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  1. Well, there was a lot of time put into arranging an preparing for her marriage to Brandon. After he was killed an Aerys called for Ned and Robert's heads, several months passed before the marriages between the Tully girls and Ned and Jon. Jon Arryn called his banners and the other two left the Eyrie to return home. Robert and Jon took on Gulltown before Robert left for Storm's End to call in his bannermen, fought multiple battles to consolidate his power and support in the Stormlands before heading back up North. It took Ned months just to make it back to Winterfell to be able to raise his banners, time for them to get to Winterfell, and then move south. Hoster joined the rebels after securing a betrothal between Ned and Cat, which would have allowed some of the original wedding preparation to remain the same. Jon Arryn negotiated the dual wedding after the Battle of the Bells, in which Hoster fought with them and was wounded, to secure the alliance which was the portion that was rushed. It would have taken some time to get a wounded Hoster, as well as Jon, Ned, and Robert, back to Riverrun for the actual ceremony. They all spent the next two weeks there following the wedding, Robb did not have that time as Ned was still in captivity and Robb was moving into battle. Even with the more hastily put together union of Lysa and Jon, there was significantly more time spent in preparation for Cat's wedding to Ned. It was not done in a matter of hours. Also, remember that Walder did not commit to the rebellion until it was all but won. Waiting benefitted him in not choosing sides entirely before any battles had been fought and the outcome known. It also allowed him to play the sides against each other and provided him leverage to use in making the best deal he could regardless of the outcome. On Robb's side, delaying the marriage should have forced Walder to commit to Robb's cause to actually secure all the betrothals, as Arya was also promised to one of his sons. They didn't even have Arya with them, and she was too young, for a marriage to occur at that time. "Also, if your sister Arya is returned to us safely, it is agreed that she will marry Lord Walder's youngest son, Elmar, when the two of them come of age." AGoT- Catelyn IX As was already mentioned, if Robb had wedded and bedded one of Walder's daughters/granddaughters at the time (it wouldn't have necessarily been Roslyn, no girl was specified) and Robb was killed the Freys would potentially hold control over Winterfell through their child. If that happened, it would have given Walder even more of a reason to betray Robb. He'd have his heir and then support of Tywin and the crown.