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    Rant and Rave Thread

    Not a bad episode in my opinion, better than most of last season anyway (apart from the How To Train Your Dragon detour). There were definitely some things that bothered me though... Everything about Sansa is obnoxious. All she ever does is back-sass Jon in front of everyone when he is trying to get people looking at the bigger picture and we're supposed to perceive that as her being clever now? I expected her reunion with Tyrion to be a little less hostile since he was just about the only person in King's Landing that was ever actually kind to her, other than the hound of course who I'm sure she'll be equally dismissive of. Jon and Arya reunion was cut too short and lacked the emotional depth I was expecting. Less than a minute after seeing each other again for the first time they're arguing over Sansa. See, Sansa even manages to ruin scenes she isn't in. They brushed right past the whole coming back from the dead thing when that could've been an interesting line of dialog since Arya saw Beric do the same. Would've like to have heard Jon give her a shout out for ending House Frey at some point to at least acknowledge that he's aware what she has become. Cercei would never trust Bronn after she already thinks he betrayed her by going behind their backs and arranging the meeting with Tyrion last season. If they cut all of her scenes and gave a little more time to fleshing out the character reunions we've been waiting years for I think everyone would be happier. Yara rescue seemed impossibly easy. Tyrion hasn't been funny or clever for several seasons now. I hope before the season ends we find out that one of the wight walkers got their MBA through the Citadel's raven.edu satellite program while waiting for the Long Night and now he just goes on and on talking about branding and insisting they leave that spiral logo everywhere they go. The Night King won't fire him though cause they're family or something so they just go along with it to shut him up. Not enough Zombie Mountain (AKA TPTWP)