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    An Intentional Bit of Humor?

    The hound was beaten by Brienne & Brienne lost whilst sparring with Arya ... so logically if the Hound can instantly dispatch 2 or 3 Queens guard (or was it more) then maybe they didn’t need an Army to beat the Lannisters, Arya could have killed them all!
  2. Hold_the_door

    An Intentional Bit of Humor?

    Qyburn death made me laugh too. Actually the whole thing was a joke. So are we to believe the Hound is some sort of super soldier to wipe out the entire queens guard (bar his undead brother) in a few shakes of his sword. The Queens guard are supposed to be the best swordsman in the kingdom & yes he was maybe better than them but one second to dispatch 2 or 3 of them in full armour? Laughable.
  3. Hold_the_door

    What will be the final WTF moment?

    I think Bran has to be involved in the final WTF moment. Anything related to Jon/Dany, Cersei/Euron/Jamie or basically any other character doesn’t feel like it could shock me. I’m hoping for something that gives a purpose to the Night King story line as at present it’s lacking. Maybe the Night King was determined to kill Bran for a good reason rather than just wanting an “ever lasting long night”.
  4. Hold_the_door

    Episode 3 preview

    Given the titles of the final two books, i’m thinking the next episode really could see most of the night kings army defeated. I think Sam, Jon, Jorah, Brienne, Jamie, Tormund & Arya will all dispose of the knight kings generals leading to many of the wights falling. Obviously in the process most of the unsullied & Dothraki will be wiped out, as well as many Northerners defending Winterfell. There still seems way too much to pack into the final episodes, in the way of stories & deaths, for the Winds of Winter (which for me will mainly be the North battling the Night King) to go beyond episode 4. Then leaving a paltry two episodes for the Dream of Spring story line ... which surely is the downfall of Cersei & the top & tailing of the whole story. I wished they made this 10 episodes and even another season to follow and properly told the story, guess the fact they only have the bones of the story and not the meat that is not yet written is a big hinderance!