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  1. I don't think the lads should have been regents. They were too young, you're correct. I do however think that they should have been given some sort of a role at court (or at least offered it). Like I said; Ben, Cregan and Jeyne were the ones who fought for the Blacks the whole war and never switched allegiences once while Kermit led the Tully's to a great victory that practically ended the Green's. IMO the regents should have been Corlys and Jeyne with Tyland as Hand and thats it, with Kermit and Ben being brought in as minor advisory roles; nothing significant, just a reward for their loyalty and to keep some young, loyal people around Aegon. Introducing I think six other contenders for power in K.L. was a recipe for disaster.
  2. Tiny margins either way. The fight would have gone to whoever had the wind or something like that and it would have been pyrrhic for whoever came out on top.
  3. Oh I agree. Same with Alyn really, although his being a bastard also worked against him.
  4. Adam Yozza

    [spoiler] Larys Strong

    Personally I think Larys was Green to begin with but only because he genuinely thought they were the hands down winners. I think he genuinely supported Aegon and did everything he could to help them win the war, although at some point that became less 'I am in full support of this faction' and more 'I'm going to die if the other faction find me'. And he suceeded in the end, although it was close. Except his entire family got wiped out along the way and by the end the Green's were determined to kamakazi themselves (The Blacks had a dragon, the greens did not; they were alienating the Velaryons who were the only defence against the Vale's invasion; their only remaining army was the Baratheon, while the Blacks had two armies less than a week away and despite all that, Aegon & Alicent would not sue for peace). So he turned to the only other option left in the form of Aegon III. Now whether revenge and discontent with the Greens over their actions towards his kin or simple self preservation were his primary motivators in killing Aegon II, I don't know. But I don't think he was playing any sort of elaborate long game by which he intended to become Hand of the King for Aegon the younger all along. I don't think he was Daemon's contact with the Greens. I think that was Largent. Makes most sense to me. But I do think he killed Harwin and Lyonel.
  5. I mean Manderly had never done anything awful for Aegon but he certainly didn't help him much either; maybe he shouldn't have been so brusque, but I can understand him wanting to choose his own Hand. Manderly may have fought loyally for Rhaenyra but he gave her bad advice on the Dragonseeds and had abandoned him to Peake. Tbh, of the original seven regents Corlys was the only one Aegon seemed to trust and respect. The other six never attempted to connect with him in any way and the man who replaced Corlys was possibly the worst candidate to do so. So really, since the end of the war he could count on one hand how many men had proven reliable (Corlys, Tyland, Alyn and I'd hesitently add Cregan to the list). The annoying thing is there were others people around who he could have come to rely on; that Massey he named to the KG was obviously more trusted than any of the others in the order (not that thats saying much) and the lads could have been given positions at court despite their age (proven Black loyalists who'd fought on til the end, something not even Corlys and Alyn could claim). But no: the regents know best and such people weren't allowed power in King's Landing. Do disagree on cancelling the progress, but he's a sixteen year old with an almost permanent state of depression and more than a little PTSD. So I can't blame him all too much.
  6. The main thing I picked up on is that Jace was actually pretty decent. I mean I've always prefered the Black's over the Green's, but reading F&B really made me appreciate that Jace seemed to have the making of a decent ruler. He's smart, listens to advice, apparently charismatic and a good negotiator and brave. All told he seems to have been one of the most competent and rational characters in the whole war. Also, he and Daeron struck me as quite similar. Really those two probably would have gotten along just fine if their relatives hadn't been at each others throats.
  7. Tbh I feel like it's pretty obvious that the Lords in the Dance only sent the bare minimum. After all, why send 5 thousand men to get slaughtered by a dragon when you can send 500 knights/men at arms and a few hundred levies. As evidence: during the Conquest, before Westeros knew how deadly dragons were, the Lannisters and Gardener's raised 55k; the biggest army ever raised. In the Conquest of Dorne, there are at least 60k men involved, probably more. And of course, RR and Wo5K sees armies numbering between 15-30k. But all three of those wars came after the dragons were long dead. The Dance is the only war with such low numbers and its conveniantly the only one in which both sides had dragons. That can't be a coincidence.
  8. That's why I said unlikely. But yeah best outcome would have probably been if Vhagar had turned and roasted Aemond on sight. Or if Criston Cole had taken a nasty head wound in a melee at some point or Lyonel Strong survives and continues on as Hand. There are many, many ways succession crisis could have been prevented. But the entire point of the Dance is that it was the culmination of about twenty different issues and grievences all exploding at the same time. You'd be very busy if you wanted to prevent it entirely.
  9. Say Maris Baratheon was struck by a fever the day Aemond and Luke went to Storms End and its possible (if unlikely) the war doesn't evolve beyond the war of quills.
  10. Adam Yozza

    How would Dragonslayers be seen in Westeros?

    Five dragons chained and confined including two hatchlings and another very young dragon. Only Dreamfyre was a 'battle' dragon and she actually died when she collapsed the roof of the dragonpit trying to escape. And a lot of the smallfolk died in the attempt. Its a different story in an open battlefield when the dragon is in the air spewing the hottest fire in existence down on your armies heads; in that case, your only chance is that you get exceptionally lucky and an arrow or scorpion bolt hits it in the eye.
  11. Adam Yozza

    Quaithe Farman?

    Probably not enough time left to do that with everything else that's still got to happen in the space of two books.
  12. Adam Yozza

    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    No. I don't think so.
  13. Adam Yozza

    Quaithe Farman?

    Doubtful. Possible, but doubtful. That said I believe Quaithe might well be a decendent of Elissa rather than Elissa herself. On a side note, that video is rather well put together but there are a few little details they got wrong that bugged me about it. Nothing massive but it did sort of lower its credibility to me.
  14. Adam Yozza

    Renly winning would have been a disaster.

    Are you kidding? Aegon vs Maegor, The Dance, the Blackfyre Rebellions (at least the first two). They were internal to the Targaryen family but they were still rebellions against the ruling branch. Also Lyonel Baratheon started a rebellion of independence. They settled it with single combat but still. I believe there was an attempted Ironborn uprising at one point too, with Harren the Red (did he claim Kingship?)
  15. Adam Yozza

    Renly winning would have been a disaster.

    I agree to a certain extent. But the fact is Renly did have a claim. He was the King's brother and he'd just 'watched' (i.e. heard about) the new King command the unjust execution of a Lord Paramount as his first action as a ruler. In addition, the same King had blatantly ignored and even sancionted the illegal actions of his grandfather in invading the Riverlands. After taking the throne all Renly has to do is say that he was overthrowing a tyrant the same way his brother Robert had fifteen years earlier. Oh and Tommen shares his trecherous Lannister blood so we couldn't trust him to be King and since Stannis hadn't made a claim by the time I raised my armies so I was next in line. And that's before Stannis sends out the letters claiming incest. That gives him an even better excuse. Whether he believes it or not, he can claim that its truth and use it to justify his claim.