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  1. I was introduced to this concept in Preston Jacob's "Prepping For Winter: The Forsaken" series on YouTube. Be sure to check out his videos for more detail. In this series, Preston claims that like Bran and Arya, Aaron Greyjoy is a telepath. Preston mentions three similar experiences that link these 3 characters. (1) They are given a substance meant to awaken telepathic abilities (Acorn Paste, Scented Candles, Shade of the Evening), though Preston suspects this is only a placebo effect. (2) They spend time in darkness (the crypts under Winterfell, Blind Beth, in dungeons) only to emerge with stronger telepathic control. (3) And they each have a manipulator (Blood-raven, the Kindly Man, Euron Crow's Eye) who want to use their abilities for their own ends. I got all of that from Preston. But my question is ... What about Davos? Davos could be a telepath, using his powers on a subconscious level to control the winds. Basically, he's an air-bender. Davos being an Airbender would explain his amazing skill as a smuggler. On Dragon Stone, Davos spent a lot of time in Darkness after Melisandre had him thrown in prison. It's possible that Mel was aware of Davos's air bending ability from the start. She knew that Davos's abilities could be used to her advantage if Davos wasn't aware of them and if she took credit for them. Instead of using a drug / placebo, Mel used trickery. She took great care to display her "powers" to Davos (Mel probably had help with avoiding Cressen's attempt at poisoning, the shadow baby could have been a glamor, and She was probably tipped off about Davos's intent to kill her) all in an attempt to make Davos, personally, believe in her. Then, on a subconscious level, Davos made the wind that carried Stannis's fleet up to the Wall. Could Varys have been trying to awaken Ned during his time in the Black Cells? Was Ramsay trying to awaken Theon through toucher and confinement in the Dreadfort? Do you have any other examples? I really can't take credit for most of this stuff, since I listen to Preston's videos obsessively. I'm just trying to take his concept a step further.