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  1. Fall into a tree well and is never heard from again?
  2. tugela

    What will happen when the dragon horn is sound?

    Not much. By the time Martin would be getting around to that part he would have died of old age already so nothing will happen,
  3. tugela

    Why Asha such a terminator?

    It still does not make the fight realistic. "Barbarians" on occasion overran Roman legions when the Romans were decked out in plate armor and they were wearing cloth/fabric/natural materials armor (which, as I have pointed out, is actually very effective for melee combat from that era). Without the advantage of fighting in fixed formations, Roman soldiers were quickly taken out by less well armored opponents, even though they were far better trained and equipped. The fact remains that in the style of fighting in medieval and pre-medieval eras, combat was centered mostly around knocking your opponent down/out, then finishing them off with some sort of piercing weapon. Taking a blow from a heavy battle axe can kill you from the impact alone, even if you were wearing chain. Especially so if you were more gracile. Large people can absorb impact blows to a greater extent. Roman gladiators for example actually had special diets to promote the development of surface body fat, which acted as a type of natural armor to this sort of damage. Unless Asha was in a shield wall formation, her armor would not have afforded her any advantage over her opponents, and could even have been a serious disadvantage due to the weight and consequent reduction in mobility. Combine that with the strength differential versus her likely opponents, she would not have stood much chance of surviving in real combat in a melee.
  4. tugela

    Why Asha such a terminator?

    Real warriors did not wear simple leather armor because it offers very little protection. That is the point I was making. Leather armor is a creation of fantasy because it looks sexy, but it was not actually used as armor. People may have had leather garments as protection against the elements, but not as protection against weapons. People in the middle ages who could not afford mail wore gambeson, which is a padded fabric made of dense wool. It is simple to make and very effective against the sorts of weapons used at the time because it absorbs the impact of the weapon. It is type of armor used by common soldiers since at least from the early Greek period all the way through to the advent of firearms, and it is used because it really works. Of course chain is preferable since it suffers from less attrition in battle, but it would not afford you an advantage beyond that. If you were in single combat, or facing multiple enemies, winning would entail you knocking your enemies down or stunning them, then going for a weak spot to finish them off. If you did not knock them down or stun them, there is no way you were going to kill them, no matter what armor they were wearing and no matter what your skill was. This was NOT fencing.
  5. tugela

    Is Rhaegal completely useless?

    A head that is red?
  6. tugela

    Why Asha such a terminator?

    Medieval swords were more like axes and clubs and were used as such, strength absolutely was critical. The damage came primarily from the shock of focussed impact rather than cutting itself. The edge of the sword is not intended to cut through armor, rather it serves to focus all of the swords energy on a very small area. The idea was to knock your opponent down and incapacitate/stun them, then finish them off through a weak point in their armor. Fighters would have carried specialized weapons, such as Rondel daggers, for this purpose in the age of plate armor. In the age of mail and gambeson (no one wore leather armor, because it doesn't work) they would have used the point of their sword as a spear against exposed areas, such as throats and such A smaller woman, no matter how athletic and well armored, would have been finished off in seconds by half a dozen woodsmen type warriors in this kind of combat.
  7. tugela

    Is Rhaegal completely useless?

    Who said anything about hair?
  8. House Dayne is currently led by someone who is living a life of banditry against the crown, so they are not in a position to support anyone. Whatever role the previous generation played, the current generation is largely irrelevant to the story line outside of providing backfill details for past events.
  9. tugela

    how inbred is daenerys?

    No doubt due to inbreeding. Poor guy got bred out of existence
  10. Presumably it would. He would set up a new dynasty, with a new house name. The Starks would still be there, he did not take their banner. A bigger question would be what happened to all of the other more distant family members? Presumably there are a lot of other non-dynastic lines of Starks around, some of who might think they have a better claim to the house name than Jon.
  11. tugela

    Is Rhaegal completely useless?

    He is the red headed dragon right? Maybe that is why. No love for the gingers.
  12. tugela

    how inbred is daenerys?

    The 6 fingers didn't give it away?
  13. tugela

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    The most dramatic way for this to work out would be for the watch to burn his body, only to have him emerge from the flames like Daenerys. If he did something like that, it would certainly impress Melisandra and her followers since that is what their religion is sort of all about. They would interpret that as a divine message from their god and immediately proclaim him as their king.
  14. tugela

    GRRM WoW Twist

    It would have to be a significant character to be a major plot twist. And to be a major plot twist it would have to be relevant to the overall story. Jeyne Westerling having a baby for example would not meet that criteria. The most likely candidates would be, IMO Stannis, Ser Barristan and Mance Rayder All three of them are dead in the series but not in the books, and all three of them have or potentially have involvement in a big secret. Stannis may know about Jon's true parentage. His siege was relieved by Ned, who immediately then set off to find his sister. Ned must have got the information about her whereabouts from somewhere, and the siege of Stannis would be the obvious place. Other characters who could be involved would be Davos and Howland Reed, two men still alive who would know about that. The plot twist would evolve as Stannis knowing about Ned's mission, but not about Jon. That gap would be filled in by Howland when the two meet, and they in turn would tell Jon the truth. Stannis would serve to validate Howland's story and in turn might bend the knee to Jon as the true King of Westeros. Ser Barristan has drawn a connection between Daenerys and Ashara Dayne based on their similarity, particularly their very unusual eyes. Ashara's demise is also mysterious and odd. She supposedly is dead, but her actual body was never found, so who knows. Other characters who could be involved would be Ashara, Arthur and Ned. It is possible that Quaithe is Ashara and the plot twist could come about when she reveals herself to Ser Barristan, who would obviously know her. Mance Rayder has mysterious origins, many similarities with Prince Rhaegar (even the two names sound very similar when spoken) and an unusually odd interest in Winterfell. He has an agenda which has not been explained at all in the books. He clearly has some sort of connection with Melisandra and she with him, she certainly goes to a great deal of effort without prompting to save him. Other characters who could be involved are Melisandra and the equally mysterious Val. She is supposedly his sister, but if he came from south of the wall, what the hell is she doing north of it? Btw, there is a connection between Rayder and Asshai, his cloak includes red fabric from there, supposedly from a woman who healed him while he was ranging for the Watch. Mance is by far the most mysterious character in the book and appears to be fairly important even though he was quickly killed off in the series. If I were going to do a surprise twist, he would be the most obvious candidate since all of the ground work has already been done. None of these things would have been written with the plot twist in mind, but they could all organically evolve from things already described in the books.
  15. tugela

    The stone dragon

    "There will come a day after a long summer" - a long period of relative peace "when the stars bleed" - Arthur Dayne bleeding as he lay dieing, also Ashara, who dies around this time as well "cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world" - the end of the war and its aftermath "In this dread hour a warrior" - Ned Stark as the man of the hour when Jon is born "draw from the fire" - Lyanna Stark - she is the forge "a burning sword" - Rhaegars child, Jon (drawing from the fire a burning sword is him being born) "And that sword shall be Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes" - Jon, as a heroic fighter "he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again" - Daenarys, after she commands the loyalty of Jon "the darkness shall flee before him" - Evil is defeated by Daenerys with Jon as her commander. So: Daenerys is Azor Ahai and Jon is Lightbringer.