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  1. For me it's got to be either Barth or Viserys II. Tywin was a damn good hand and did have to deal with a very unstable King but only had to do so during a period of peace. Baelor Breakspear also seems to have been quite successful at the job and while I think Bloodraven is a very talented politician and commander, I can't help but feel he'd have been more effective as the Master of Whispers than the Hand.
  2. Adam Yozza

    Best Targaryen Fighters past 300 years

    Daemon Blackfyre Maegor the Cruel Aemon the Dragonknight Maekar I Baelor Breakspear Daemon Targaryen Brynden Rivers Bittersteel Daeron the Young Dragon Aegon the Conquerer. Aemond Targaryen The only one I can't place is Visenya. None of the rest seem to be particularly gifted martially.
  3. Adam Yozza

    Tanselle's insult

    Not really. Don't get me wrong that's probably how they'd each react to someone mocking their house, but none of the four would violently (or at all, really) react to a puppet show that featured their sigil being defeated. Aerion reacted as he did because he is an unstable psycopath. Later years Aerys might react the same or Maegor but most people would just see it for what it was...a show.
  4. Adam Yozza

    Lord Brandon the Daughterless

    It's not the flaying that gives it away it; seeing as the Bolton's still flay people (secretly) as late as 300 ac. Instead, it's the fact that we've been told there has not been a Bolton rebellion since before the Conquest. I think capturing the Lord of Winterfell and flaying him pubicly enough that even the wildlings of it would be considered something of a rebellion and I doubt the rest of the North would just let it slide. As such, I suspect we can quite safely say the Bael story takes place before the Conquest and that the mention of the Kingsroad is just something that got added in as the years passed.
  5. Adam Yozza

    Does this Mummer's Dragon has us all fooled?

    You know, even if he is a Blackfyre or a Brightflame, he is still a dragon the same way Jon is still considered a wolf despite not being a Stark.
  6. Adam Yozza

    Justin Massey

    I agree that her journey will lead to her killing one of the characters you listed. However, I can see it being Littlefinger in particular. Which means she doesn't have to go south to complete her arc, seeing as I believe Littlefinger will soon go North. The Frey's downfall will come from a mix of the Brotherhood killing off a significant number of family members at Riverrun and a civil war between Black Walder and Edwyn after Old Walder's death. Cersei will be defeated by Dany and killed by the valonqar (IMO Jaime). I see Varys and Illyrio; if they die; meeting their ends at Dany's hands.
  7. Adam Yozza

    Did Meleys fight on the Stepstones?

    Probably. Can't see any reason why she wouldn't. Maybe she isn't mentioned because she mainly guarded the fleet or something?
  8. Adam Yozza

    Sam in basic training

    Chett didn't have loyalty in the end, and surely you'd want the best man for the job in a position as important as the Maesters scribe. Chett was a lowborn who barely knew how to read. Sam is highly educated, can read and write and do sums and is one of the most well read people at the Wall, maybe even in Westeros. He should have been put into that position the second he got to the Wall, not shoving him under the instruction of a brutal, petty, spiteful so-called knight until he breaks and is of no use to anyone.
  9. Adam Yozza

    Sam in basic training

    'Trainees'. All Thorne did was throw them in a ring with a pair of swords and told them to hit the other person. Jon was the one who taught his 'class' how to actually use a sword. Thorne was the teacher because he was a knight. That's it. Not because he was the best man for the job and not because he's a good teacher. As I said earlier, someone who would be harsh on the recruits but not single any one of them purely for the sake of it would have done a much better job with Sam.
  10. Adam Yozza

    Sam in basic training

    He didn't have to go easy on him, but likewise he didn't have to single him out. Under someone with a slightly gentler attitude; Leathers or Endrew Tarth for example; Sam, though not physically inclined, might have picked something up.
  11. Adam Yozza

    Defiance of Duskendale: Who else could have done it?

    Arthur Dayne maybe. Potentially Jaime in his prime. Perhaps Garlan, we don't really know how he compares to the likes of Barristan and Arthur, or Mance. But very few. You forgot that Barristan had to fight his way out as well as sneak in; with the King on his back.
  12. Adam Yozza

    Walder Frey versus Stoneheart's Merrymen

    They tried and failed. Why? Because with guerrilla warfare like this the size of your army isn't really important. You could have the biggest army in the world but some skilled guerrilla's with the populace's support could devastate you (*cough*Vietnam*cough). The Lannisters also supposedly had the numbers but they and the Starks were both completely unable to deal with them. Why should the Frey's; with less men and significantly less talented commanders overall and fighting an even more bloodthirsty and motivated Brotherhood; be able to succeed where Tywin and Robb failed?
  13. Adam Yozza

    How is Edric Storm being looked after?

    Maybe, but Blackberry is one of only about five guards. If he wanted to kill or capture Edric he'd have to go through Lewys the Fishwife, Gerald Gower, Triston of Tally Hill and Andrew Estermont. All are knights and at least Gower fought at and survived Blackwater, and is noted to have fought well there. It's more than likely the others fought there as well, especially Estermont.
  14. Because of time. Even a rushed wedding would take a day or so seeing as Robb would have to pick which Frey girl to marry (some people seem to be taking for granted that its Roslin, ignoring that the deal was that Robb could choose his bride), they'd have to find a Septon (there's probably one at the Twins but no guarantee) and then the actual ceremony. All of this would take time they didn't have. I agree once Riverrun was liberated and Ned was killed, Robb probably should have married and worked on getting an heir straight away. Although now that I think about it wasn't the agreement that the weddings would take place after the war was over? So he got a squire to an LP's heir and two wards at Winterfell immediately and an oath for two marriages in what was assumed to be the near future. That looks like hedging his bets to me. Immediate lesser rewards but without tying himself too closely to a ship that may yet sink. But if it doesn't then he has bigger rewards to come.
  15. Adam Yozza

    Honor and starks

    If it was done arbitrarily or for a minor offence I'd agree. Hell I'd argue that what Tywin did to the Reyne's and Tarbeck's was overkill. But unless I'm very much mistaken, we haven't actually been told how they died out. Simply that five centuries after they were formed, they presumed to join the Bolton's in rebellion and at the very least no male Greystark's survived said rebellion. It could simply be that all the male Greystark's at the time were of an age to fight and died doing so. Alternatively it could have been that the Starks felt their betrayal was less forgivable than the Bolton's (because Greystarks were related and Bolton's weren't) and wiped them out deliberately but if that were the case then I feel like a bigger deal would have been made out of it in the series proper.