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  1. Adam Yozza

    Would Robert have been Happier in Stannis’ Position?

    Doubt it. He could have had all the Lords that supported Renly punished but he didn't because he knew their value. He's not stupid. He lets Mel and her followers do what they want within his own castle's and ranks because he needs the power the red god supplies. If he was King, he wouldn't need that power and would restrict them a lot more. Free to worship, fine, but even though he's not great at him himself he does know the value of PR and leniency.
  2. Adam Yozza

    Fate of Olyvar Frey

    Except Cersei doesn't actually seem to know who the ward is. She doesn't know for certain that he's got no relation, she's just choosing to believe that because she wants to give it to Aurane. Also, saying he's not of Gyles' blood doesn't mean there's no relation. Robert and Rhaegar were related but I don't think anyones ever described Robert as "being of Rhaegar's blood". Stokeworth's seem very proud as a house and the Frey's are new and upjumped in the eyes of the older nobility. Combined with the stigma of the Red Wedding and the fact that he refused them shelter, I think that's enough to warrant her calling him an ill-born wretch.
  3. Adam Yozza

    Fate of Olyvar Frey

    Yeah, because it's definitely just the North. The Frey's are fighting amongst themselves already, even with Walder still alive. As soon as he croaks it's all out civil war, mainly between Edwyn and Black Walder. Every house in the Riverlands hates them, even more than they hate the Lannisters. The prisoners Jaime just ordered transferred out of Frey custody are the only reason they don't have their fellow Riverlords butchering them Manderly style. That's without mentioning the Brotherhood now specifically Frey hunting and that's just the Riverlands. The Vale clearly despise them and have no interest in any sort of dealings with them to the extent that within a few months they're considered the shining example of how guests and hosts should not act (Remember Waynwood during the negotiaitions with Littlefinger? "We're not Frey's" or something to that effect when Corbray draws his sword?). The Tyrell's and the rest of the Reach don't seem to be all that fond of what went down either. Sure Robb was their enemy but I get the sense that the majority of Reach Lords felt the RW was ill done and would have preferrred something less despicable. Oh and lets not forget turning the Faith against them. Right as they start gathering power again. All it takes is one word from the Starry Sept and the common folk will suddenly start to see the Frey's as the most evil, despicable people in the world. The Lannister's themselves aren't that fond of the Frey's either and they're related to them. Hell Cersei is already planning on sacrificing them to satisy the faith and I imagine Tywin or Kevan or Tyrion or Jaime in the same spot would happily do the same. And Roose; their one 'ally' in the North, is all to happy to let them die to Stannis. At best he's apathetic towards them. The Ironborn just hate all Greenlanders and while we haven't heard their thoughts on the matter directly I can't imagine Doran; or in fact most of the Dornish; want to be all pally with the Frey's. So tell me whose good graces exactly the Frey's are in?
  4. Adam Yozza

    Fate of Olyvar Frey

    Personally I think they sent him to Rosby; his cousin or something; to get him out of the way of the RW and then after he heard what they'd done he refused to return and is the ward Pycelle refers to all the time. Might be sheltering Blackfish even.
  5. Adam Yozza

    Fate of Olyvar Frey

    Erm, except A) Robb didn't really forgive himself, he tricked Cat into a position where she had to accept his decision and B)What Robb did to the Frey's is not actually worse than what Karstark did. If you actually, genuinely think that murdering two innocent defenseless kids is better than breaking a marriage pact; and not just saying because 'I hate the Starks'; then you should probably seriously think about your morals. Also C) Jon gave Slynt three oppurtunities to accept his orders. Everytime he denied them. As a Lord Commander who's support base isn't very loyal to begin with, that can't be allowed to stand. Robb's own allies killed him because Lord Frey is petty and spiteful and wouldn't accept any attempt at reconciliation. Jon' allies killed them because they're biased, a bit racist, shortsighted and scared. Which, while still kinda bad, is more justifiable than the Red Wedding.
  6. Adam Yozza

    The Others: Why Now?

    In fairness I think Rhaegar's belief was that there would need to be 'three heads of the dragon' which he took to mean three Targaryen's; one of them Azhor Ahai/Prince that was Promised (who would end the war/bring balance etc) and the other two, while being less important, would be vital in helping him. He believed Aegon to be AA/PTWP and thus concluded that his daughter and an unborn third child would be the other two. As for the names, Rhaegar was a poet and the symbolism probably appealed to that side of him. But by the time he realised Aegon was the subject of the prophecy (he thought) Rhaenys had been born and named, so he had to make due with just the three names, not the order.
  7. Adam Yozza

    Did Robert forget to reward Hoster?

    In fairness Dragonstone could also be seen as a step-up. Giving it to Stannis declared him the heir apparent and an experienced and loyal bannerman needed to control Blackwater Bay both because it's a natural staging ground for an invasion and because those lords have the most Targaryen connections. I doubt Robert thought of all this and tbh if it was me I'd let Stannis have both Storm's End and Dragonstone with regent at SE. But it was Stannis' mindset that made him see it as a slight.
  8. Adam Yozza

    Would you classify Joffery as a pscopath or sociopath?

    I'm inclined to agree with you but then there are some things he does that just can't be explained away by a bad upbringing and do indicate something was wrong in his head. For comparrisons sake, I think we can all agree Ramsay is a psycopath. In contrast, I'd put Roose as a sociopath. And Joffrey's behaviour was definitely closer to that of Ramsay than Roose. How much of that is his upbringing/age/power as opposed to a mental thing is up for debate.
  9. Adam Yozza

    Did Robert forget to reward Hoster?

    The marriages were Hoster's price for joining the rebellion. In exchange for pledging his swords to Robert he gets his daughters as the wives of two Lord Paramounts. He doesn't get another reward after that. Also, it was Ned who saved Robert from the Battle of the Bells.
  10. Adam Yozza

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    I'm not going to claim that there are 20-25k of untapped men in the North as of the end of Dance. However, across the series we've seen 26/27k raised. Skagos hasn't been touched and is considered part of the North. The Reed's didn't mobilise as a host but their warriors must still be added to the overall strength of the North. Dustin claims to have sent as few men as she could get away with and houses like Ryswell, Locke and the two Flint houses have yet to commit their reserves to any battle (if Cerwyn and Tallhart could still raise men in Clash, and Karstark/Umber can call upon some form of levies as of Dance it stands to reason that the more powerful houses in better locations also have some extra manpower they haven't used yet) and of course we have Manderly's claims that he has the most remaining heavy horse out of any lord left. For a house as powerful as Bolton I can't see them having less than 500, minimum. So unless you believe Manderly's horse outweights his foot, he should also have a proportionate amount of foot still available to him (how much depends on what his horse-infantry ratio is at the time of ADWD). So no, there isn't another 25k sitting around doing nothing. But across the whole North, if they called upon absolutely every semi-able bodied men, there might be another 10-15k though.
  11. Adam Yozza

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    Except as Free Northman says, ADwD should actually push the estimates of the North's military strenght upward, not downward.
  12. Adam Yozza

    The complete disrespect fandom has for stark arms

    If I recall he brought fifty with him, which is already less than Renly and Cersei each claim to have in their service. He then sent 10 home with Lady's bones, then sent 20 more out with Beric Dondarion and also lost a couple in the fight against Jaime's men. So when Ned was arrested and his guard slaughtered, his guard consisted of about fifteen men.
  13. Adam Yozza

    Great lord wards

    Robin Arryn with the Stark's from a very early age. Anything to get him away from Lysa. Shireen to Storm's End. She seems to get on well with Edric in canon so fostering that relationship would be good. Bran wants to be a knight, send him to Jon Arryn, the Blackfish or the Tyrell's.
  14. Adam Yozza

    Do people actually believe Bolt-on?

    As far as I can tell Ramsay is definitely meeting his end at Winterfell early in Winds. The only question is whether Roose goes down with him or whether he escapes for a while.
  15. Adam Yozza

    Poll: The Southron Ambitions

    No. Most likely he just wanted to intergrate his family with the politics and trade of the south by gaining some influence at court and in the other major houses. At worst, he, Tywin, Hoster and Jon were creating a power block to try and keep Aerys in check should he ever start threatening to go too far. In the end, he did go too far and said power block (minus Tywin) rose up in rebellion and overthrew him.