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  1. aadam13

    Top 3 Most Desirable Castles of Westeros

    1. Harrenhal pre-burning, with it being the biggest castle in Westeros and large and fertile land, central position in southern Westeros and its next to lake which makes it good lake house 2. Dragonstone, a nice island home, a volacano (always a plus) ,seemingly the best island fortress in Westeros and in a good position for trade, also for the magic 3. Hightower, next to the Citadel, the Starry Sept and a cleaner city than King's Landing
  2. I agree, I would I also like to learn about Maegor I and the faith militant uprising and what happened in Jaehaerys I long 55 year reign, I mean something had to have happened. But most of all I want to learn about house Targaryen pre-conquest, espicially during the time of the Valyrian empire.
  3. aadam13

    Egg's Reforms Speculation

    Good ideas and in addition he also probably sent his own judges to determine a peasants punishment instead of the lord.