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    Worst Line Ever

    "Maybe it really is just cocks in the end"
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    The Dothraki Gave Their Advantage

    Does anyone even know why she left Westeros, returned to Essos, then came back to Westeros just as the battle was about to start? Dothraki could have been used for many other tactics/moves. As you said, flank the enemy when the dead reach the Unsullied, arm them with dragonglass arrows, dragonglass Arakhs. They could've taken out thousands of undead whilst preserving themselves. Have multiple sequential trenches filled with highly flammable oil - Dothraki goad the undead into attacking and chasing, lead them into the oil trenches and light them with fire arrows, trapping a large portion of the undead in a field of fire. Have multiple pits dug deep all over the fields and filled with dragonglass spikes - again use the Dothraki to goad the undead into chasing then falling into them. If you're going to just blindly charge them, have thousands of teams of Dothraki with long flaming/dragonglass chains held between sections of them to slice through the undead. Just about anything would have been better than charging head on in pitch darkness with useless weapons, no armour and ADDING tens of thousands to the number of the enemies army. They'd have even been more use RIDING AWAY to bloody Dorne or somewhere, at least then they wouldn't be adding to the undead!
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    The Dothraki Gave Their Advantage

    My question is what the hell was the plan for the Dothraki in general? No one knew Mel would show up and light their weapons. So, they were initially going to charge blindly into 100,000+ undead enemies that they can't see, whilst wearing no armour and using no Valyrian steel or dragonglass weapons, the only things they know can kill the undead. Don't forget, lighting those normal swords/arakhs on fire severely weakens them and makes them prone to snapping, as demonstrated in the Hound vs Berric fight. Was everyone off their face drunk writing this?
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    Great battle plan! Dubious tactics discussion.

    Dubious? Really?? The BEST way to stealth assassinate an undead man with lightning fast reflexes who can possibly see the future is to leap at him whilst screaming your head off. The best way to build a trench against one hundred thousand undead soldiers who don't tire is to dig ONE single trench, a maximum of 6ft across, a couple of feet from your castle walls. BEHIND your entire army. Always ensure your heavy artillery is kept outside and undefended. Always begin the battle by sending your entire cavalry charging blindly into the enemy with absolutely no clue where or how many there are, with no armour, no dragonglass, and no valyrian steel, with no possible way of actually killing their enemy when they smash into each other (I don't count the flaming Arakh's as no one knew Mel would show up and do that). If you have an undead army climbing the walls who are particularly vulnerable to fire, do NOT under any circumstances use common medieval tactics such as, oh, I don't know, pouring oil and fire at the people climbing and burn them all. When one of the few things you do know about your enemy is that they can easily raise the dead, be sure to trap the women and children in a tomb filled with the dead and no way out. For added effect, lock the ruler of the North, and your two 'best' advisors in there too. Sigh, this episode...