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  1. Adam Yozza

    A New Husband for the Lady Donella Hornwood

    He's a modest man and felt it would be stepping above his station. Someone like Littlefinger would have jumped on it I'm sure (oh look at that he did)
  2. Adam Yozza

    A New Husband for the Lady Donella Hornwood

    Pretty sure she was hinting that she wanted to remarry Rodrik. Also Beren Tallhart would have been a better choice to be the Hornwood heir. He's got Hornwood blood, very close ties to Torrhen's Square which would help deter hostile action against Hornwood and Donella herself would be more willing to see her husbands lands go to his nephew than his bastard son, so the transition of power would have been a lot smoother.
  3. Adam Yozza

    A New Husband for the Lady Donella Hornwood

    Ser Rodrik Cassel.
  4. Adam Yozza

    Pardon for Rickard Karstark

    Yeah I agree with you but I just felt like it was ironic that the guy was trying to defend Karstark for killing 'enemy trainees' when by the same definition he had nothing to be angry about to begin with
  5. Adam Yozza

    Pardon for Rickard Karstark

    In revenge for his sons...who are trained killers and died fighting their enemies.
  6. Adam Yozza

    Pardon for Rickard Karstark

    Stupidly isn't the same as wrong. Killing Rickard was the right thing, but there was more practical path he could have taken.
  7. Adam Yozza

    Pardon for Rickard Karstark

    Why? While Catelyn does commit treason, she doesn't order a portion of Robb's already dwindling army to desert him, she doesn't murder Stark soldiers and she doesn't murder a pair of young boys that, as highborn hostages, are expected to be treated with dignity. And she is repentent. Karstark is not; he mocks Robb in front of his men and declares that he is "no king of mine". If you think it's possible to pardon Karstark and not lose the war on the spot you probably need to learn how to read a room. When Cat is put in front of the Lords she confesses her treason, begs forgiveness and gives her reason, all while appearing very humble and at least somewhat remoreseful. None of those present bar Karstark himself actually blame her and none of them expect Robb to give a more harsh punishment than he does. On the other hand, Karstark seems unable to even comprehend that what he did was wrong. He blames everyone but himself and is proud of what he's done. And the other bannermen are angry. We never hear even a hint of dissent from any other northern house about what happened to Karstark which shows that they thought the punishment fit the crime in both cases.
  8. Adam Yozza

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    No it wasn't. Killing Robb, while dishonourable, you could maybe justify for the reasons you stated. Not a popular decision for sure, I really like Robb and was rooting for him from the start but objectively you could justify it. Hell in the-adaptation-which-must-not-be-named Tywin presents it as 'killing a thousand men in battle or a dozen at dinner'. (He might also say this in the book, not sure, my copy is on loan atm) But killing Robb, his mother, Ser Raynald, several dozen nobles, taking the other nobles captive, slaughtering hundreds if not thousands of men and doing all of this at a wedding while the men being attacked are under guest right and doing it because one guy decided not to marry your daughter? That's not justified. That's petty and vindictive and cruel. That's why the characters in the book; even the ones not involved in the war or with the Starks; are disgusted by it.
  9. Adam Yozza

    What was Tywin's original plan?

    And then two other house's would be in the same position and make the same mistakes because thats what power does.
  10. Adam Yozza

    Tyrek Lannister theories?

    Genuinely don't have a clue. It's incredibly frustrating because its just about the only major mystery I haven't got a single realistic theory for. The only thing I can think of is that Varys or Littlefinger has him but idk what for...
  11. Adam Yozza

    Brown Ben Plumm

    Not with the GC
  12. Adam Yozza

    Pick your favourite nickname from GRRM’s writing

    Breakspear or Bloodraven
  13. Adam Yozza

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    Yeah right for his family. I'm sure thats what he's telling them as they systematically get hunted down and killed. Even their own allies spit on them now. Frey broke his oath to his liege Lords the Tully's by refusing to answer when called to the field. Note that this happened while Robert was alive and Ned was Hand of the King, so Tywin's raiding was illegal. By rights he should have allowed Robb to cross his bridge free of charge. So when Robb breaks his oath to the Frey's, yeah its not good of him. But he tries to reconcile with the Frey's and offer them compensation for the deal they shouldn't have been forced into making in the first place. The Frey's retaliate by killing Robb, his mother, his bannermen and thousands of his soldiers, imprisoning many more and generally crippling any semblence of safety anyone felt visiting another mans home. Which oath did Jon break again? And was it evil of Jaime to break his oaths as a Kingsguard to kill Aerys and save Kings Landing? If you think breaking a vow is inherintly evil I don't think you've really understood what Martin's going for.
  14. Adam Yozza

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    How exactly is Robert no longer his liege? Robert is Lord of Storms End and Stannis' direct superior.