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  1. tugela

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    Medieval daggers were designed to penetrate mail. They were not at all like modern daggers, which are more designed as cutting instruments rather than piercing ones. If one was buried to the hilt in him, he was most definitely dead.
  2. tugela

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    Jon will have his own sources of information, he won't be using his enemies for news updates from the front. No one does that, even commanders as stupid as Jon. Jeyne is traveling with Stannis (and is his prisoner), so she won't be going to Castle Black. He will come back as the Night King, unlike the TV series. The final battle will be between Jon as the force of darkness and Daenerys as the force of light. Jon will take Winterfell back, but will do so leading an army of wights.
  3. tugela

    What will happen when the dragon horn is sound?

    Not much. By the time Martin would be getting around to that part he would have died of old age already so nothing will happen,
  4. Presumably it would. He would set up a new dynasty, with a new house name. The Starks would still be there, he did not take their banner. A bigger question would be what happened to all of the other more distant family members? Presumably there are a lot of other non-dynastic lines of Starks around, some of who might think they have a better claim to the house name than Jon.
  5. tugela

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    The most dramatic way for this to work out would be for the watch to burn his body, only to have him emerge from the flames like Daenerys. If he did something like that, it would certainly impress Melisandra and her followers since that is what their religion is sort of all about. They would interpret that as a divine message from their god and immediately proclaim him as their king.
  6. tugela

    GRRM WoW Twist

    It would have to be a significant character to be a major plot twist. And to be a major plot twist it would have to be relevant to the overall story. Jeyne Westerling having a baby for example would not meet that criteria. The most likely candidates would be, IMO Stannis, Ser Barristan and Mance Rayder All three of them are dead in the series but not in the books, and all three of them have or potentially have involvement in a big secret. Stannis may know about Jon's true parentage. His siege was relieved by Ned, who immediately then set off to find his sister. Ned must have got the information about her whereabouts from somewhere, and the siege of Stannis would be the obvious place. Other characters who could be involved would be Davos and Howland Reed, two men still alive who would know about that. The plot twist would evolve as Stannis knowing about Ned's mission, but not about Jon. That gap would be filled in by Howland when the two meet, and they in turn would tell Jon the truth. Stannis would serve to validate Howland's story and in turn might bend the knee to Jon as the true King of Westeros. Ser Barristan has drawn a connection between Daenerys and Ashara Dayne based on their similarity, particularly their very unusual eyes. Ashara's demise is also mysterious and odd. She supposedly is dead, but her actual body was never found, so who knows. Other characters who could be involved would be Ashara, Arthur and Ned. It is possible that Quaithe is Ashara and the plot twist could come about when she reveals herself to Ser Barristan, who would obviously know her. Mance Rayder has mysterious origins, many similarities with Prince Rhaegar (even the two names sound very similar when spoken) and an unusually odd interest in Winterfell. He has an agenda which has not been explained at all in the books. He clearly has some sort of connection with Melisandra and she with him, she certainly goes to a great deal of effort without prompting to save him. Other characters who could be involved are Melisandra and the equally mysterious Val. She is supposedly his sister, but if he came from south of the wall, what the hell is she doing north of it? Btw, there is a connection between Rayder and Asshai, his cloak includes red fabric from there, supposedly from a woman who healed him while he was ranging for the Watch. Mance is by far the most mysterious character in the book and appears to be fairly important even though he was quickly killed off in the series. If I were going to do a surprise twist, he would be the most obvious candidate since all of the ground work has already been done. None of these things would have been written with the plot twist in mind, but they could all organically evolve from things already described in the books.