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  1. estermonty python

    Big Walder Analysis

    For sure. Even ultimately negative conclusions come after interesting analysis. Understanding the character beats that make BW unique, for example, doesn't mean we have to accept that he's particularly important to the story, or that there's some greater meaning to him, but it makes the whole experience richer. It's much more fun to read about a character having a fuller understanding of who he is and what makes him tick than reading about a character and having to think "wait, who was that again?"
  2. estermonty python

    Big Walder Analysis

    I didn't find the text, that was thanks to @Aegon VII's thorough analysis, and @OtherFromAnotherMother calling further attention to it. Honestly this is how academic shit happens IRL. One person puts together a comprehensive analysis, not knowing if it will actually be useful or not, the analysis gets analyzed, and something even more interesting ultimately comes of it!
  3. estermonty python

    Big Walder Analysis

    I'm pretty sure that if nothing else, this thread has concluded that literally anyone, including GRRM, can be wrong about the Frey family tree with no shame necessary! I actually think it would be kind of funny for the Freys to be so numerous and complicated that even they can't remember how specifically they are related to one another. This exercise also highlights what a terrible match Tytos Lannister made by marrying Genna to Emmon Frey, by the way. That would be like Ned marrying Sansa to Andrew Estermont. (You don't even want to know how long it took me to come up with someone who was like 4th in line to a mid-sized noble house to make this analogy).
  4. estermonty python

    Big Walder Analysis

    This does read like a GRRM mistake - his characters almost never espouse wrong information unless there's a specific reason, and this is too minor a point to be anything but a mistake, IMO. Interesting no one has ever found this before we did. It seems to be a somewhat more glaring error than the sex of Dancer... But even though its a moot point now, where are you getting that Bloodborn has 2 sons? He looks to be childless from the tree I'm looking at - it's his brother Rhaegar that had 2 sons before he became pie.
  5. estermonty python

    Big Walder Analysis

    Couple things here: The primary contribution of this work, I think, is that it shows that BW is smart and capable. I like seeing the good judgment he shows in those series of minor moments - good job. I'm not sure that being ambitious and power hungry is a particularly noteworthy trait for a Frey; that's kind of a family trait. All the Frey's seem pretty obsessed with the succession, I don't know that I agree that BW is unique in that regard. At any rate, he is so far down the line of succession that I can't imagine it will ever matter. I just took a look at the Frey family tree; at the time we meet BW and LW, LW is 36th in line to the Twins, and BW is 46th. After all the Frey deaths that we know of, BW is around 35th in line to the Twins as of TWOW. BW might be cunning, but he's not as learned as he claims. Note that he cites Aegon Frey "and his sons" as preceding him in the line of succession - Aegon Frey, aka Jinglebell, had no sons, and no one would seriously have allowed him to rule the Twins in the first place, being simple-minded. This may have just been a mistake by GRRM. I don't think anyone seriously disputes that BW killed LW - the wet blood vs frozen blood stuff has been analyzed to death. I don't buy the psychopath stuff. If he were a psychopath, he'd have joined in Ramsey's cruelties, no?