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  1. Pile-O-Starks

    Littlefinger's Game

    This is my thought, as well. If they have Arya go through all this training just to be duped by Littlefinger, that's terrible writing and ignores her character arc completely. She picked that fight with Sansa so Littlefinger would find out about it. She's baiting him.
  2. Pile-O-Starks

    Can we officially call Rhaegar a jerk now?

    Boy do I disagree with this. He's not supposed to protect his nephew?
  3. Pile-O-Starks

    Who will die in the fight beyond the Wall?

    Definite survivors: Jon (obviously) Tormund (because he's the only remaining wildling character. Also, he needs to reunite with Brienne.) Clegane (because Cleganebowl) Gendry (because they didn't bring him back just to have him die immediately) Probably dead: Thoros (almost a redshirt) Beric (see above) Jorah (because somebody important has to die) My guess is that for some reason the survivors head back south by way of Winterfell, which will provide for Arya's reunion with Gendry/Hound/Jon. I also think Baelish will somehow wind up being the wight they present to Cersei. I just have a feeling.
  4. Pile-O-Starks

    Where is Edmure Tully?

    Can somebody refresh my memory? He was still a captive of the Freys at the end of Season 6, right? Was he at the Twins or in Riverrun?
  5. Pile-O-Starks

    What is Arya going to do with that knife?

    I do not think she finishes her list. It seems so unlikely that she travels south at this point. The dagger is for White Walkers. Also, I think the dagger may have some secrets to reveal, but that's just a guess. There was really no reason to bring it back if it was ONLY for stabbing.
  6. Has she become brilliant? Or has she just become ruthless? She was always evil, but was also always worried about protecting her family and therefore had to consider the political ramifications of her actions. Her family are all dead now, so she has nothing to hold back from. I think there is a bit of informational assymetry here that people are forgetting: Cersei and Jaime know that Casterley Rock's mines and treasury are both barren, but Tyrion does not (I don't think; please correct me if I'm wrong). Therefore, Tyrion believes they must take the Rock even if the Lannisters know they're coming. However, Cersei and Jaime know that Highgarden is the key. If Tyrion had known that the Rock was basically worthless, he would have focused on the defense of Highgarden rather than the offensive at the Rock. You could obviously argue he should have done this anyway.
  7. Pile-O-Starks

    Origins of the dagger...Is it important?

    The steel is old; that doesn't mean the dagger is. Remember that Tywin had Ice melted down to make Widow's Wail and Oathkeeper. However, the fact that the picture is in Sam's book means that it definitely is at least fairly old. But do we know how old that book was?
  8. Tyrion is going to turn it around. He miscalculated a bit, probably because he underestimated Cersei. He'll do something to redeem himself. Also, he's obviously not too much in the doghouse because Dany allowed him to accompany her to the attack on the Lannister forces. Perhaps he'll even redeem himself in episode 5. After all, we do get to see Varys saying Tyrion has to "convince her" of something. And Dany is kind of acting all Mad Queen-y with her "bend the knee or die" stuff. So maybe he talks her down a bit.
  9. Pile-O-Starks

    So what is going on with Dorne now?

    Dorne was a giant waste of time on the show. It's done and we should all be happy.
  10. Pile-O-Starks

    What is Littlefinger's plan

    Davos - I just don't think hes ever been that critical to the overall story (on the show), so I don't mind that he's just sort of there. Jon needs somebody to talk to. Brienne - who cares if she's a bad teacher? She's a badass with a valyrian sword. She's going to matter. LF and Varys - we'll just see. I agree with you that they are giant wastes of screentime right now though.
  11. Pile-O-Starks

    The Bran Thread

    LF did not send the catspaw. It makes no sense. Had to be somebody in King Robert's party leaving Winterfell. My guess is that it was Cersei who stole it from Robert who took it off Rhaegar's corpse when he killed him. LF never owned the dagger. He just said he did to frame Tyrion.
  12. Pile-O-Starks

    What is Littlefinger's plan

    If a main character is still alive, they still have a role to play, even if it isn't clear now. While the writing on the show can be lacking, the storytelling has gotten very expedient on the last few seasons now that all the characters are basically fully developed. I believe LF and Varys will each attempt one more plot that advances the story. Brienne will be critical in the fight against the WW. Davos is awesome, but is a supporting character who really is just there to bear witness to all the lunacy and provide the perspective of the commoner. Anyway, I do think it's sort of frustrating how LF is just doing nothing, but I think there will be a payoff in the end.
  13. Pile-O-Starks

    What is Littlefinger's plan

    I can't figure it out, but generally the show doesn't keep people alive if they're no longer pushing the main narrative forward at all. I assume he has one more move up his sleeve, though I can't imagine what it is. His only asset at this point is money. Perhaps the iron bank will take its payment from Cersei but decide that she's too risky to invest in further given what one dragon did to her army. In order to hire the Golden Company, she'll need money. Enter Littlefinger, who demands marriage to Cersei in return for his funds. This is my best guess.
  14. Pile-O-Starks

    Origins of the dagger...Is it important?

    I believe the dagger is Rhaegar's and clearly is important beyond being able to kill wights and having been used to try to kill Bran. Maybe it contains evidence that Rhaegar married Lyanna, perhaps hidden in the fragile dragonglass hilt. Not sure how this would work, but the only living people who know of Jon's parentage are Bran (who nobody would believe) and Howland (who probably doesn't have proof they were married). I mean, it's obviously possible that they were not married, but I think the story is far more interesting if they were. Just my guess.
  15. Pile-O-Starks

    What is Arya going to do with that knife?

    I don't see how it could have been LIttlefinger. He wasn't at Winterfell when Bran fell, so I don't see how this would work. Am I missing something though? Leaving the books aside, in the show Littlefinger says it was Tyrion's, and it's unlikely he would lie about this as it's easily disproved. The question is whether it was STILL Tyrion's by the time the King's party got to Winterfell or whether he had lost it to Robert in a bet of some sort. My guess is that Cersei ordered the assassination as she had the most motivation to do so, though I'm not sure where/why she got that dagger. Littlefinger just took advantage of the situation. Would like to hear thoughts on how the assassination could have been ordered by somebody who was not at Winterfell with King Robert. It just seems next to impossible.