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    I used to think that Stannis wrote the letter to induce Jon to reinforce his troops, but now I think it was Ramsey after all. I think one or more of the spearwives were captured, and after some torture, Ramsey knows about Mance and some of the other info which was in the letter; Mel, the sword, the plan to rescue FArya, etc. He knows that he can't allow FArya to be discovered, so instead of her showing up at CB where Jon can prove to the North that the marriage is a scam, he plans to lure Jon to him in the hopes they do not cross paths so his secret is still safe. A wilding army attacking Winterfell would unite all the lords still left there regardless of their real loyalties. Ramsey sweetens the threat by demanding women and children knowing Jon has a good heart from this interrogation. Ramsey does not use the Bolton seal because Roose does not approve of the plan and at this point, Roose is still in charge