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  1. tugela

    The stone dragon

    "There will come a day after a long summer" - a long period of relative peace "when the stars bleed" - Arthur Dayne bleeding as he lay dieing, also Ashara, who dies around this time as well "cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world" - the end of the war and its aftermath "In this dread hour a warrior" - Ned Stark as the man of the hour when Jon is born "draw from the fire" - Lyanna Stark - she is the forge "a burning sword" - Rhaegars child, Jon (drawing from the fire a burning sword is him being born) "And that sword shall be Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes" - Jon, as a heroic fighter "he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again" - Daenarys, after she commands the loyalty of Jon "the darkness shall flee before him" - Evil is defeated by Daenerys with Jon as her commander. So: Daenerys is Azor Ahai and Jon is Lightbringer.
  2. Jeyne is a Frey, so if the brotherhood intercepts them, Lady Stoneheart will hang her.
  3. That is not true. Annulments happened all the time in medieval times, particularly before the whole marriage process became a formalized affair. Do not confuse a medieval annulment with the modern version. Henry VIII split from the church because it would not grant an annulment. The marriage ceremony and subsequent bedding ceremony were implemented specifically to make it harder to prove grounds for later annulment because people were constantly coming to the church to annul marriages when the couple fell out with each other. The reason Henry claimed he was entitled to one was that Catherine was previously married to his brother, and legally that was supposed to make her Henry's sister, so the marriage was illegitimate to start with. And her daughter became a bastard when he did eventually force the annulment through. The same thing happened to Elizabeth, but both daughters later had their hereditary rights re-instated.
  4. The story is loosely following medieval history, primarily that of English kings. So, the laws and customs in Westeros will loosely follow those in real history for that time period. Anunulment is not a divorce, it is a legal ruling that the marriage was never legitimate to start with and consequently is treated as though it never happened. If Rhaegar's first marriage was annulled, it would immediately make his two children bastards and result in them losing all birthrights they previously had, including any inheritance. Annulment in medieval times had specific requirements, namely non-consummation (which is the whole reason for the bedding ceremony btw - to provide witnesses for the validity of the marriage so that it can't be later annulled on those grounds), illegality (such as one party already being legally married to someone else), or the absence of any witnesses to the fact that it happened in the first place). In medieval times it was very hard to get a marriage annulled, because you would have to actually prove that one of those three things happened - which is difficult for normal marriages. The marriage to Lyanna would be easily annulled because it could be failed on all three of those charges, but Rhaegars first marriage would be far more difficult to get rid of. Also, in medieval times, all nobles required the consent of the king to get married. All of them. Princes especially. So, Rhaegar running off and doing this in secret absolutely would be considered treason and in itself grounds for immediate annulment of any marriage he made.
  5. tugela

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    If Rhaegar annulled his marriage the earlier Aegon would become a bastard. In effect Rhaegar was disowning and disavowing his children when he annulled the marriage and married Lyanna instead. Officially his only trueborn children then would be whoever Lyanna gave birth to, so naming her first born Aegon would have been perfectly OK, considering that was a family name. When I was researching my family tree, one couple among my ancestors had three sons named Christian, and two named Mathias. The reason being that those were family names, and as one died, they just gave the name to the next son who came along.
  6. tugela

    That was Rhaegar?

    No, the Night King is Rhaegar corrupted. When he was turned with the obsidian blade the children probably thought he was being empowered to help them since he was this noble warrior, but the magic froze his soul and all he knows now is the desire for revenge and to reclaim the throne that should have been his. I bet this whole ceremony was partially his idea and did it willingly, not as some sort of sacrifice. It is a replay of Star Wars in the middle ages. Except now we have Darth Rhaegar (note how similar it sounds to Darth Vader, lol). I think the book will play out a similar theme, but will be more subtle than that in the sense that there is no Night King, and instead the character of Rhaegar will be played out by Mance Rayder (= Prince Rhaegar).
  7. A marriage can only be annulled if it was either not consummated or was illegal to start with. So, if Rhaegar really did do this, then there must have been something like that with his original marriage. It is possible that the real father of Elia's children was the mad king, and that is the reason he made them stay in King's Landing. Maybe Elia did not want to leave him, so she stayed even though it was clear the city would fall. That would be grounds for annulment. Failing that, Rhaegar as crown prince would not have been able to do this on his own accord, he would have required his father's permission otherwise it would be an act of treason. That would make the annulment and subsequent re-marrying illegal and illegitimate. When the marriage to Elia was annulled, her children would have become bastards. It is highly unlikely that Rhaegar would have done that to his own children (if they really were his) just to get in Lyanna's pants, given that he is portrayed as this noble character. The whole annulment thing just does not ring true unless Rhaegar was not the father of her two children. In any case, no one in Westeros is realistically going to believe some claim based just off some crazy dude's visions and a supposed transcribed diary. There are no DNA tests, no proper legal documents, no witnesses, just some ceremony held in secret that supporters and family members of the supposed king just happen to be aware of through third parties. Hardly a compelling argument and I have a hard time believing that any self respecting lord of Westeros would fall for that one.
  8. tugela

    Qyburn and his curiosities

    No, he is seeing new possibilities for building an army for Cersei. If you can raise the dead then you don't need gold to pay for mercenaries. While Daenerys and Jon are fighting in the north, Cersei will be building her own army of the dead, but this one doing HER bidding like Ser Gregour.
  9. tugela

    That was Rhaegar?

    In Daenery's visions of Rhaegar in the book she saw a man that looked a lot like Viserys, so yes. They were brothers after all, so they would look alike. Of course, Rhaegar is now the Night King, setting up the epic struggle for power between the last thee Targaryens, all fighting to sit on the iron throne. Image the final death scene as Jon kneels over the dying Night King: "Aegon.....I am your father, Aegon....". A replay of the Darth Vader - Luke Skywalker death scene. I am telling you guys, this is Star Wars set in medieval times.
  10. tugela

    so did tormound and beric survive

    Given the Olympian athletic abilities of characters in the show, I image they had no trouble negotiating the 1000 foot descent in the few minutes it took for the wall to come down. In any case, they have to survive so they can relay the news of the wall coming down to Winterfell. Otherwise the dead would just overrun the north and it would be a very short war.
  11. tugela

    Whats the fate of Euron and the Ironborne?

    The accuracy of those against a rapidly moving target would be extremely poor. Actually hitting anything with single shots on a rocking boat deck would involve incredible luck. The dragons however would not have that problem.
  12. tugela

    Whats the fate of Euron and the Ironborne?

    One dragon will end Euron's fleet in an hour. His ships are made of wood and cant run away. They would be sitting ducks.
  13. tugela

    Most likely to die?

    Everyone except Hot Pie. He will assume his rightful place on the Iron Throne after he feeds all of the other major characters poisoned pie.
  14. Most likely it will be the public reveal of just who Jon is. The biggest impact will be if the reveal comes during the big meeting at the Dragon pit. The two queens will be squabbling who is the real ruler, and then they both find out that the rightful king is standing right next to them. It would put both of them in an awkward place. For Daenerys it would mean that she is not the senior Targaryen, and for Cersei it would be someone her followers could look to as the rightful king instead of her. They might not want Daenerys and her foreign army, but they would be just fine with a noble and heroic Westerosi like Jon being king instead of Cersei. She would be overthrown in a heartbeat. Jon being publically revealed as the true heir would put both of them in a very weak position.