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  1. Adam Yozza

    Your king and small council?

    Assuming we can pick anyone from any point in the series: King: Jon Hand: Tywin Lannister Master of Coin: Wyman Manderly Master of Whispers: Varys Master of Ships: Paxter Redwyne Master of Laws: Brynden Tully Grand Maester: Aemon Lord Commander: Barristan
  2. Adam Yozza

    Is Stannis guilty of killing Renly?

    It's an iffy one. Personally I'd lean towards no. His words and the way he acts afterwords seem to give the impression that he didn't know what was going down at the time and only pieced it together later. Now, it can be pointed out that Stannis considered Renly's death necessary. This is true and is shown several times leading up to Storms End. Equally, Stannis is frequently told that Melisandre has seen Renly's death at Storms End and that Stannis immediately goes there, which doesn't paint him in a good light. However, I don't believe anyone ever tells him how Renly is to die. For all we know Stannis interpreted that Mel was forseeing his victory there, that Renly would fall in battle. Reading the parley again and considering his words after ( 'I should have been ahorse, armored. I knew Renly would attack at break of day.') that to me indicates that Stannis thought it would come to a battle he presumed himself foretold to win. And who knows how Mel duped him into sleeping with her. She could have told him anything without actually saying "Have sex with me and I'll birth a shadow assassin to murder your brother". In essence I think she manipulated him into giving permission without him knowing exactly what he was giving permission for. Which means he was willing to be responsible for Renly's death and would have been if it had gone to a battle but the way events transpired then no, he isn't. Penrose on the other hand....
  3. Adam Yozza

    King Robert Kingsguard loyalty

    Selmy, Moore and Oakheart side with Robert, Jaime sides with Cersei, the other three are Cersei's creatures but whether that loyalty extends to siding against the King I'd expect not but can't say for certain.
  4. Adam Yozza

    The Frey civil war

    Edwyn is the heir and has control of I think 2,000 men at Riverrun (all spearmen/levies tho, iirc, no knights). Black Walder, who has a mutually spiteful relationship with Edwyn, controls a garrison as Seaguard, one of the relatively untouched and more powerful Riverlords remaining, and is (debatably) next in line after his bro. Those two will absolutely go at each other when Old Walder dies. Meanwhile, Emmon may feel (prompted by Genna, of course) that being Lord Walders son is a better claim than great-grandson. Controlling Riverrun, marriage ties to the Lannisters and familial proxity may prove enough to encourage a third side. That is if the Frey's in Riverrun haven't been Red Weddinged by Stoneheart already. After that there are no Frey's close enough to justifiably stake a claim. Oh some may try but they'll have little support and be put down quickly. There will be at most three, perhaps four, major sides in this (if it happens). The potential fourth of course, is Lothar. He is the Castellan of the Twins and has literal proximity to Walder. He's by far the cleverest Frey, at least so far as we've seen and I wouldn't be suprised to see him take steps to suppress the knowledge of Walder's death for a bit in order to prepare a move. Whether that move would be to support either Edwyn or Black Walder, put forth his own chosen candidate or take the castle for himself, I don't know.
  5. Adam Yozza

    Pros and Cons of 9 Kingdoms

    Depends on the ruler. No one Kingdom would be anymore or anyless of a clusterfuck with independence.
  6. Then you're overestimating Robert. He'd probably put up a good fight but 1v1 with weapons of their choice and either Dayne or Selmy end up skinning a stag.
  7. Adam Yozza

    Varys or Littlefinger

    We know that because we read him practically telling Sansa that. Varys doesn't have that advantage and; especially early in AGoT; would Baelish' actions really give that indication to Varys and perhaps more importantly, would an answer that simple occur to him. Far more likely, I think, that he's trying to apply similar sorts of logic to LF's plans as he does his own and thus being unable to make sense of where they're going.
  8. Inclined to agree. If told to capture them and hand them over to Robert for execution, I think he'd do it. If told to murder them, I don't think he did.
  9. Adam Yozza

    Varys or Littlefinger

    Not quite. When Varys said he didn't know what game LF was playing, I took that to mean he can't figure out his end game. Since LF has no long-term co-conspirators like Varys does with Illyrio, no confidents, no one he'd write to, no need to write it down etc. his motive and goal are in his head only, and can't be learned which leaves Varys to guess. And none of his guesses make sense to him. However that doesn't mean he doesn't know when and what LF is doing when he puts one of his schemes into motion. Example; he may not be able to figure out why Joffrey's death benefits LF, but there is no reason to believe he didn't know about it (or, even if he didn't discover it beforehand, nothing to say he didn't find out the truth afterwards and choose not to disclose it)
  10. Adam Yozza

    The North: a proto-democracy?

    Extreme example.
  11. Adam Yozza

    Who would you have supported?

    Feel like you're picking the worst examples here tbh. Nah, I agree. I wouldn't support her because of her 'claim' to the throne. However, given the positions of the other candidates at the end of Dance and the fact that Dany has three dragons, I'd be inclined to support her for that reason.
  12. Adam Yozza

    Who would you have supported?

    No but its suicide by dragon to oppose him...to me thats a very legit reason.
  13. Adam Yozza

    Who would you have supported?

    Except for a few problems. 1) The Great Council didn't set any iron law, only a precedent, and precedents can be ignored. The oldest son inheriting was a precedent held by all of Westeros but Maegor ignored it and they still consider him a legitimate king. If they wanted their decision binding they should have insisted on it being made a law. 2) The Great Council didn't actually decide who should be the heir. Not so directly anyway. They were asked their opinion that Jahaerys then took into consideration. He chose based on the council's decision, but it was still his choice to follow or disregard. If the Lords had overwhelmingly voted for one of Saera's bastards, he would have ignored them I'm sure. Which leads me to 3) The Great Council were voting for whether a Kings granddaughter by his deceased first son should be heir, or the Kings second son. They chose the second son. Otto Hightower; a mastermind of the Green conspiracy; undermined the precedent set by this decision when he actively moved to have Rhaneyra sworn in as heir over Daemon, who; by two separate precedents; should have been Viserys heir. So for the Green's to use the Great Council as a justification is the height of hypocrasy. 4) Whether you like it or not, the Iron Throne is an absolute monarchy, at least at this point in time (they had dragons, thats as absolute as it gets). No one below them has any legal authority to challenge the King. Maegor was an evil and cruel tyrant, but until he died all those who fought against him were traitors because as long as he was alive, everything he said and did was legal. Therefore, Viserys was well within his rights to choose Rhaenyra as heir over Aegon. If that wasn't lawful, then Aerys disinheriting Aegon for Viserys isn't either, and that's an argument I see people using in favour of Dany all the time (not as often on this site)
  14. Adam Yozza

    Who would you have supported?

    Aegon's Conquest- Immediately swear to Aegon. To do otherwise is to gamble unneccisarilly. Maegor's Rebellions- Hate to admit it but would pay lip service to Maegor while undermining him until Jahaerys was ready. Aegon was doomed, the Faith is really no better and I'm not giving that psycho a reason to come to my doorstep. The Dance- Black, through and through. They had far more likeable than the Green's, a better claim than the Green's, more dragons and a better ruler (kinda). Plus they pretty much won in the end. Daeron's Conquest- Assuming I'm not living in Dorne, the answer should be obvious The Blackfyre Rebellion- Tough one. I like both claimants, but dislike both of the 'power-behind-the-throne' types, Bittersteel and Bloodraven. The 2nd, 4th and 5th Blackfyre Rebellions- Loyalist, because they had no chance. 3rd Blackfyre Rebellion- Don't know. Seems like they might have had a decent shot, and Aerys/Bloodraven combo was an awful situation. But then Haegon might be no better. Ninepenny- Targ. Roberts Rebellion- Rebels all the way. War of the Five Kings- Robb because his is the cause I'm most sympathetic to and his misfortunes are the easiest to correct or Stannis because he's the one with an actual strong claim.
  15. Adam Yozza

    Best incredibly minor character

    I'd love it if there was some wierd custom where a 'conquest' in the summer islands is just each claimant bringing 100 men and winner takes all and the Lannisters just wasted the chance...