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  1. Adam Yozza

    What was Tywin's original plan?

    And then two other house's would be in the same position and make the same mistakes because thats what power does.
  2. Adam Yozza

    Tyrek Lannister theories?

    Genuinely don't have a clue. It's incredibly frustrating because its just about the only major mystery I haven't got a single realistic theory for. The only thing I can think of is that Varys or Littlefinger has him but idk what for...
  3. Adam Yozza

    Brown Ben Plumm

    Not with the GC
  4. Adam Yozza

    Pick your favourite nickname from GRRM’s writing

    Breakspear or Bloodraven
  5. Adam Yozza

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    Yeah right for his family. I'm sure thats what he's telling them as they systematically get hunted down and killed. Even their own allies spit on them now. Frey broke his oath to his liege Lords the Tully's by refusing to answer when called to the field. Note that this happened while Robert was alive and Ned was Hand of the King, so Tywin's raiding was illegal. By rights he should have allowed Robb to cross his bridge free of charge. So when Robb breaks his oath to the Frey's, yeah its not good of him. But he tries to reconcile with the Frey's and offer them compensation for the deal they shouldn't have been forced into making in the first place. The Frey's retaliate by killing Robb, his mother, his bannermen and thousands of his soldiers, imprisoning many more and generally crippling any semblence of safety anyone felt visiting another mans home. Which oath did Jon break again? And was it evil of Jaime to break his oaths as a Kingsguard to kill Aerys and save Kings Landing? If you think breaking a vow is inherintly evil I don't think you've really understood what Martin's going for.
  6. Adam Yozza

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    How exactly is Robert no longer his liege? Robert is Lord of Storms End and Stannis' direct superior.
  7. Adam Yozza

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    I'm not entirely sure what your point is here? Are you agreeing with me? Disagreeing? Can I ask you to clarify? As for Stannis, I'm not sure which was the bigger factor but I'm sure both played a part.
  8. Adam Yozza

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    Yeah. That's pretty much exactly what I was getting at.
  9. Adam Yozza

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    No they don't. First of all you're ignoing the point that when the banners get called, its perfectly legal and not breaking any oaths to the King. Walder refuses to march and so he's breaking his oath to the Tully's. Second of all, it seems there is a higher emphasis placed on oaths to a liege lord than to the King. After the Wo5K the Tully's are attainted and imprisoned, but for the most part their vassals aren't punished much at all. Same goes for the North. After Robert's Rebellion, the Darry's, Mootons and Conningtons all received massive punishment while Dorne and the Reach didn't. They all fought for the same cause so why does one get punished and the other doesn't? Simple. One broke the oath to their immediate liege and the other did not. Even Stannis, the walking embodiment of duty in Westeros, thought on the matter and concluded that between duty to the King and to his liege/brother, the King lost out.
  10. Adam Yozza

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    Robb didn't drag them into anything. They were oathbound to honour Edmure's call to arms and did not do so. So they shouldn't have been given any sort of deal anyway. But besides that, a marriage between a Frey and Edmure is exactly equal to the deal they had in the first place. A marriage to an LP. For the sake of hurt feelings, arrange a Frey marriage to a Bracken, a Blackwood, Wendel Manderly, maybe an Umber. Or just agree that Robb's firstborn would marry a Frey of similar age and opposite sex. Give Darry to Merrett Frey and give Black Walder Harrenhal (it'd probably kill him off soon enough anyway). A reasonable man couldn't turn up his nose at that. But then Walder isn't really a reasonable man...
  11. Adam Yozza

    How exactly is House Peake still a thing?

    Luck mainly. Unwin Peake will undoubtedly meet his end during the reign of Aegon III; probably supporting either Alys Rivers or one of the fake Daeron's; but he has no direct heir. So a castle will be taken and the line continues through a distant branch that sides with the crown. Fast forward to the Blackfyre rebellion and the Peakes are shown leniency thanks to Daeron and Baelor. But they lose a second castle. At Whitewalls Gormon Peake proves himself a traitor and is executed for it. But at the time Bloodraven can't get away with destorying the house entirely because with the hostility against him and Aerys all it would take is one tyranical act to turn everyone against the crown. So with no proof of invovlement by anyone except Gormon, Bloodraven can't do anything against the other Peakes. If Maekar had survived the Peake rebellion you can be sure that their lands would be taken from them at the least, and the family probably wiped out for good measure. But Maekar dies and Aegon V becomes King. With his ascension probably not exactly being popular among the lords, Aegon likely decided for a more lenient approach and probably only took hostages and divided Peake lands again. By the time of the series I suspect Peake to be closer to Osgrey in the Sworn Sword than the Peakes that caused so much trouble for the Targs
  12. Adam Yozza

    Who was the Biggest Villain of the Dance?

    1) I can tell debating with you must be fun. You can't make an arguement and then ignore a counter argument on the basis of "It doesn't deserve it". That just comes across as petulant. 2) You said the Green's won. I listed off why that was completely and utterly untrue. You are now refusing to acknowledge those reasons. 3) I'd hardly say Maegor half assed it. He wiped out two rebellions against him. The problem was that his methods for doing so turned everyone against so when Jahaerys put a claim forward and was backed by the Stormlords, everyone flocked to him and Maegor was left alone.
  13. Adam Yozza

    Who was the Biggest Villain of the Dance?

    Hahahahahaha the Greens won? I guess thats why the Black alligned Princess' Baela and Rhaena are two of the most influential figures in the realm after the war? I suppose thats why its Rhaenyra's son who ends up on the throne? And of course the fact that the Blacks were in command of all the three armies left in the field by the end of the Dance, plus the nominal support of the Greyjoy's who were still destroying the West, somehow translates to a Green victory? Removed dragons from play? By the time of Aegon's death the Greens had 0 dragons and the Blacks had 1. The Velaryon power base was hardly destroyed. Their wealth and complete control over the Royal Fleet was depleted but Alyn Oakenfist is remembered as one of the finest sea general's ever and was clearly held in high esteem by Aegon, his kids and Viserys. Plus he marries the heir to the Iron Throne (at the time, Viserys wasn't back yet). I'd hardly call that destroyed. Prove it. We never get a description of Harwin so we can't say for certain they're his, even if they are bastards. We never get a description of Aemma Arryn, so your argument falls apart there since it's more than possible for genetics to skip generations (albeit happening three times in succesion is unlikely, especially when children from a different marriage have features direct from the parents). For the record, I think it's highly likely that Jace, Luke and Joff are not Laenor's. But with the canonical facts the author has given us in F&B you can't state it as definitive fact. And my point still stands. The bastard claims were a convenient excuse. If they all had silver hair, they'd likely still have put out rumours of them being bastard born but their main justification for crowning Aegon would have been something different; like 'Daemon is a murderous monster, he can't be King', 'King Viserys changed his mind on his deathbed. The faithful Hand, the noble Lord Commander and dutiful Grand Maester witnessed it.' or even just 'Rhaenyra is a woman. Women can't rule.' These reason may have gathered more or less support for the Greens than they got in canon. We have no way of knowing. But with what we know about Alicent, Cole, Otto and potentially Aemond there would have been a play for power regardless. And how well would that go? For answer go look up the last Targaryen King to use dragons and brutality to end rebellions and see where he ends up (hint: it doesn't work out great for him). At the start of the war Rhaenyra has six tamed and rideable dragons available. She is recovering from a miscarriage and can't fly. So that leaves Rhaenys, Daemon and her Velaryon sons with their dragons. All of which are significantly smaller than Vhagar. And while I think this is a battle the Blacks would have won it would have been costly. The plan they use in canon is better and whats more it works even with back luck and enemy conspiricies causing a few unexpected setbacks (Rhaenys and Jace) Besides if Rhaenyra 'roast's the red keep and then set the dragons free' she burns her own city and heritage to the ground while simultanously turning the entire populace against her. Not long after the rest of Westeros; including her previous allies; would also turn against her. Again I direct you to the last King to try this (Maegor if you couldn't figure this out)
  14. Adam Yozza

    Who was the Biggest Villain of the Dance?

    Go read the Dance again. Rhaenyra's kids supposedly being bastards is nothing more than the Green's justification for their actions. If this wasn't a factor they'd have found something else instead. And as long as Rhaenyra was not in Kings Landing at the time of Viserys death there's nothing she can do to stop it. Which leaves Aegon on the throne and wielding Blackfyre which gives him instant legitimacy. Neither Lannister, Baratheon or Hightower allied with Aegon because of Rhaenyras kids and between them they could force, buy or convince just as many houses to declare green regardless of whether Jace, Luke and Joff has purple eyes and silver hair. Also as per F&B its become a little less obvious that the Velaryon boys are actually bastards at all. We don't get a description of Harwin and the only Strong we do get a description for is Lucamore; who is blonde. Meanwhile, Rhaenyras kids have Baratheon blood from their father (if it was actually Laenor) and Arryn blood from their mother. Nothing except flimsy Westerosi views on genetics says they aren't legitimate and showing traits from their grandparents/great-grand parents
  15. Adam Yozza

    Who was the Biggest Villain of the Dance?

    Tbh of all the ones you suggested I'd say Aemond. Alicent and Cole were just as bad don't get me wrong but the fact that Aemond had a dragon made his capacity for death and destruction so much higher than the other and he took gleeful advantage of that.